LDM 440 – The Prince’s Circumstances

Warehouse area.  

After fighting off weird golems like multi-armed golems and multi-legged golems quite a bit, we now enter the room where the prince’s party got their first magic sword the other day.  

Then, the prince confirms that there’s no magic sword here and let out a small voice of disappointment.   

“There was a magic sword here two days ago.”  

“No prince, since you have taken it, it will won’t be here so easily the second time, no matter how good the dungeon is, item like magic sword won’t be easily spawned again and again, right, Uma?”  

“Jungaria is right.”  

Well, actually, I can replenish Magic Sword Golem Blade as many as I want.  

“Still, it’s nice to have an Iron Golem spawned here. I’m jealous of this village.”  

“Yeah. A mining dungeon where you can get an infinite amount of iron, I’d really want this in our country. More iron would improve Daido’s position…”  

“We have plenty of copper mines, but our iron is mostly imported.”   

The prince and his two aide’s sighed.  

It seems that the Daido country has a weak international position. Compared to the neighboring Empire, the Demon Kingdom, and the Holy Kingdom, its position is overwhelmingly poor.  

The Daido country’s location is surrounded by three other countries, and they treated it as a buffer zone. Although the Holy Kingdom would better to take the role since it’s located in a mountain range.  

“Is it only a matter of time before we become a vassal state for one of those countries.”  

“There’s also a possibility that we will get merged like Pavuera and Shia.”  

“Daido territory… No! I want my country to be independent, and I need money for that!”  

That’s it, finally. Those statements revealed the Price’s goal.   

In the prince’s eye burns a fire of determination …but money? What use is the amount of money this dungeon can make? Let’s poke it a bit.  

“Oho, Money is it?”  

“Hmm. We are–”  

“We are planning to use the magic sword we’ve got here to conquer more dungeons–”  

Crusch interrupted the prince’s words and explained the rest. The prince who was stopped on the verge of saying it is a little unhappy. And that they’re going to sell the surplus magic sword to fund their next expedition.  

“To advance to another dungeon huh? Well it’s true that this dungeon is already captured, all that left in here is only the magic sword that will occasionally dropped.”  

“…Is that so?”  

“You didn’t know, Harks? Even I knew that.”  

“Ugh, to think even Kenho know about this…”   

Didn’t you know that there was a report in the guild saying [This dungeon is already conquered], prince… please do more research before you dive into the dungeon?   

But it turns out Kenho the muscle brain only knows this because Jungaria told him, good job Jungaria the [shadow] should we get one for our home?  


When I think about it, everyone in my dungeon is also like him.  

Rokuko is pretty at using her head, and Niku is our main force with a deceiving appearance.  

Rei is a dungeon manager whose job is to torture and extract information from spy under the guise of Saint.  

Kinue and Nerune are monsters too… there must be someone normal among us…  

….No way! Ichika is the most normal one among us? Should I increase the number of human resources? Will I need to buy slaves again?  

“Oh regarding the iron golem, can’t we just hunt one here and send it directly to our country? Crusch give me your opinion as next prime minister.”  

“There’s too much drawback in doing that, for example to export it from here to Daido it will cost too much for the transportation alone, that’s not to mention the tariff they will impose on us…”  

“Also we cannot maintain the supply if the need arise in short amount of time….”  

“In the first place it’s ridiculous to mine iron in another country mine.”   

If you must pay gold for each golem you obtain, it will only strengthen the empire (albeit for small margin).  

Even as a mere village chief, I could tell that the Daido country is a weak nation… yeah, thanks for the effort? Honestly, that’s all I can say.  

“Being a prince is difficult huh?”  

“Uma… you understand me? Okay, serve under me Uma, I will treat you well.”  

“I’m sorry but it’s not sitting right with me to serve anyone, you will need to find someone else.”  

“Ugh, I’m not giving up yet.”   

Why is the prince so fond of me?  

“That’s because we are in urgent need of good human resource. I will tell you this because I trust Uma, there’s a lot of turmoil in my country and the number of decent people is scarce.”  

“a lot of turmoil?”  

“Yeah, Uma, have you ever heard the word [Tenseisha]?”  

Tenseisha? The reincarnator? Judging by the name meaning it must be a person that retains their past life memories.  

“Please keep quiet about this… Now, in our country, it seems there are many noble daughters and sons of noblemen have become [Tenseisha] and making strange movements behind the scenes.”  

“Oh? That’s certainly concerning.”  

“I don’t even know who or how many of them are [Tenseisha] and I’m not sure how big this [Tenseisha] is, but this [Tenseisha] – at least from what we gathered – nearly all of them have been accumulating money from the domestic market and they are planning to leave the country sooner or later. In other words–they’re practically bandits.”  

Pooling the money circulated in the Daido Country just to send it out… they are no different than a foreign merchant forcibly stripping off the assets of the Daido Country.  

And under the current law, ‘Tenseisha’ is treated as a merchant, so it’s hard to get your hands on them. Just listening to this is already troublesome enough.   

That’s why the prince wants to somehow reform his country law, but first, he needs big capital to force this change.   

That summarizes the reason behind these group actions.  

“I cannot bear the fact that [Tenseisha] is quite capable people too. I also wonder how many of them hide the fact that they are [Tenseisha]. The better they are, the more suspicious they seem to be. At least Kenho, Crusch and I have confirmed that the three of us are not [Tenseisha].”  

“Is there someone that can detect them?”  

“Yes there is, The director of the Institute of Magic in our country is an excellent person. Oh, of course, this director is not [Tenseisha] either.”  

The prince smiles proudly.  

“There’s this one [Tenseisha], but when the director examined her, he found that she had undergone memory manipulation… and had never been reincarnated at all. she is a genuine human being of our country who has been imbued with a false memory of a previous life.”  

“Well that’s… well, that’s not very… peaceful.”  

“Uma now you see? that’s what I’m talking about. Yes, this was an act of aggression. Who–or from what country–is this intrusion coming from? In fact, we are traveling while investigating this as well. And if we can find out the source of the problem, it will be a fine bonus to us.”  

I see. Prince Harks and his party are excellent people who genuinely work hard for their people; they bear heavy responsibility on their shoulders.  

…By the way, I know one entity who would do such a thing…. she is… Leona, the chaos god, but what should I do?  

TL note: 

No, I won’t translate [Tenseisha] to its literal meaning “reincarnator” since it’s written in katakana, it means it meant to be spelled that way. For example, would you translate ‘Akatsuki’ from naruto into ‘Dawn’? I use the same reasoning for this. Both are organization/group names, so it best to leave it alone. 


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