LDM 454 – Extra: true story! This is how I was tricked!

Extra: true story! This is how I was tricked!  

Niku has come to the basement of the Beddhism Church.  

She was here to meet the wraith that was sent by Haku, Dolce, who at the time was spending her time leisurely, or rather… ghastly? She dragged her feet and standing shakily.  

Dolce, feeling a hint of trouble, calmly facing Niku with a sharp look on her face.  

“Oh…? What can I do for you, little puppy?  

“Dolce-sama. Can I have a consultation or perhaps cooperation? Anyhow, I need your help, because … my master hasn’t woken up.”  

A consultation about the master who was sleeping peacefully.  

Dolce would have left it alone if it was just Kehma, but when she heard that Rokuko was also involved, she let out a sigh.  

“Rokuko-sama too? then it cannot be helped… fine, take me to him.”  

“Thank you.”  

Then she took the Dolce and headed to Kehma’s room. There they found Kehma was sleeping comfortably in bed and Rokuko, who was sleeping in his embrace.  

“Let’s check their magic circuits, hmm… nothing? At least we can confirm this is not curse related things.”  

“Yes. I’ve heard of curses that will keep you sleeping.”  

“Well, as long as I’m in this village, that’s a difficult thing to do unless you’re a God of curses, I’m an expert in curses, and I’ve placed a warding spell in this village.”  

Dolce puts her hand on each forehead.  

Dolce can’t feel a single irregularity on their magic lines, or Rather, they are too clean.  

Isn’t this strange? While thinking about it, Dolce remembered that Haku told her that Kehma had obtained an ultimate anti-curse weapon called [God’s Alarm]  

The sound it produces is the miracle granted by the God of Darkness that can dispel all evil. Legend said that it was so immensely powerful that it was feared and destroyed by the God of creation’s hand. It was the tales of the old God’s beddings.  

Dolce was convinced. If this is the person who owns the [God’s Alarm], then this state of cleanliness is possible.  

“Yeah, they are not cursed. I think they are simply sleeping….”  

“Uh, are you really sure?”  

“Yeah, it’s alright. It happens all the time… you know, Rokuko-sama is a dungeon core, and Kehma-san is a Beddhist Pope, right? They’ve used the God’s bedding so many times, they may have already become a demi-god.”  

“oo? Demi-God?”  

The Dungeon Cores doesn’t require sleep as well as food, but the same goes for the opposite, they can continue to devour as much sleep as they want, that is, if they want to. This is because Dungeon Cores is a child of the God of Darkness. in other words, they are a demi-God. Likewise, if Kehma is a demi-God too, it’s not surprising that he can choose to sleep as long as possible. 

“That’s why it’s okay……probably.”  

“I see, thank you, Dolce-sama.”  

“mm? yeah, yeah, don’t worry about it, this is a part of my job so…”   

Thus, Niku, who had always thought that his master was beyond human, was successfully deceived by the words’ from the curse expert, Dolce.  

She also informed Haku about this incident during her scheduled report. Dolce had determined that there was no particular problem. Since the main story was about Kehma sleeping together with Rokuko, the fact that she never woke up was apparently forgotten at this point.  


“Master and Rokuko-sama haven’t woken up yet.”  

“That just how they usually flirted with each other, right?”  

Meanwhile, separate from Niku, Ichika had also come to Beddhism Church to consult Chief succubus sister, Suira.  

The succubus Suira and Ichika, who was directly involved in the dungeon management, were on good terms. Of course, she’s received permission from Kehma to do so.  

“No, no, they really didn’t wake up at all. Will you take a look at it? You’re good at peeking into a dream, right? I bet Master must be eating some pretty good food in his dreams.”  

“Huh? But… okay, I will take a look at them.”  

So Ichika brought Suira to Kehma’s room. She found Kehma sleeping comfortably in his while holding Rokuko in his arms.  

“Oh, but… don’t let them wake up.”.  

“Didn’t you bring me here to wake them?”  

“If I was dreaming about eating good food, and when I suddenly wake up, then usually I would lose my food (in the dream), right? That kind of thing is unacceptable. I’m sure I’d punch you in the face if you did that to me.”  

“I…… see?”  

So, with great care, Suira used her power as a succubus – a dream demon – to dive into their dream.  

Ichika saw off Suira, who turned into a black mist in front of her and disappeared with her clothes.  

She waited for a while, watching Kehma’s sleeping face, and then a shadow gathered, and Suira came back.  

“How was it?”  

“Well, the two of them were dancing and eating a giant Kraken with the size of this inn.”  

“A Giant Kraken.”  

Squid and octopus are eaten in this world in following the teachings of the Ishidaka (of course, only non-poisonous species are eaten). However, when it comes to the big ones like Kraken, we can rarely eat them. You can try to catch them by sending a ship, and they will sink you instead.  

“It’s not like they’re having a nightmare about being attacked, is it?”  

“Pope Kehma roasted the leg that Kuro-chan had cut off into rings, and then Kehma and Rokuko-sama ate it together. The Kraken was sitting quietly while Kuro-chan was cutting its legs. It then regenerates its legs, and then the process is repeated, and it seems endless.”  

“It’s all-you-can-eat!”  

“That’s about right, they just gobbled it up without a care in the world. It was a sight to behold, but I couldn’t help but feel full.”  

Ichika nodded. “I see.”  

“So, do you want me to wake them?”‘  

“No, don’t wake them. If you eat in your dreams, you will not want to wake up unless you’ve had enough or full, right?”   

“eeh? Is it possible to be full in a dream?”  

“Probably? Though when I woke up, my belly will be hungry again, and I’ll be able to eat all over again!”  

“It’s a very high-quality dream then.”  

So, Ichika decides to let the bears sleep until they naturally wake up.  

“Well, if they don’t wake up for another day, come back and see me.”  

“I understand.”  

Ichika, who believed that Kehma chose not to wake up on his own, was thus successfully fooled.  

TL Notes: 

These two last chapters are kind of rushed, I was playing the heart of Deimos busy, so if you find anything strange just put it in the comment section below. 


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