LDM 457 – Interrogating Toy.

Interrogating Toy. 

 I talk to Toy while secretly activated the [God’s Alarm] to prevent brainwashing. 

“Hi Toy. How are you doing? 

“Mr. Khema this is the worst, Please just kill me.” 

You are blindfolded but you still could tell it was me just from my voice, impressive. It seems she also still calm and composed.  

“After all, as my name implies, I’m Toy Series 101, my name is from 10(to) and 1(i), or in short there’s another 101 of me, one entity perished means nothing.”  

“…that’s a lie, isn’t it?” 

“Well. Now, I’m not being told not to lie to you, but it might as well be true? at the very least it’s a very smarts wordplay, right? Fufu…” 

The soldier next to me is shaking his head… Oh, I see. I guess he doesn’t understand the pun that make 10 and 1 to read as Toi when it translated into this world’s language. also, I’m wonder if Leona takes inspiration from a certain 101 dog movie.  

“Was that joke told by Leona?” 

“Oh, so you know it…. could you explain to me what the hell does that means, to be honest I also don’t understand that. I asked Leona-sama about it, but she won’t tell me. Wouldn’t it be nice to at least know the meaning of the words I said before I die?” 

“Well, I’m sorry to break this to you — but I don’t know either.” 

“Oi oi! It’s amazing, isn’t it? Master Kehma, of all people said that he can’t understand Japanese languange, AHaHa!”  

What so funny about it? Toy laughing voice sound so deperate. 

That said, I still can’t read her expression. she should be more expressive than Niku, but I can’t read her expression like I did on Niku. It’s not because of the blindfold, but probably because her ears and tails don’t even twitch. 

“Well let’s start the interogation, if you dare to lie, I will have that slave choker strangled you.” 

“Oh, really? Wait let me try it. Sugar is spicy, salt is sweet, I’m the real–hmm? Strange, isn’t it? This collar didn’t get any tighter, did they use defective product?” 


This girl is nullifying the slave collar. 

“You are a criminal that trying to the overthrow this country, I believe if you continue behaved like this you could lose one or two limbs.” 

“Well now, are you trying to play it rough? In that case please enjoy me to your heart’s content, it would be fine if you cut off one or two limbs, while at it should I cry while leaking all over the place? I heard some nobles had that fetish.”  

Okay, This starting to get out of hands, its seems that she can handle a lot of pressure.  

And it’s hard for me to determine if she’s just bluffing or telling the truth because her ability to nullify the collar… ah, that reminds me.  

“Hey, did you have magic tools to detect lie? This country should have one to interrogate criminals, right?” 

“Yes, sir. There is…. but since the collar did not work, I doubt it will work on her.” 

The soldier’s answer is actually right, since the collar also magic tools… so how did she nullify it?  

“Toy, did the one before me is just a body double?” 

“Oh my? Is that the first thing you conclude? I’m me, this is the real me. It just that I’m resolved to do this, Toy is a ‘toy’, she will be used until shes broken and thrown away.” 

“The beastman trait of loyalty huh? Just why did you so loyal towards Leona?” 

“Because the beastman race is created by Leona-sama hands.” 

What’s that? this is the first time I’ve heard about this. 

…this is Leona we talking about, probaly she’s looking at this world and thought [There are no beastmen in another world so I’ll have to make one!] And then she proceed to create one, yeah it could be it. 

Toy replies in a jocular tone while wearing a blindfold. 

…since I already had the [God’s Alarm] activated, should I take her blindfold so I can read her better? I want to dig as much as info as I could., hmmm…. ah, yeah. There’s that.  

#Toy’s Side 

 “This is getting nowhere. Let’s take a break and figure out what to do.” 

After a short time after Kehma left the room with the soldier, a person appeared again in the interrogation room.  

“Oh? Is the break time is ove…. ,n?” 

“Hi, Toy. How are you feeling?” 

“Leona-sama…! Oh, Leona-sama, Leona-sama!” 

The smell, the beating of heart, the weight of footsteps, the way air shake, and her voice. Even though she was blindfolded, Toy could tell that the person in front of her was Leona. She felt an indescribably strong mixture of joy and regrets. Her tears welled up, wetting the back of the blindfold. she may have leaked a little down there too. 

Toy legs was pulled and trembled, the chain that shackles her rattled. If only the restraints hadn’t been in the way, she would have immediately begged for mercy, clutched at Leona feet, showing her a flirtatious smile, and show Leona her belly. 

“I’m fine, but why, why did you come here? I was no longer of use to you, right? Was I, the incompetent person who destroyed this playground country with Kehma, now no longer a useless piece of garbage? I see, Leona-sama hadn’t thrown me out yet!” 

“What? No, I threw you away. You know that much.” 


“But then I came up with good recycling{risaikuru} idea!” 

Leona’s voice laughing happily. Toy don’t know what the word [risaikuru] means, but whatever. Toy waits patiently for Leona’s next words. 

“…Toy, you will rebel against me.” 

“Yes, I understand, Leona-sama!” 

Rebellion. to go against, Toy instantly understand. The contradiction of [do not obey] while obeying the orders. What a distressing command, that’s the punishment Toy have been given and a new mission for her. 

How sweet it is to be played by the whims of her God. This is what [toys] are meant to be! 

“That’s right, Listen to whatever Kehma and Haku tell you, and my information – well, give them everything you know about me – and tell them cooperatively, without hiding any of it. Do everything in your power to thoroughly antagonize me. Think of something to sabotage me in your own, okay?” 

“Yes, Leona-sama!” 

“Good girl. That’s my toy.” 

And then Leona gently strokes Toy’s cheek. Oh, a pure happiness. Her brain goes white. Her blindfolded eyes are flickering, drool overflows. Toy can’t stop her tail from wagging. Is it permitted for a toy to be this happy? 

“Kufu, fu, kyunn….” 

“Well then, farewell.”  


Leona let go of her hand, Toy was very sorry to have to part with it. 

“From now on, you will recognize me as your enemy and not your master. And you will never have to obey my words again, okay? You have been recycled. you can decide by yourself who is your next Master, well… except me ofcourse? Mmmnn, I’m looking forward to it. Show me how you going to stand in my way.” 

“Yes…! Understood!” Leona-sama is looking forward to it…! Oh, Leona-sama look forward to me! ME! Then I must do everything in my power to oppose her! 

Toy took to heart the seemingly contradictory, yet non-contradictory, mission to [Rebel and Entertain] her God. 


A few moments later, Kehma returned. 

“Oi, I will resume the interrogation” 

“I’ll talk to you about anything. I’ll help you with anything. Would you like me to be your plaything? Go ahead, do whatever you want with me.” 

Toy said that with a sincere smile to Kehma. 

TL notes: 

Toy… you are friggin nutjob. 

This is why I avoid most katakana to be translated, borrowed word in this novel are often becomes a ‘spell’ because people in this world only heard the word written in katakana as it is. 


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