LDM 455 – Awakened Daido

“It’s not like I will need your help right away, I will first put the surveillance curse on Leona once again.”  

“I would prefer it if I don’t have anything to do with Leona ever again.”  

“That seems unlikely, Kehma is her favorite. Just destroy this crystal as soon as you met Leona next time.”  

Saying that Haku hands me a small crystal, about the size of her thumb. I can’t refuse,  and I have no choice but to accept it.  

“The King of Daido was an excellent person at the time I founded the Empire, I wonder if humans become more stupid with each generation.   

The previous generation has also been killed by the summoned hero. At that time, the prince was only a small child, and he had done a terrible thing to this country. Really, what should we do now?”   

“I don’t have enough man to replace them,” said Haku. Apparently, even without a Hero, there’s no danger of the Daido Country falling to ruin … although the King’s neck is not guaranteed at all.  

“Speaking of which. Did you know that Leona doesn’t like eggplant? Maybe you could make an eggplant field to ward off Leona.”  

“…Well, I will consider it. There’s also the option of importing it from the Holy Kingdom, right?” 

What was that? Imported? Aren’t eggplant supposed to be a common vegetable to be grown in the Empire? Our village’s fields have it, and it’s also the favorite food of the succubus. I wonder why there are some inconsistencies.  

“Now… Kehma, I’ll leave Daido in your care.”  

“Will I get any reward for this?”  

“Let’s talk about what happened in Daido… especially the matters concerning Rokuko-chan.”  

“YES, I will do my job without any complaints!”   

So, I leave Rokuko in Haku capable hands, while I need to return to Daido Country. Sigh… [Teleport] [Teleport]  


Once I’m back in the town, there was a crowd. I peeked in to see what was going on, I found a vendor girl crouched down on her knees beside her stall, mumbling to herself.  

This world… is not the world of [Kaomite]… it’s not… there is no such thing as a [Kaomite] game to begin with. …. didn’t… what… mmm? What is [game]…? AAaaaH.  

What’s that, “Kao☆Mite”? That thought was flashed on my mind, but the answer is obvious; It’s Leona’s works.   

This girl must have been a [Tenseisha]. Her hair and skin are unusually well-groomed, she’s probably some nobles’ daughter.  

“Young miss, are you okay?”  

“Just leave her alone, something like this happens a lot today.”  

“Let’s tidy up the stall and put her in a more safe position… look, that little boy over there also had a similar condition.”   

…. well, this is not really a problem. This already  harmless.   

That’s why I am directly heading to the royal castle.  

By the way, this time I’ve been entrusted with an imperial’s decree from Haku, but The Hero’s bracelet is still hanging from my neck…. nah, there should be no problem with this.  

But it’s better not to enter the castle with [Teleport] and add unnecessary confusion on their side, so I will just walk through the main gate.   

The Soldier seemed to have already returned to their post, I lightly greet them by raising my hand.   

“Yo~~ hello there, may I pass?”  

“You are in Daido’s King castle, who are you?”  

“I was summoned here the other day as a Hero, Oh…? Did you forget my face?”   

“…wait. Sorry, please just wait. I’ll confirm it.”   

I talked while showing him the bracelet, and I was led into a rather luxurious waiting room. It seems that they can handle this situation properly.   

“Was Hero-sama come from outside the castle? I’m so sorry, but there’s massive confusion in this city since this morning….”  

“Is it related to something like inconsistencies of memories? I’ve seen a lot of similar things happening all over town.”  

“Yes, sir. You are right. We, too, experiencing a case of memories loss a few days to a few years… excuse me, but we may not be able to recognize Hero-sama.  

Still, that bracelet is definitely a sign of the Hero, but…”  

Since I didn’t wear it on my arm, I could be a fake or even this is a bracelet that was taken from the Hero. I’m not going to be able to get rid of it if I wear it on my arm, and it will be my proof.  

I see that’s how it was meant to be. I’m glad I choose not to wear it and I’m sure it’s comes with one other function…. wait? Is it possible to disable it with [God’s Alarm]?  

“Hero-sama, It has been confirmed. The King will now see you, please let me take you to him.”  

“The King?”  

This is a very fast response. But then I remember, Haku said [The previous generation King was killed by summoned hero] or something like that. Does this mean Hero related thing is the most critical incident to them?  

When I arrived in the audience chamber, the King stood from his throne to greet me and then bowed his head.  

“Hero I’m sorry, but please calm your anger.”  

“Well Well Well King, you took a 180-degree attitude from when we met the other day.”  

“…yes, I’m sorry. First of all, this might be an empty excuse, but we were being manipulated.”  

Hmmm, well, is it true? But of course, I know it’s true.  

“Raise your head, please. I’m here to talk to you.”  

“Your kindness is truly pained my heart, but I’m afraid that I will rouse your anger once again by my words next, when that happens, please settle this with only my head.”   

The King gulps down his saliva and faces me with an expression that was already accepting his tragic ends,   

“…..We have no way to return the Hero-sama to his original world…! How dare we summon you and yet… we… I’m truly sorry! But no matter how much I apologize, I’m afraid that my words won’t be enough…”  

Ah, that’s right.  

“…Ah, but two of the bracelets were missing. I must apologize to the other brave soul who should have been there…”   

Oh, yeah… that too. She’s not here right now, but she’s alright.  

Haku-san told me to go and to pressure him anyway, but what am I supposed to do about this? 


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