LDM 446 – Scent of Chaos


The next morning.  

The minister sent me a paper via the maid, which summarizes the contents of our work.  

I decide to read it while eating my breakfast (sandwich) in my room.  

I don’t know what will they put into my breakfast, so I switch the sandwich with own (DP) sandwich.  

“Uh, surprisingly… it’s turned out to be something more proper than I thought.”  

“The content is outrageous, though?”  

In short, the documents say:  

  • The Heroes job is to Defeat the Demon King and repel Empire invasion.  
  • Every time the Heroes completes their mission successfully, they will be rewarded.  
  • When the Demon King is defeated, the heroes will be sent home if they wish to do so.  
  • The Heroes shall have the citizenship of a count in Daido Country.  
  • The Heroes will receive primary education about this world and combat training.  
  • The Daido Country is responsible for the well being of Heroes and their party.  

To think of it wasn’t Wataru also a Count?  

I wonder if that’s the standard position given to the Heroes.  

“In conclusion, they asked me to go to battle.”  

I cannot help but wonder if the [Tenseisha] problem prince Harks talked really that severe.  

Or maybe they will try to reach me without anyone knowing? It’s [Tenseisha], after all.  

By the way, after surveillance, we were able to clearly see the map of this country. The Raverio Empire is in the north, and the Demon Country is in the south. The Holy Kingdom is across the mountain range to the east.   

Daido is a landlocked country that doesn’t have any contact with the sea.  

This confirms it once again, we didn’t cross any world this is just long-range teleportation case.  

“Kehma, what do you want to do now? Should we gather more information?”  

“Even if I run away, they will just summon me again.”  

I tried to recall the magic circle formation, I’m quite sure that they can summon me as many time as they want using that same magic formation.  

“dammit, Leona…”   

“Then I suppose that I will stay with Kehma… they also said something about education and training for us, it’s not like our lives are in immediate danger, right?”   

“It also depends on their extent of intention to us, if we got drugged in the name of education, that’s not funny.”  

There’s no mention of compensation in the case a Hero deceased or killed, they also didn’t say anything about killing or detain a Hero… I will just ask them directly.  

 * * * * * * * * * *  

We have another meeting with the minister.  

The place of meeting is in the castle’s reception room. We sitting across this seemingly luxurious but hard sofa, I asked the minister about the details of the document.  

“This document doesn’t say how the Daido country will treat its Heroes. Wouldn’t a citizenship equivalent to an earl’s would mean that we will need to follow whatever’s King order throw at us?”  

“Of course, that was not the case. I just left out a few words because it feels that it was too obvious. The only thing we ask from our Heroes is to the extent of what was written here, We’ll also help you as much as we can if there’s anything you need to do you are free to do as you will.”  

 “Can my citizenships be used against me, for example, I could be detained or locked up, even if I did nothing wrong. This is what worries me.”   

“…If the heroes commit a crime, we will bestow you with penalty, but we also plan to educate you about common sense for this world so that won’t happen. We won’t arrest you for something you didn’t do.”  

“If I had to say this bluntly, we are not that much different than mercenaries that got hired to fight Demon King and Empire?”  

“… you are certainly right, and I’m sorry about that, but the difference is that you will fight in the name of justice, I can guarantee that much.”  

“What kind of education and training will you provide?”  

“The training will include common sense teaching, simple laws, and history. In addition to the training that our troops generally receive, we will also train you in magic skills. It is said that Heroes are endowed with special powers, so we may need to ask you to discover what your special power is.”  

I see, the more I listen to them, the more I feel they are willing to work with me. Well, there’s no guarantee that they’ll keep their word, so I can’t believe them easily.  

There’s no way around this. So how do I make them believe that I willing to trust them… I can’t think of anything.   

The minister may know that it’s useless to make me trust them until I see it for myself.  

Thus, I decided to ask something that had been bothering me.  

“Magic skills, are you saying… are there some great wizards who serve this country or something? Director of the Ministry of Magic, or Director of the Institute of Magic? someone like that?”  

“We have a director of the magic institute .”  

 “Hoo, I’d like to meet him. What’s his name?”  

 “Certainly. In fact, the magic circle that summoned the Hero was also written by Director Tindalos.”  

Director Tindalos.  

As I recall, the name that the Prince mentioned was Toy Tindalos.  

After that, I checked a few things, and I finished my questions.  

“…okay, thank you for being so polite and teaching me so much.”  

“Not at all. To be honest, we’ve been preparing ourselves for some more complaints.”  

“oh, that… I was irritated because I was sleepy,’  

It could be they thought that I was angry? Because they summoned me without warning and that put me on high alert.  

I wont get angry about such thin, on the other hand, if you dare to disturb my sleep or make me train until I cannot sleep properly, I will go at you with all I had.  

“oh.. I see. Come to think of it, I heard that you were asleep until morning right after that. …It seems we summon you right before you go to sleep, I’m sorry about that.”  

“I’m glad you understand.”  

Then the minister took out something from his chest, while murmured ‘I see I see’.  

It’s a disc with a string attached to it in the shape of a pendant. It’s like—  

“We follow religion in our country, it’s called Beddhism. It is a religion that values rest and good sleep. This is its symbol. If Hero wants to, you can also join us in the church.”  

 — it is the holy symbol of the Beddhism religion.  


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