LDM 453 – Talk with Haku

“…Kehma? Why are you here? Rokuko too?”  

And just as Leona said, Haku immediately comes flying here.  

Yes, she is [flying] not [teleporting]. So it’s probably magic with fly effect.  

“Haku-nee-sama… there’s a lot to explain here.”  

“Before that, are you both the real ones? Can I confirm it first?”  

“To be honest, we also want to check if Haku is not imposter too, but what should we do?”  

I feel like Haku and Leona timing is too perfect. This is a proper moment to be cautious.  

“The problem is when a fake thinks they are the real ones. if that just a forced memory manipulation [God’s Alarm] would have canceled it, but if their personality is embedded deeply in them, then the alarm won’t work. … for Kehma, it’s simple though, can you transform into this letter with your [Super Transformation]?”  

“Okay, I got it [Super Transformation].”   

I transformed into the letter Haku took out without confirming it’s content if it’s my [Super Transformation]. I could copy the text without even seeing it.  

This is how I prove myself, though I cannot do it repeatedly because of the skill usage limit.  

“Okay, with this, I could confirm that Kehma is the real one, but how should I prove myself?”  

“uh, Rokuko, do you have any ideas?”  

“I think… maybe we should check by confirming a secret only I and nee-sama knows?”  

“I see… that way, I could also confirm Rokuko identity. ”  

Rokuko and Haku then move a little away out of my sight. 

“Haku-nee-sama is the real ones.” 

“Rokuko-chan too.”  

We finished our check, let’s continue the talk from before.   

“We were kidnapped by Leona. It was something akin to forced summon with ritual magic.”  

“I’m here because I sense that the curse I had on Leona is gone, so I check her final coordinates.”  

It seems Leona was right, [God’s Alarm] has successfully erased Haku’s surveillance curse on her.  

I explained the situation to Haku, and she let out a sigh.  

“From the report I got from Dolce, she said [Rokuko and Kehma also sleeping peacefully today] so that what happened, huh?”  

“Can Haku take care of those dummies, please?”  

“Yeah, I will take care that Rokuko dummy, same goes for yours Kehma, we don’t know what kind of trap Leona prepared inside those dolls.”  

Trap, I guess that’s possible.  

“Anyway, to be able to summon Kehma, who was in the Gollen village in the Shia region, from north of Empire… to this Daido Capital City. This is concerning threat.”  

“Yes, so much that I won’t sleep peacefully.”  

“By the fact she’s preparing Rokuko’s dummy, it seems from the start she’s also targeting Rokuko, who is a dungeon core… this means that [she can kidnap dungeon core] what a nasty power.”   

If Leona wanted to kill a dungeon core, no matter how deep that core was hiding in their dungeon’s depths, she could ‘summon’ them. Her summons’ range was at least as long as the south of the Empire to the northern provinces. 

“Khema-san, do you have a GP?”  

“Uh, yes.”  

“If you have about 10 GPs, [father] should be able to give you protection from an involuntary transfer.”  

“I understand, I’ll get right on it.”  

I open the menu. Oh, the email function is back. And… 56 GP, ooh, I gain quite a bit.  

I’ll offer 10 GPs to [father] and request his protection… please, [father]. I hope he will grant my wish.  

“But just from what I’ve heard, there’s a possibility that the Daido Country is in trouble. That place is a buffer zone between the three countries, so won’t it be a problem if it disappears? In case like this, should we lend them a hand?”  

At this moment, Haku glances at me. I have a bad feeling about this.  

“Is it possible to have Kehma-san go to investigate the extent of the problem? I will be responsible for  bringing Rokuko-chan back to the Empire.”  

“I just got out of there and now you want me to go back?”  

“Leona said she was leaving, didn’t she? If that’s the case, this might be the safest place from Leona.”  

When I expressed my dissatisfaction, Haku quickly counters it.  

Well, what Haku says is not without a point. That is if you believe in Leona’s words.  

“Thinking about the need to retreat in an emergency situation, it’s better to have people who can use long-distance [teleport] alone. Considering that, Kehma is the right person for the job, right?”  

“Isn’t there someone like that in the Empire… should it be me?”  

“You are right, it’s not that they aren’t any, but we need to use them to deal with escaping Leona, so we don’t have anyone available to help us.”  

“Guh, right… okay. Well, I’m just going to go take a look.”  

In other words, She wants me to take responsibility for removing the curse that was attached to Leona and forced me to work… Reluctantly, but it can’t be helped. Besides, I was also a little curious about how the [God’s Alarm] affected this country.  

“eh? If Kema is going to stay, then maybe I should stay too?”  

“I wish you to be in a safe place. Besides, I might not be able to use the mail function again when I got back to the capital. And in that case, I hope Rokuko will inform Haku about it.”  

“… cannot be helped then.”  

Rokuko gives up and goes to Haku’s side.  

“Thank you for your understanding. As soon as you get inside the capital, try to use the email function. If it doesn’t work, immediately teleport back to this point. But first, take this mana potion.”  

“Oh, thank you.”  

And I receive a mana potion… I hope this mana potion will not change your gender even if you drink it.  

“Well. I have one thing that requires Kehma help, would you be willing to participate in harassing Leona?”  

Then, with an evil smirk, Haku smiles.  


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