LDM 441 – Dungeon Guides

“Speaking of which, I heard they’ve already conquered this dungeon, what did they found in this dungeon?”  

“The guild didn’t have any information about that at all …Well, at least they share the info about how to obtain magic sword.”   

“I’d like to go deeper.”  

Said the prince’s party and Jungaria, then they look at me.  

Since it will be troublesome for me if they reach the succubus village, I need to agree and carefully guide their course.  

“I don’t know the details, but it seems that is not the path we need to take.”  

“What, how do you know that?”  

Crusch smiled and started to ask me questions, I already said ‘I don’t know the details’ didn’t you hear me?  

I was about to ignore him, but he persistently asked me, “Can you tell me that info source?”   

“I’ve seen the map of this dungeon before.”  

“a Map? The guild says they didn’t have any.”  

“Apart from the basic info, adventurers are not obligated to submit everything they know.”  

Since they can cross-check whenever I tell the truth or not using magic tools, I need to make up a story that was borderline between a lie and truth. But the course the story about me knowing the path for this dungeon is the truth.  

“If you continue moving along this path, it will lead you to [Flame cavern]”  


“Then, this way!!”  

And Kenho heading to a different direction from where I pointed at, but that is the way to succubus village, I hurriedly grabbing Kenho shoulder and stop him.   

“Uma, Why did you stop me?”  

“…why that direction?”  

“Because if we continue, we will go to [Flame Caverns] that’s another dungeon, right?” 

Well, it is.  

“Don’t use that one, it’s a trap.”  

“A trap?”  

“You wont die, but whoever going that way will be stripped off until they are naked and they will be returned to dungeon entrance.”  

“Oh… is that so? Okay, that’s a problem.”  

“Uma, then which is the way to go to this dungeon depth? Since you have seen the map, I believe you know the way.”  


This is the prince’s question, I can’t say no to him.  

I tap my toes twice *kon*kon*, it’s my signal for Rokuko.  

Then following my guide, we finally facing the Haniwa golem. Of course, this is only a substitute prepared by Rokuko. The pilot is Niku; also, it’s hard to control the Haniwa golem.  

“Oh, that thing is bad news, well then… I will go back for today.”  

“hm, certainly, I have never seen that type of golem before, what is that.”  

“it’s a h—Oi! Kenho!”  

“URrrrrrrrYAaaaaaa [slash]!!”  

I was too late to stop him, he was already making his move.  

Haniwa Golem is hesitant. It is confused whenever it allowed to return the attacks or not, and its reaction is delayed.  

Kenho realized that and didn’t waste this opportunity, he then presses his attack, he determined to finish the Haniwa Golem in one breath.  

“Hahaha! We only need to kick his ass before he does it to us! Uma, leave this one to me!”  

“Oh no, this Kenho is… Uma, sorry, but please get ready.”  

“I will scold him after we are done, that guy really don’t have any self-restraints.”  

After receiving Kenho first assault, Haniwa golem taking back it’s horse part and rearranges himself while being chased by the nimble movement that didn’t suit heavily armored warrior. Befoe long Jungaira joins the fray and does additional damage to its legs.  

Furthermore, the prince and Crusch joined too. The battle flow is certainly favoring the prince’s party.  

Dangerous, if these guys get into their formation, they can easily take down Haniwa golem. At the very least, Haniwa golem will never win if it is holding back so that it won’t kill us.  

As the prince concentrate on taking down the golem, I’m was tasked to watch the surrounding.   

Before I can summon more reinforcement, the Haniwa golem has been defeated.  

“How about that, Uma? This is our strength!”  

“I haven’t even used the skill combo yet. Our ability are too far apart, I guess.”  

“Oh, this golem’s sword… it’s a magic sword. Can’t we get another one or two of them?  

Damn, that was a big miscalculation, do I must go at them seriously?  

If the prince gets injured or dying, this will be an international problem, but can Daido really send extra manpower for a matter like this with all those [Tenseisha] running rampant?   

These guys are definitely too much problem for my dungeon!  

“I’m sorry but I don’t want to push further ahead, can we please go back?”  

“Can we at least take a peek ahead? We managed to defeated the guard afterall.”   

“Well I think we can afford to face at least two of them at the same time.”  

Ugh … just get out. I mean, if it weren’t for Jungaria’s support, you guys would have been wiped out!   

“Jungaria, can’t we turn back? We are at our most vulnerable state at this kind of moment.”  

“…I think both sides have a point, how about we explore a little bit deeper and then turning back?”  

“I’m fine with that.”  

“I have no objection.”  

“I’m the leader and I’m okay with that too. Majority vote win this time.”  

Damn it! What majority vote? Of course, you guys will win! I’m just a temporary member.  

However, it’s okay, just a little further and they will face the riddle area, at least you will need to spend a day just to get the right answer, you will have no choice but to turn back.  

“Tha…t’s fine then… but we must go back after we took a peek!”  

“Okay, let’s get going!”   

Thus the prince’s party and I are going further inside the dungeon.   


“Since we already here, I’d like to solve the riddle.”  

“…No, let’s just go home. You said you’d turn back after you saw what’s inside.”  

The princes understood the problem properly and answered it, but this room is a riddle room, a place designed so you will have to fail at least once before you can submit the right answer.  

It will give you another chance to answer after one day has passed.  

“We’ll camp here.”  

“Hey, prince, how easy going are you? You think you can be a good king with such careless attitude?”  

The prince ignores my words and lets the Jungaria set up his tent.  

“ahaha, Uma, you are getting used to handle prince!”  

“Yeah, that’s a good sign.”  

“Uma-dono, the prince won’t budge when it already comes to this…. I’m so sorry. I’ll give you the magic sword I mentioned earlier as advance payment for your share, so please bear it?”  

Jungaria came to me and lowered his head.  

Guguu…I only wished I could go home and sleep on my bed…!  

“…just one more day! We’ll turn back tomorrow, I promise!”  

“Uh huh, for now let’s take our turn to stand guard tonight!”  

Thus, I ended up spending the night in a tent with the princes. Damn it!  


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