LDM 456 – Wrapping up

At any rate, the King of Daido was a rather decent man, or rather, he was a honest man at best, and a petty honest man at worst. His demeanor was hardly a king. Please don’t ruin my country, please spare my life, he basically said that from the beginning to end. 

“For the duration of my reign, I will ensure that you will continue to live luxuriously in Daido.” 

I was a little tempted by the offer but… I have the Gollen village. 

Let’s secretly email Haku about this. for now, I remembered that there was one more thing I needed to confirm. 

“At the very least I understand your feeling, but King… I need to ask you about Toy Tindalos, the director of Magic Institute.” 

“The director of the Magic Institute is, Boom Somersault, but I haven’t confirmed his wellbeing for now.” {sonic boom+somersault kick?} 

That name, I can feel the it in my skin. 

“How about brown-skinned girl with dog ears?”  

“Dog Beastman? Minister, did you know anything about this…?” 

“Yes, we have taken a custody of a child found in Somersault’s room, she was laying unconscious there. Did she have any connection with Hero in some way? She’s on the way to castle nursery for now.” 

This castle has a nursery? That’s surprising, but apparently Toy is being protected like a normal stray child. 

“Ignorance is truly a bliss… She’s the culprit for the incident this time, she can even escape from the jail if you are not careful.” 

“What…? Hey! Secure her immediately!” 

“Yes sir!, right away!” 

“You might ant to put slave collar on her to keep her magic constrained.” 

“She’s that dangerous?” 

“Indeed, also I will suggest that you did not treat her carelessly to avoid being brainwashed.” 

The minister and the soldiers move in a hurry to secure Toy. Well, I don’t think the slave collar can do too much. 

Haku reply is here, that was quick.  

”Well, then, King Daido. Let me relay the message from the Raverio Empire to you.”  

“Th-The Empire? the Raverio Empire?” 

”Oh, I’m sorry to tell you this late, but I’m actually a nobleman from the Empire. Apparently, I haven’t crossed any world, so I don’t need to live in this country.” 

“What…? But that heroic summoning magic circle–” 

“I’ve already confirmed that the culprit had modified it.” 

“Then, if you are not Hero, what should I call you?”  

Come to think of it, I haven’t introduced myself to the king at all, not even my name, I just go along with him calling me Hero-sama. So, it would be for the best for him to know my name from here on. 

“I’m Kehma Gollen, a Baron from Raverio Empire, you may call me Baron Gollen.”  

“Baron Gollen… oh, I’ve heard of him. the one that managed to secure a draw against Hero Wataru and rumor said that he can command a Dragon.”  

The best I can do is asking Igni to work for me in exchange for some snack, do that count?  

“ah Minister, here’s my proof, please confirm it.” 

“Let’s me see…. my King, this man is the real deal, he is Baron Gollen, the official envoy of the Empire.” 

“Such this is…! Again, I’m sorry for what you’ve been through!” 

“I will save that for later, for now I carry the words from Haku Raverio, the founder of the Raverio Empire, may I continue?” 

“Very well.”  

King Daido and his minister kneel down on the spot to wait for my words, I read out the text from Haku’s email. 

”Since the matter this time is related to a God of Chaos, the blame of the Daido nation itself shall not be questioned. Reparations to the individual affected will be demanded at a later date. For now, continue to fulfill your duties as king…” 

“…certainly! Thank you for your quick and generous response!” 

There was relief in King of Daido’s voice. The country and the king neck are safe, that’s a huge relief for him. 

And just when I felt like I can finally catch my breath, the soldier who went to secure Toy earlier came back. 

“Hero-sama! I’m sorry, could you please come and confirm?” 

“Wait, this man is the Hero, but he is also Baron Gollen of the Raverio Empire. Henceforth, you may call him Baron Gollen.” 

“Yes, understood, then once again, Baron Gollen, may I ask for your help to confirm our prisoner?”  

The minister corrects the soldier and I go from being called Hero to Baron Gollen. Anyway, I’m also curious about what’s going on with Toy, so I decided to go and see. 


This way, Baron Gollen. 

The soldiers took me to underground prison. It was lined with stone walls and iron bars. There seemed to be other shady noblemen confined here, but I ignored them and went to the very back. 

There was an iron door with a small window at eye level attached to it, this seems to be a room for interrogation. 

“She’s inside.” 

“Let’s see…” 

When I opened the small window and looked inside, I saw a brown skinned dog-eared girl sitting quietly in a chair with a blindfold on. The gray dress she was wearing was apparently meant for a prisoner. There’s also a slave collar around her neck, and her hands are tied behind her back…. in which made it looks like Niku is the one that being restrained, this is an awful sight. 

But this Girl is Toy. she’s a pawn of the Chaos God Leona, don’t let your guard down. 

Leona once called Niku a failed product, then I should assume that she is stronger or far stronger than Niku in many ways, and from that perspective, this restraint is appropriate. 

“Is this girl really the culprit?” 

“That’s for sure. Did she offer any resistance?” 

“No, sir. she listened to what we said and accepted the collar herself, Hero-sama….no Baron Gollen I’m only following your order to capture her… but… I think I’m going too far.” 

”Well I have no idea what they’re up to, just don’t let your guard down. I don’t know if you’ll be manipulated again.” 

When I said that, the soldier gulped and stare at me.  

“…well what are you going to do now? Interrogate her?” 

“Yes. Let’s get right to it, I will hear what she had to say… By the way, who’s in charge of that collar?” 

“It was on the one who had captured her, in other words, me… but if Baron want it I can transfer the authority to you  

I see. 

So here we are, let’s meet Toy once again. 

TL Notes :

Tittle literal translation is actually post event handling/response, just in case I made no sense.


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