LDM 451 – Daido Country Escape Plan

“This goes without saying… But I want to get back at Leona.”  

I’ll think about what Leona does not want me to do. …Is it enough to destroy that summoning room? No, I want to harass her more.  

“Speaking of which, Kehma. Why did you use the comforter for our recovery?”  

“Hmm? Because when you think about effectiveness, the [God’s Comforter] will…”   

“Isn’t it more effective if you use the [God’s Alarm]?”  

….oh, yeah, there was such a thing…  

That sweet smell must have disturbed my mind.  

“Did you really want to sleep with me that badly?”  

“…I just forgot.”  

“So, you don’t want to sleep with me?”  

“aaa, that’s not… you know…”  

Seeing me unable to say stuttering, Rokuko giggles happily.  

By the way, [God’s Alarm], I completely forgot abo—ooh!  

“Thanks, Rokuko, I came up with a great idea to harass Leona.”  

“Oh, I will looking forward to that, this is so exciting because harassment that came from Kehma usually pretty rough!”  

Then it’s decided, I will start to harass Leona.   


The [God’s Alarm]. Its function is not a perfect clock or something like that  — it is the power of “Release.” It is a clock that sets off an alarm, which will force a person’s mental state to return to normal condition.  

Its appearance, time display, sound, etc. can be changed at will.  

“So. What do you think would happen if I set its sound setting loud enough to cover the entire country’?”  

“Sounds like it will destroy everyone’s eardrums as soon as it rings.”  

“…ah, you are right. But I think I can add [harmless to human ear] as additional conditions.”  

I’ve set it up myself, but I’m not sure if the sound pressure and other function will work if I set it as silent… I’m sure God’s power will adjust it to a reasonable level. I hear that only the range will cover the country, the sound level will stay the same.  

“The sound volume itself is not that important, we need its [Release] ability.”  


“If Leona has steadily built a nation from the ground up to be dating spots, then setting off this alarm won’t have any effect. But if she’s brainwashing them with magic, medicine, charm, or whatever, then one push of this button and they will be back to normal!”  

“Oh, I see. This is going to be a big mess, isn’t it?”  

Yes. Because there’s no doubt that Leona and her cronies are the ones behind this rapid development, Toy also already confirmed it.  

And for a change that is too sudden, there must be such methods involved in the first place.  

‘So… START!”  

I quickly set off the alarms before I could explain it any further. It doesn’t make any particular sound, but the moment I activated it, my drowsiness disappeared instantly. Hence, there’s no doubt that it’s working. In fact, I don’t know how far the sound reached – but that’s fine.  

“Good. Let’s get out of here, Rokuko, put on your [God’s Comforter]”  

“Right away.”  

I change the shape of the [God’s Alarm] into a wristwatch, wrapped it around my left arm, left the alarm on. I took Rokuko’s hand and headed to the summoning room.  

In the corridor, soldiers and maids were puking all over the place. A faint sour smell wafted through the air……..  

“W-what’s going on?”  

“I don’t know, but this is convenient. Let’s hurry.”  

I hurried to go to the summoning room, Ignoring the surprised Rokuko, I really don’t care what will happen to these people.  

This is probably the side effects for forcibly releasing the abnormal status… but since they didn’t get in our way, then I don’t need to be concerned for them.  

While ignoring people who were throwing up, I came to the front of the room made of stone, this is the room where I was summoned.  

“It’s locked.”  

Well, it doesn’t matter. We’re going to break it anyway– [Elemental burst]. 

I remember they called Shotgun as ‘master key’ in a Western movie, and that’s precisely how I open the door with my [Elemental Burst].  

If it was locked, there would be no one inside, and I didn’t need to be cautious.  

The room was dark without any windows, but I could still check the magic circle drawn on the floor.   

[come here], [Masuda Keima], [forced type]… there’s an array of joke words mixed in, but it’s a meticulously drawn magic circle that covers the entire floor.  


I fired a [clean]at the magic circle.  

With a swoosh, the magic circle painted on the floor disappears. If it had been carved, it would have been necessary to destroy it with [Create Golem] or [stone Pile], but if it’s just written with paint, then there’s no problem to clean it with this.  

There would be no need to give Leona extra information about myself.  

“‘Kehma, there’s one on the ceiling.”  

“Hmm? …Woah, you are right.”  

There is a magic circle is at where Rokuko’s pointed at. It is just a matter of time for them to draw a new one; if this still exists, let’s clean them.  

Let’s once again cast [clean] to erase it.  

“I thought you will destroy the room in a more flashy style.”  

“I’ll do it the next time they summon me. It’s enough for now.”  

Time time Rokuko is with me, escape is my first priority.  

“Okay, Next, we will escape with [teleport].”  


I hug Rokuko under the [God’s Comforter].  

Suddenly a fireball large enough to swallow a person was fired at us. It was nullified by the comforter’s ability.  

“Oh, hello, Toy, are you alright?”  

“Now, you’ve done it! Masuda Kehma!!”  

Decorated with obvious anger on her face that looks exactly like Niku, Toy appeared before us.  

“That fucking annoying sound! Stop it!”  

Toy looks like she’s enduring a terrible headache. Could it be that human ears can’t hear this sound, but dogs can? Dogs have a much wider audible range than people, after all.  

“…you can hear it?”  

“Yes, no, this sound is ringing not on my ears, but directly to my soul, what the hell is this!?”  

It seems volume had nothing to do with it, I took Rokuko hands and…  

“Well, we’re done with this, bye.”  

“Stop! U-ugh…”  

Toy fainted on her knees, I cast [teleport] and escaped from the castle.  

To be honest, I’m a bit worried about the castle town condition. Still, Rokuko is here. My top priority is to escape this country. I need to keep going to the direction towards the Empire, [teleport]!  

And we arrived outside the city walls. I was able to teleport to grassland are in one leap…. Ugh, the mana consumption lash back is coming. I need to drink mana potion.   

“Here you go, it’s a mana potion.”  

“ah, thanks.”  

I almost immediately reaches for the mana potion offered in front of me, but I stopped.  

“Oh dear. You don’t want it? Even though this was freshly made using the herb over there.”  


“Yes, it’s been a long time since we’ve seen each other like this, Keima-san!” 

Leona was there, her dark hair tied back into a ponytail, and her red eyes are winking mischievously.  


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