LDM 445 – Wrap me in blankets to fool their eyes.

If you look back a little bit, you will realize that I and Rokuko haven’t even introduced ourselves. At most I only called out to Rokuko using her nickname.  

In other words, they don’t even care about who we are, as long as we are willing to be Heroes, I’m sure that’s what important for them.  

Adding the fact of this suspicious bracelet and that forced summon. their intention is just too obvious.  

Rokuko called me, hm? As soon as I got close to her, she’s pulled my hand and she hugged me.  

Oi, oi, this is not the time for–  

“…sorry, but I was wary about someone spying on us.”  


              — She’s right. I was cautious in the summoning room, but I lowered my guard after coming to this guest room. Even though I know this place is still a danger zone.  

“It should be safe to put this bracelet in [storage]?”  

Rokuko pulled a bracelet that was hanging from her neck and put it into [storage].  

It does not matter if the bangles were used as a listening device because how the [storage] works, anything that put inside will have its time stopped within the isolated space. 

The menu screen also has a setting that makes it invisible to others, wait… can I insist that summoning is my Hero ability?  

“… I feel like I have said too many weird things.”  

“It’s more natural to say that, if you say a lot of things that people can’t understand, they will just assume you just said something with otherworlder common sense. …Kehma… do you want more hugs?”  

“un, okay.”  

Soft… I hugged Rokuko as if she’s my pillow… and she covers me with a blankets.  

“Well. In the meantime, we need to gather more information, what do you think, Kehma?”  

Rokuko whisper to me in very close range, it felt a little bit ticklish. But that’s not important right now.  

“For now, there are two options we can take.”  

“Move or wait. Right?”  

Yeah. To be honest, I’m tempted to choose to run away as soon as possible, but they’re preparing the documents that will outline their request, so I think it’s worth to wait a bit.  

and that minister, he didn’t even check to see if we could read the language of this world. I wonder if he’ll write it. It’s not hard to imagine that he’s going to plant some drugs in our dinner.  

“I have faint resistance and [Super Transformation], but it’s still scary.”  

“We need something to detect the poison.”  

“How about using the rats to test for poison first?”  

I suppose it’s not impossible, but what if the poison only works on people? And poison is more likely to work on people than in rat… right?   

“The best way to avoid it is to not eat it after all…”  

“Okay, then I will say that I’m sick and skipping dinner, how about that Kehma?”  


And Rokuko takes out the melon bread. Did she pull it from [storage] or did she make it with DP?  

“Kehma, want some?”  

“ah, yes.”  

Rokuko passed the melon bread to me under the blankets. I take a bite, *nom* delicious.  

“Or I could just go to bed and say we won’t wake up until tomorrow morning.”  

“I see, we can do that too.”  

*nom* and Rokuko continues to eat melon bread. She eats it in a very close range… why did she become so strangely sexy…?  



“I-it’s nothing. …yeah. how’s the reconnaissance going?”  

“For now, I’m just trying to get a detailed part of the area. I’m sure if we waited until morning, I could get a good image of the castle layout.”  

“All right. Then, I’m going to go tell the maid that we’re going to bed and I don’t want anything for dinner.”  

And then I walk away from Rokuko, get out of the blankets, and look out of the room.  

A maid sitting in a chair just outside the room, she comes up to me and asks if she can help me. You’ve been waiting diligently in this empty hallway, you’re too devoted to your work.  

”Actually, we were just about to go to bed when we were summoned. *yawn* now so I’m sleepy… We’ll sleep till tomorrow morning, so don’t wake me up. Oh, I don’t need dinner too.”  

“Yes, sir. May I ask your plan for tomorrow morning?”   

“I want to read the promised documents about Hero’s work, also I want something light for breakfast.”  

“I humbly receive this task.”  

I told the maid of our plan tomorrow with a bit yawn in between my words, and she rang the bell and other maids came in, they received the order and left again.  

…Is this maid an attendant for us? I could guess she’s also keeping an eye on us.  

Anyway, I’ve told her as planned. And now I’m going back into the room, swiftly lock the door and go back to Rokuko’s side.  

“Kehma, sleep together?”  

Rokuko invites me while wrapping herself in blankets.  

“…there’s only one bed. So, It can’t be helped, okay?”  

“yes, there’s only one bed. So we can’t help it.”   

I was getting used to being wrapped up with her in the [God’s Comforter] in the Demon Kingdom, so it’s a bit too late to say it now, but I still feel shy. I mean… I can’t get used to it, or maybe I should say this makes me nervous.  


“Or rather… should I really sleep in this situation?”  

“Don’t worry, I’ll wake you up if anything happens, so, let’s sleep?”  

I asked her, won’t it be better if we stay awake in case of an attack come, but she dismissed my suggestion.  

“Kehma will start doing something absurd if he didn’t get enough sleep, so you must sleep while you can.”  

“I.. cannot deny that.”  

Rokuko says she’s can stay awake because she’s a dungeon core and doesn’t need sleep. I also have a fainting tolerance, so I can stay awake without sleep, but if that’s the reasoning, then I have no choice.  

So I’m the only one who’s going to sleep…wrapped up in the blanket with Rokuko.  



“Please keep this secret from Haku…”  

“I know.”  

She replied so shortly and patted me on the head.  


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