LDM 443 – Hero Summoning

After I finished told Dolce everything I know about Toy Tindalos.   

Dolce was scratching her head while saying, “this is bothersome…”  

“ah…Thank you for providing this info, let me take care of the rest, I’ll make sure there won’t be something bad happening here.”  

“Thank you… …. …. You are not going to kill him, right?”  

“ofcourse not, we can press them to hand over their director of magic institute as the condition of reaching an agreement in our negotiation between nation.”  

It seems that the situation is not as bad as I’ve thought.  

That’s why I decided to leave it to Dolce-san to deal with the princes.  

Dolce-san, you’re very reliable, unlike Misha… no, Misha is also capable enough… in raw power, that’s it.  


Next day.  

To my surprise, the prince party gave up, breaking through the puzzle room and left the village with big smiles plastered on their face.  

Ms. Dolce !! you are so very competent, it’s amazing how efficient you are…!  

The prince’s party was also looking around for Uma, but many people answered that they don’t know anyone with that name.   

Ichika, one of the few people who knew Uma, said, “He hate troublesome things, he just said hi to us and left the village”, which made them feel a bit gloomy.  


As usual, Rokuko and I were relaxing in my room at the village chief’s residence.  

“Still this time is scary, What do you think would have happened if they are not stuck in puzzle room?”  

“Hmm, they would have broken into the core room, which is one room away from the boss room.”  

Iron Haniwa golem are stationed in the arena, and Dragon golem at the boss room, but as we can see, they can break through the first Haniwa golem without even taking damage, there’s a chance that those two other golems can also be defeated with their level of strength.  

“Iron Haniwa method of attack is exactly same as normal Haniwa, as the Dragon golem, he did not have anything special… maybe I should have put more thought into strengthening my dungeon.”  

“It’s certainly troublesome… but you not planning to let them just capture me like that, right?”  

“…That much is given,”   

That place is just the room for the dummy core. You could say that it was a showroom.   

“so in other word, so far only Kehma, the chief of Gollen village, are the only one that managed to capture this dungeon, right?”  

“I suppose?”  

No, I’m not lying about anything to the guild, I submit my report as [I have dive into the dungeon last room and located the dungeon core that placed there].  

“So that means Kehma is the only one that managed to capture me, right?”  

“ummm… I guess I am?”  

“Kehma, I don’t want others to conquer me(dungeon), because you are the only one who can get to my true core, there will be no other for me. Okay?”   

I can’t deny those words, and I pat Rokuko’s smiling face with a light pat to her head.  

I wonder if she wants me to monopolize her, geez, I get it.  

At that moment, I’m completely off-guard. That’s why I can’t quickly react to the magic formation that was silently forming in my feet.  



Then a blinding light filled my vision.  

* * * *  

The next thing I knew, me and Rokko were in a stone room.  

“Oh! a Hero! We did it, the summoning was a success.”  

…and in front of me is a middle-aged man wearing a red cloak and a crown. Two soldiers, a maid, an uncle, and a gramps. Some of them are dressed in robes.  

What the hell happened?  

Rokuko is surprised too, she widens her eyes as if to say, “I don’t know what is going on”. And then the crowned middle-aged man — the king called out to us.  

“Oh Hero, I beg you to help me!”  

“…What? Hero?”  

“Wait, Kehma, what’s going on?”  

Rokuko and I were just relaxing in our rooms, which is why we are barefooted now.  

It seems that we are teleported to this place… and from what I can gather, it seems they recognized me as a Hero.   

“No way is this… other world transmigration…!?”  

“As expected of Japanese! Then the explanation will be quick. Welcome to my country, Daido. And please, I beg you to save our country.”  

Oh, Daido? I see.  

I deployed the dungeon function silently, good it’s still working. From what the map showing us, I can guess this is a royal capital of Daido, so yeah, at least that’s something.   

…Calm down, I can guess this is Leona handiworks, and if we panicked here, that’s just what Leona wants.  

However, Daido country is located down the south of the Empire. It’s quite far from Gollen village. They’re able to teleport Rokuko and me all the way here means they’re bound to have a tremendous amount of magical power.  

“Kehma, …what to do?”  

“For the time being… let’s wait and see.”  

For now, should I pretend to be a Hero that was called to Daido country? And should I expose Leona’s secret scheme?  

The man who looks like King of Daido is waiting for my answer, so I’ll just ask him what he needs from me.   

“Uh, may I ask what’s going on?”  

“Yes, of course. Minister, please explain.”  

“Yes. well, from Hero perspective you call this place a different world. and we would like request your aid to save our country from a crisis. When all had completed, we promise to send you back to your origin world along with a large amount of reward.”  

The minister said while playing with his beard.  

“…What kind of crisis?”  

“It’s the Demon King’s invasion. Our world is on the verge of being swallowed in a Demon King’s invasion.”  

The minister said that tiny voice.  

Does this mean that he thinks we are ignorant, and he had no intention of giving us any information?  

“In addition, a country called the Empire is taking advantage of the world’s crisis to launch an invasion, and our Daido country has been robbed of some of its territory.”  

“Wow, that’s harsh.”  

“Yes, that’s why we wanted to ask for your help, we want to borrow the power of Hero.”  

By the way, according to what I heard from Haku-san, the Raverio Empire is indeed invading countries all over the world, so it seems that this is not necessarily a lie.  

I steal a glance at Rokuko. This Daido Country that dares to lay a hand at Rokuko is… already destroyed.  

TL note:  

Please press F for {you are… already dead / omae wa mou… shinde iru} moment for Daido country. 


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