LDM 458 – Dialogue with Toys

“I’m all ears. I’m willing to help you with anything. Would you like to make me your playthings? Go ahead, do whatever you want with me.”  

I leave the soldier behind and returned to the interrogation room alone. Toy was there with a sickeningly genuine smile on her face.  

I could see her tail wags, and she was doing her best to appeal to me.  

— Of course, it’s all thanks to the [super transformation].  

I was once told by Leona that if I tried to transform into her, I would copy the curses placed on her, and I would go crazy and die. But on the contrary, now that I’ve removed the curse, I can transform into Leona without dying.  

It was a bit of a gamble, but I tested it when I was alone, and I was alive and well, so probably Leona was right, her curse was lifted, and I was able to transform.  

I use [super transformation] to transform into Leona and meeting with Toy.   

As expected of a heroic skill bestowed by God himself. The disguise is perfect in both appearance and physical aspect. The rest depends on my acting skills, but I make it up somehow by leaving the blindfold on.   

Then I pretended to be Leona and seduced her, hoping that I would deceive Toy.   

“Master Kehma, shall I lick your feet? Or do you want to look, touch, or stomp on my belly? Haha, putting a leash on the collar and dragging me around the city is also a good idea, isn’t it? Should I keep my clothes on? Or should I take it off?”  

I got this obedient pet as a result. I hope she can help me find a way to harass Leona… if someday she managed to find out the truth.. will my life be in danger?   

But I have a feeling that Leona has already seen this coming. If Leona was serious about shutting down Toy, she would have killed her already or take her away.  

But she left her alone. This is just a message for me to ‘do as you please with her’.  

While it’s true I got a lot of info from Toy, it does not matter if the person affected willingly gave it away. Leona must think that it’s more fun this way.  

“What are you plotting this time?”  

“There was no plot–oh, I’m sorry, I was plotting.  Leona-sama was just here, and she asked me to join Master Kehma and Haku in opposing her. she mentioned that I’ve been [risaikuru], but does Kehma-sama know its meaning?”  

Oh, and she seems to be following her orders to cooperate and tell us everything. Good job, Toy.  

“Recycling, really? I hate lies.”  

“Wonderful, I don’t like lies either. I’m not lying, oh right, how I tell you about this collar that won’t tighten?”  

“…how did you nullify the slave collar?”  

“It’s simple. This kind of magic tools and magic spells are designed to read the body, mind, or soul. It will respond when the soul feels that [I’m lying]. Therefore, if you don’t [feel] anything to what you say or do, it won’t react. It’s using the same principle way as the Demon King’s arts of [still water surface].”  

Wow, the difficulty is high. But there is a way like that?  

…this will be useful. Let’s remember it for future reference.  

“Besides, this collar is a general-purpose product that only judges by the feelings, not by the soul, right? You can fool this just by [emptying your mind]. It’s much easier to fools this compared to the one that reads your body language.”   

“You suddenly become chatty…”  

“I’ve been tasked to be cooperative and tell what I know.”  

Toy looks at my direction with a blindfold still on and smiled.  

“You’re blindfolded, but can you see me?”  

“You can usually tell who’s where by smell and heartbeat, can’t you? …or perhaps you can’t?”  

You may say that, but [super transformation] is properly deceived you, right?  

“Oh, sorry… It would have been difficult to sense someone from smell if you weren’t a dog-beastman, wouldn’t it? Leona-sama was able to but to think of it, Leona-sama also had a beast mixed in her body.”   

“That’s new for me.”  

“um, Okay? Then did you know this much, Kehma-sama? Leona-sama is the God of Chaos. She had all kind of a beast attributes in her body, she can use the characteristics of any beast at her disposal.”  

At glance, that would be interpreted as a lot of weakness as well, or so I thought, but the fact that she can use it freely means she can also not use it freely. She really is strong.  

“…By the way, what was Leona’s real objective?”  

“I have no doubt that one of her purposes was to play with Kehma-sama, but Leona-sama is a person who can plan many things in a single move, even when her move is her whims. Her deep and far-reaching plans are beyond my ability to guess. Especially since this project to make Daido Country a date spot is a long-term project.”  

How many purposes did it have or still have? Toy said she had no idea of that either.  

“It won’t be funny if she really just did this on her whims or something like that…”  

“Leona-sama is the God of chaos, you know? We can only imagine what’s in her heart, and we the mortals can only enjoy it as it goes, no favors, but also no punishments.”  

Can she be represented with that explanation? Then it won’t be wrong to label her as a disaster.  

“By the way, what will happen to me now? If you plan to execute me, I’ll run away right now.”   

“Well, you could always run away if you wanted to, couldn’t you?”  

“Of course, if only this much, I can remove this restraint right away if you wish.”  

I knew it.  

“I’ll keep you in my custody. You just have to do what I tell you to do for a while.”  

“Nice, Kehma-sama!”  

To be honest, it’s scary to keep this kind of thing in my pocket…  but it’s even scarier to leave her alone, even when she’s not as much a threat as Leona.  

since I’m not sure what Toy is thinking. I’ll just push her to Haku-san later.  

“Master Kehma, when will you release me from my restraints?”  

“Just get it off yourself. Oh, keep the collar on. I’m going to have to testify that Toy got away from us, and what we caught is a substitute, so it was a mistake and that I’m going to have to show the king a defective collar.”  

“Very well. Then I will testify that I am a pitiful puppy who was replaced when Master Kehma took his sight of Toy.”   

With that, Toy stood up quickly as if the restraints weren’t there. The restraints fall intact with a crunching sound. I feel like I’m watching an escape artist.  

Toy takes off her blindfold, revealing a face that looks exactly like Niku’s, but with more energetic facial expressions. In the meantime, I’ll text Haku to tell her I’ve got Toy under my command. I also want to discuss about her future ownership.   

“Ah, speaking of which.. Master Kehma. I’m not sure if this has anything to do with this case.”  

“Hmm? Oh, wait a minute….”  

I quickly wrote a mail to Haku. Sending it. Done.  

“Okay. So, what is it?”  

“Yes, Leona-sama was very close to the Dark God and often accepted requests from him. As I recall, a Mere? Anyway, They recently made a thing called [meru]{mail} I don’t know what he paid her in return.”  

Is this information helpful? And Toy smiles and wags her tail while tilting her head.  

…I look at the email I’ve sent. Ah… I wish you had told me a little sooner.  

“Is it useless information?”  

“On the contrary, a crucial one. Yeah, I see, that’s why she was able to shut down the mail function?”  

… would it be better not to depend on this mail function in the future?  

Though It’s probably too late for that.  


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