LDM 442 – Finger of Chaos

Finger of Chaos  

The next day.  

The prince failed to solve the mystery, again. And we are supposed to return now.   

“Again! Please, just one more day!”  


He acts like a spoiled prince, but I had already conceded to his wish once. I can’t play this game any longer.  

I want to go home and see Rokuko, it feels like I’ve been away for a long time.  

“Kuh, it cannot be helped then… will we dive again later?”  

“That’s right, I suppose we can do this again without Uma.”  

“Yeah, I think I’m getting the hang of it!”   

I sighed jealously to this prince’s group; they are just so optimistic. I’m so tired, but I cannot turn them down since that Jungaria already lowered his head.   

We fought one Iron Golem on our way back and put the loots into prince’s [storage]. After all, iron is a precious commodity.   

With this our temporary party is disbanded safely, I got generous share as a nuisance fee, I forgive them, and return to the inn.  

And finally, after quite a while, I canceled [super transformation].  

I’m tired.  

“Welcome home Kehma, good job out there.”  

“ah yeah, Rokuko, I’m home…”  

Rokuko greets me and softly hugs my head. It smells good and feels nice.  

I didn’t resist, and Rokuko kept hugging me as she wished, I finally returned to Rokuko after a long time. 

Wait… isn’t this bad? Haku will kill me for this.  

“It’s okay, Haku has given me the [Hug rights].”  

Rokuko said that as if she reads my mind, she continues to hug me and pulls out the [God’s Comforter]. Ah, there’s no way for me to resist this.   

This is how I was put to sleep by Rokuko, and I greeted the morning while feeling refreshed.  

“Kehma, Good morning.”  

“Ah, un…”  

I woke up in my room, Rokuko was already here. As if it was the most natural thing to happens.  

You could say that my conditioned reflexes have been forged in the Demon Kingdom, I was not fazed by this situation at all.   

“How that prince’s party doing?”  

“ah, it looks like they will dive to dungeon again today.”  

They seem to be heading to the puzzle room again without me. I was there as a temporary member in the first place, but I wasn’t that much help to the party as a whole. In other words, they will be able to get there faster without me, which they did.  

…why are they so motivated.?  

“Ugh, wrong answer again?!”  

“Should we camp here again?”  

And that room stopped them wonderfully. This room gimmick is very effective. Make the wrong answer, and you will need to wait for one more day, it’s too strong!  

“Kehma, you can just deal with the prince directly right?”  

“If I do that, this will be an international incident.”  

Let’s say Daido prince’s died in our dungeon. In that case, the Daido country will definitely send out an investigation team, which will spell more trouble for us. Also…  

“If I let him die here, Leona underlings would be out of control, if that happens the world will be in trouble.”   

“Oh, that’s the international problem that concerns you?”  

“I want them to round up this [Tenseisha] group and shut them down.”  

If possible, I want to crush Leona secret scheme, or at the very least, I want it to let it diffuse naturally. I don’t want to do more than necessary. Still, I want to let them go home with a good amount of money to successfully push the [Tenseisha] regulation bill.  

“To be honest, I wish I could do something for them.”  

“That’s so nice of you Kehma, so… what are you planning to do?”  

“Fortunately, we still have time to think about this, for now let’s just keep an eye on them.”  

When I looked at the prince’s party on the monitor, they roasted and ate marshmallows at the camp in the puzzle room.  

…this is the first time I saw marshmallow in this world, was [Tenseisha] is the one who made it?  

It’s been quite a while since I want them too, let’s take out some with my DP and share it with Rokuko.  

Not long after Ichika broke into our room, she was lured by the smell of roasted marshmallows in [fireball].   

Church basement.   

I told Dolce about this situation.  

About Daido, Leona, and what I dig from the prince’s group. All of it. There’s no need to hide anything. It’s just a bunch of unsorted info, and I believe she already reported some of this to Haku, so my information will be a good source of cross-reference.  

There’s only one thing that I did not tell her, it’s the moment when I fell asleep while being hugged by Rokuko.   

“So Dolce, I’m planning to give them some money and let them go home.”  

“…What with this chaos god business… this is troublesome… so that what was happened in Daido…”  

Dolce sighed. She was aware of [Tenseisha] existence, but she didn’t know enough about their background.  

“What my men missed… that this is the work of the Chaos God … and what more, based on what I heard from you, that director of magic institute is clearly suspicious…”  

“eh? Now that mention it, that’s true.”  

That director of the magic institute, aside from the trace of memory manipulation, how did they determine whenever you are reincarnated or not?  

“It’s possible that the princes have been brainwashed by the director his memory was embedded with convenient information… no, if that’s the case, it’s consistent with the information we have… the director of the Institute of Magic Research is Toy Tindalos, should I assume he is an finger(pawn) of chaos god? And let’s say this is true, then the prince statement can’t be trusted? Damn it, this is nasty. This also why I don’t like to deal with Chaos God.”  


Oh, I see, even if they found some, they can determine that they’re not reincarnated because they’re the ones who falsify the report, right?    

TL notes:  

Finger of chaos = 混沌の手先, the proper way to translate this: Agent/Pawn of Chaos, but there’s a reason why I left it as a finger, you will see it in upcoming (not next) chapter.  

手先 (tesaki)= finger/subordinate/pawn.  

Toy/Toi Tindalos = new name, new dilemma, Tindalos part is set, Toy part is somehow set since it really fits the persona of the said person.  

In case you wonder why Tindalos part is set, just google “Hound of Tindalos”, but be warned… from his name alone, it will give you huge chunks of spoiler.  

And after this it will be a pretty long-continued chapter, it’s so good though… about… 10 chapters, I guess?  

If you don’t want to be stuck in a cliffhanger, I will advise you to wait for a little, I will still post the chapter every two days, so don’t worry the schedule pretty much same as usual. 


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