LDM 439 – Temporary Party Member

Although a little bit surprised by the prince’s behavior, I still managed to blend in with their conversation. 

How much he like me? It was to the extent that he was inviting me while saying “Okay then, we’re going to dive into dungeon again tomorrow, so follow me. We’re going to share the magic sword loot with you.”  

…I get out of the bath before I give him my answer, the question is… should I accept it?  

Also, this means that he still looking for more magic swords, how much more magic sword you will farm from my dungeon?  

I didn’t make a promise, but I’m also worried to leave those group unattended.  

Next day.  

I went to the dungeon entrance. Naturally, I came in my disguise using the [Super Transformation].  

The prince’s party already gathered in the dungeon entrance before I arrived. I come precisely at the promised time, so technically I’m not late, these guys are the one that impatient, they seem to be excited to dive to dungeon again today.  

“You’re finally here Uma, you are the last you know?”  

The prince stares at me with his arms crossed, this goes without saying but, Uma is my alias.  

Seeing such a greeting from prince the [shadow] sighed. As if he already has given up.  

“Prince, is this the the adventurer that will tag along today?”  

“ah, yeah, I hired him as escort, just like you.”  

“…This maybe rude, but can he really be trusted?”  

“umu, I only met him yesterday, but he is quite pleasant person.”  


Oh, the [shadows] is dumbfounded.  

“Can I see your guild card?”  

“Sure, here you go.”  

“C rank huh… hmm.”  

This is a guild card prepared by Dolce for my disguise, her authority is significant, so she can prepare this kind of card as much as she likes. By the way, the price for this card is one potato chip and one cola.  

After showing my ID card, he permitted me to join prince’s party, and then we proceed to the dungeon.  

…anyway, this prince… he didn’t even check my guild card, what’s up with this prince, doesn’t he know how to doubt?  

“Uma, for now I will need you to follow my instruction, okay?”  

“Since I’m an outsider, it’s natural that my presence will disturb the party formation, it’s expected to do as you say… what’s you name again… mr. Jungaria? I will trouble you for today.”  

“I’m sorry too, it seems my employer are forcibly invited you, you must be troubled too.”  

“No, I’m fine, since I’m a C-ranker this is a golden opportunity for me to learn.”  

So I was positioned in vanguard since I’m using sword (at least that what I told them).  

“I usually dive into the dungeon solo, don’t expect too much from my ability to coordinate with others.”  

I slice the goblin that came from the monster spawner with my sword. Even though they will infinitely spawn this is still a friendly fire to my dungeon… well it’s from monster spawner, so it’s doesn’t count! We dismantled many golems too, well it’s too late to do anything now.  

“um, Sorry if my skill as c-rank are too average.”  

“Haha, don’t be modest Uma, you are on the same skill level as Kenho you know?”  

“The prince is right, how about some sparring with me after we go back from dungeon?”  

“Please spare me, I don’t want too much trouble…”  

Kenho and I are serving as a vanguard, I’m using golem assist though.  

We passed the entrance are, and now we are entering the labyrinth area. My role didn’t change even if we now must facing the clay golem.  

“Wait… wasn’t this is a corridor before?”  

“Hm? Jungaria, you didn’t tell him?”  

“Ah… Uma, you know this huh? prince… this dungeon area will change its structure every day, but as I expected, you know about this Uma? I should expect no less from someone that prince scouted.”  

“I see, Uma already know this. I expect no less from you!”  

I need to act like that in that one situation.  

I’m sure the adventurer Jungaria already looked this up beforehand but isn’t this an achievement for him?  

…No, I know what he is doing! He tried to pass his achievement to me!  

That’s right he is a [shadow], he doesn’t like to stand out, but the same goes to me!  

“Oh please, no need to praise me that much, almost every adventurer in this village knows about this, right?”  

“But you are not from this village, right? You did your preparation well.”  

“I’m not from this village, but I have a friend here, he is the one who told me about this, I’m even more amazed that Jungaria know about this even though you are a complete outsider.”  

“That’s true, well done, Jungaria!”  

“..oh … yeah, thank you, prince.”  

I pointed your good point, and you got praised for it, don’t make that sullen face, be happier about it, smile, Jungaria.  

We finally got through the maze, and we’ve come to spiral staircase area. The markings that Jungaria put before has gone, this dungeon can absorb anything people left behind. Hence, it’s natural for the marking to be gone.  

“Kuh, the mark you put the day before has gone. Does anyone remember the trap position?”  

“I will probably remember it if pass it once again, but there’s a posibility that the position has been changed, should we put life line on Kenho-dono and proceed in the same manners as yesterday?”  

“Jungaria, I have memorized it, should I take the vanguard position?”  

“Oh Crusch? as next candidate for prime minister I believe you have a good memory, please do so then.”  

After Jungaria allows it, he put the lifeline on Crusch and let him take the vanguard position, he seems eager to do this.  

I’m relieved they didn’t put me on that position, because even if I had a lifeline on me, I know exactly where the trap is, so I need to fake it out and sometimes deliberately fall into one of my traps to deceive them.  

“Has Uma even go beyond this point?”  

“Just one time, prince.”  

“hoho, you managed to get off from this spiral alone? How did you do that?”  

“I just went down in hurry while avoiding the protuding walls and run through the falling step, you will get trapped if you are slow, but if you fast enough you won’t get caught in it.”  

“Oh what a surprise, I was thinking the same thing! Uma, looks like we are on the same page!”  

“ahahaha, thank you, I’m honored?”  

Kenho, who agreed with my answer to the prince’s question made Jungaria expression look sour, but he could only keep his silence.  

By the way, my answer is based on the conversation Kenho had with the prince yesterday.  

With this, the prince’s party plus me are safely pass through the spiral staircase area.  

Thankfully I didn’t switch the trap location, so we are going smoothly this time.  

Next, the warehouse area.  

TL notes : 

To be continued 


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