LDM 450 – A lingering sweet scent

“Can you walk, Rokuko?”


Her breath is shallower, her cheeks are reds, her teary eyes………. In short, she is too sexy!

No, I must get ahold of myself, I’m getting hit by an aphrodisiac too. I walk down the corridor, lending Rokuko my shoulder.

The sweet scent of aphrodisiac is still lingering, I can feel the high temperature of her body through her clothes.

“I…. want to….chuu..”

Muttering, she looks into my eyes and begs me to kiss her. Now please just look ahead, because this is too unbearable.

Rokuko opens her mouth a little and licks her lips with her cute little tongue.

Hah, hah.

A hot breath of hers is reaching my body.

“……..Kehma, can you give me a kiss? please? Just a little…”

Oh God. Was it because Rokuko was close to the source of aphrodisiac? Or was it an aphrodisiac that only worked exceptionally well on the dungeon core?

A hot passionate voice is whispered to me, tickling my eardrums. M-my e-ears are in heaven.

At least, it’s not a good idea to touch her in this state. If you want to do it, at least I want you to do it when you are sober, else, Haku will kill me… please, not here… I’m not going to touch you. Also, Leona is watching.

I’m the kind of guy who will want to rebel when I’m being challenged. I put a smile on my face as to say, “go ahead”…!

“Rokuko? For now, let’s go back to our room, okay?”

“um? Room…? Rum…? Woom…? Just for the two of us… right?”

“That’s riiiiiiiight!!!?”

She sucked on my ear leaf, and I made a funny noise. A sticky, warm, soft tongue crawled over me. I have to hurry and get back to my room……..!

“Wa~~, Khema is so cute…”

“Room! Let’s get back to the room first, okay!?”

“Muuu, finee~~…”

Rokuko snuggles up to me, and she rubs her body on me. I can’t help but pick up Rokuko, who was giving me trouble in many ways, and pick her up in my arms, I Hold her in princess carry with golem assist.

……..good, we got less intimate in this position!

“Ahaaa, Kemaa…”

“Hold on tight, okay?”


Rokuko don’t rub my chest please… oi, didn’t you hear me? It tickles me, and I’m getting aroused.

I managed to get Rokuko back to this room. I gently lower Rokko down to the bed.

The only thing left to do is to use the [God’s Comforter], and she will recover.

“Alright, Rokuko, hurry up and use the [God’s Comforter] nooooooow!?”

“Kema, Kehmaa, Kehmaaaa, Kehma.”


As soon as Rokuko touch the bed, she hugged me and pulled me down.

“Come on, shall we? Kiss, Kiss, baby, I’m going to make you a baby, so…..”

“Wait, wait, wait, wait!!!”

I avoid the kiss by putting my hand between Rokuko lips and my face. I can feel Rokuko’s wet lips on my hand. The tip of her tongue licks up to trace the lifeline of my hand.

“The taste of Kehma … delicious … I like …”

“Ro-Rokuko, can you do me a favor? Bring out the [God’s Comforter].”

“If I put it out, will you put it in?”

They way Rokuko said it….… dammit if this continues, I’m not sure that I can hold myself back.

“No, not right now, but once you’ve slept on the comforter and sobering, why don’t we? Wouldn’t Rokuko want to do it in perfect condition rather than kissing me in the state when your memory is hazy like this?”

“…hmmm… right? Yeah, I do want to remember my precious moment with Kehma well.”

“All right, let’s get some sleep. I’ll give you the medicine, and we’ll take it easy. Okay?”

“Hmm, you’re going to sleep with me, aren’t you? ‘kay?”

That’s exactly what I hope for because I need to get rid of this aphrodisiac too.

…Too bad, Leona! This is not going to work out the way you want it to!

“Good morning, Khema….”

“Good morning, Rokuko. You’re still blushing. Are you okay?”

“… my body is fine now; rather than that, what are we going to do now?”

It looks like we’re managed to get rid of the aphrodisiac safely. Thank God. Thank you, God’s Beddings.

Rokuko seems to be okay, so let’s talk about our plan for the future.

“I’m going to do everything in my power to get out of this place. With all my might.”

“Kehma? Did you forget your promise after we woke up?”


“Sorry, I’m just kidding! …I was just trying to lighten the mood a bit, yeah.”

…Are you sure you’re okay? Or did you still recovering?

“So, let’s give it our all, yeah?”

Rokko casually applied a [clean] to clear out the last night’s sweat while encouraging me.

I’m still a little nervous, but she seems okay, so let’s talk about our plan from now on.

“It’s possible that Leona still has some trick stored up for us in this country, But I’m going to ignore all that. Our concern now is the summoning magic circle, we must destroy that and then escape. Only then we can buy a little more time.”

After that, I can gobble down mana potions barrel and use [teleport] to escape to the Empire city.

If I’m summoned to this country again, I’ll smash the magic circle on the spot and flee with [teleport]. I already had this place coordinates, I’ll escape before they can do anything.

“So, let’s go, Rokuko. Bring out the Comforter.”


The [God’s Comforter] is the most reliable defense equipment against anything other than sleep. And I make Rokuko wear the comforter like a poncho.

“Now what, Kehma?”

“…and I’ll give Rokuko piggyback!”

This way, I’ll be able to protect Rokuko while I’ll gain invincible defense and keep my magic power restored.

“I see, that’s a good idea.”

“Oh, please use your loli form, it’s easier to carry.”

“… but my adult form is softer.”

“Loli form, please, be reasonable.”

This is not a situation I want to be in right now.

“I mean, are we going to go now? Shouldn’t we take it easy and wait for a few more days? There are so many date spots to enjoy here.”


“Because they said they didn’t intend to do any harm….”

“Even if she doesn’t mean it, she can still cause real damage to us. They’re the kind of people who will laugh while abducting us.”

Probably Rokuko remembers the words she said when she was hit by the aphrodisiac, Toy may be planning to imprint them in some way. The sweet scent of aphrodisiac puts her in a hypnotic state, and by imprinting the words while she is in that state, it’s like she’s trying to embed her trust in Rokuko.

…Well, I forgot to ask about the princes and his party.

That sweet smell must have had the effect of disrupting their thoughts. Definitely.

TL notes

…. Again…. Sorry, not sorry lol.

“If I put it out, will you put it in” was not in the raw, the original lines are “If I put it out, will you do [it]?” but damn it, I cannot possibly miss this chance for that stupid lines right!?

also the extra chapter is a monthly promised extra chapter from my patreon pledge. thank you for all of you who had put their trust (and money) to me, I use your money directly to support my work, like buying premium grammarly and purchasing MS office (I use free version before)

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