LDM 437 – Watching the Dungeon Attack

I’m watching the Daido Prince dungeon attack from the Master room with Rokuko, it’s surveillance… no, I guess this is more like a show.   

In any case, we decided to watch and see, it may be necessary to interfere with them. Still, we will see how the situation will develop, for now.  

“Kehma, do you want some snack?”  

“Ah, okay, I will have some popcorns nd juice.”  

We’re watching the prince’s party on the monitor and leaning back on a big pillow as if watching a movie or sports event. After all, the defenses of our dungeon are impregnable for a group of that skill level.  

While munching on popcorn and gulping down orange juice, we watch them. An adventurer struggle is an excellent entertainment if you’ve secured safety, isn’t it?  

Maybe a dungeon where you can watch the frontline fights would be fun. I won’t do that though.  

“Don’t you have melon bread version of this?”  

“…I never even heard of it.”  

“Okay, then can I have some of yours?”  

“Here ‘ya go.”  

Sharing popcorn with Rokuko and watching the dungeon attack. It’s so peaceful.  

The prince party dungeon attack was going well.  

Next day.  

Once again, they entered through the entrance and attacked the labyrinth area. Goblin and Clay golem is just no match for prince party. It seems they planned to proceed in the same manner as yesterday.  

At the trial room, the prince pulled the (trial) magic sword. He said, “I didn’t know it was this easy to obtain Magic Sword.” He reluctantly put the sword back after [shadow] told him that it was just a trial item and cannot be taken out from this room.  

That [shadow] is a seasoned adventurer, as you might expect from the pseudo-hero class he is calm and composed. The other three are just doing whatever they want without even bother to gather information.  

If it was only the prince’s party, it was possible that they would have trouble in the trial room, but the [shadow] provided them assistance in every corner. They came here so carefree as if they’d come to an amusement park. I wonder if they really qualified as an adventurer to dive into the dungeon.  

“and that wizard on prince party, he is a true muscle brain in that group.”  

“Was does being magic user has anything to do with your intellect?”  

“…yeah, totally unrelated.”  

Basically, in this world, smartness is not directly affecting your magic power.  

Whenever you can cast powerful magic, or you can use your brain are two different things.  

Magic is just another form of a flying tool like arrows. Suppose you compare it to the warrior class. In that case, it’s only the difference between hitting your opponents with your muscle or your magic. From them, magic is just a form of useable tools.  

The advantage of magic is that you can save space for equipment and use it anywhere.  

In the meantime, the prince party has finished the labyrinth area. It seems they will skipping on the [Greed’s inn] and go straight to the spiral staircase area.  

“Alright, the magic sword are just up ahead!”  

“There’s not much information about this place, please becareful, Prince.”  

“Oh, yeah… That’s right. Kenho, I will leave the vanguard position to you.”  

“This is a tall staircase, you will be injured if you fall, becareful Kenho.”  

“Leave it to me! I, the next Knight Commander, will pave the way!”  

“… let’s attach this lifeline to Kenho…”  

The [shadow] swiftly assists the prince’s party that’s about to charge in without preparation. He attached the lifeline to the vanguard.  

Really, if not for this [shadow], this would be the end for them.  

In fact, the guy named Kenho would be dead if it was not for the lifeline he attached. He triggered about 5 or 6 wall push and foothold trap.  

“This wall will come out, and this foot hold will break… I will mark it as we go, so please be careful.”  

“umu, yes sir.”  

“I can really count on professional adventurer.”  

According to Dolce’s investigation, this [shadow] person is a part of the shadow guard of the royal family, and they hired him through the adventurers guild as an escort.  

(she said an investigation, but I heard the moment their eyes met. He just spewing that classified info like nothing, almost like a pup showing his belly [shadow] said he didn’t come here looking for trouble.)  

With this, they successfully conquered the spiral staircase area, now they are going to enter the warehouse area.  

It looks like they’re after the magic sword, it’s probably the best if we just give them some and let them go home happily, it would spell some trouble if they get injured and need to spend extra time here, though… it’s a different story if they stay in the suite.  

…ah, by the way, Dolce is staying in the suite for about two nights, and she’s staying in church after that. She says it’s more comfortable for her because she is a wraith. So the suite room is now empty.  

But why wraith likes to sleep in church… well it’s not exactly a church, but Beddhism church.  

She’s taking a liking to the damp dan dark basement. There’s also plenty of resentment build up there, so that’s why she likes it there… but in this church, there’s no such thing as a grudge, the church did have a cell for keeping criminals in the basement. But Dolce insists that she can also eat up the accumulated grudge there, so I just let do as her wish. 

“So what you going to do, Kehma?”  

“Well for now, let’s make sure they didn’t run into Haniwa Golem and let them find the magic sword.”  

That’s why I guide them to magic sword room while I hide the Golem.  

The prince has successfully obtained a Golem magic sword in his second day of dungeon attack!  

“My prince, this looks like a magic sword.”  

“Ooh, you did it Harks! can I have that one.”  

“Hmm, I’m sure there’s still more, I will give this sword to you, Kenho. It’s a reward since you became a vanguard in the staicase area. Are you okay with this Crusch?”  

“Yes, I don’t mind, I’m a rear guard Afterall.”  

When “shadow” hands the magic sword to the prince, he gives it away to Kenho… from the way he’s talking, it’s like he is already secured magic swords.  

“Kehma, how many magic swords will you give to this groups?”  

“For now, I think… five.”  

Even if you called it a magic sword, I’m the one who made it using [Create Golem], so it didn’t even cost one copper coin. However, my magic sword’s market value will drop if you give it away too often, so that’s why some regulation is still needed.  

I think it’s okay to give about five for this group of people since their combined DP generated more or less the same as Wataru.  

Oh, now that I mention it, I wonder how much DP Wataru generates now? He hasn’t visited us for a while, so I don’t know.  

“Oh! This is the third one!”  

“This one is for Chrusch, take it!”  

“Yes, I’m grateful.”  

In the end, they returned with five magic swords initially planned for them.  

I hope they satisfied with this and go home since I don’t know if the boss will win against them.  

TL notes:  

Maybe a dungeon where you can watch the frontline fights would be fun. I won’t do that though. —– …I know the novel he is referencing, it’s probably [Live Dungeon!] damn I love the MC of that novel. 


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