LDM 462 – Catfight (dog version)

Dog-beastman. They are similar to dogs in some aspects.  

This is why the hierarchy is so important to them, and of course, they need to have a strict hierarchy established when they are newcomers in their pack. And this is even more important when both party are dog-beastman.  

By the way, if you need an explanation of what they’re wearing, then, Niku, wear a cosplay maid’s uniform, which is also the uniform of the inn. Toy wear a normal maid’s uniform in this world, which also her clothes when she was pretending to be Niku.  

The two dog-eared brown-skinned loli maids walk together. Niku is a celebrity in this village, and Toy has exactly the same face as Niku.   

When they were coming out from the village chief’s house, the villagers look at them with their eyes wide open, look at them confusingly; some even said, “Am I tired? [Oyasuminasai{goodnight}].” And then they went to church to pray.   

“The inn’s courtyard – no, let’s fight in the arena. I’m going all out.”   

“Oh my, to think that I would be so disillusioned and think that I can with against you, once again, it’s nice to know you, Can you at least give me some guidance? You don’t want to pull any punch, right? Kufufu.”  

“…is this your idea of being annoying?”  

Thus, Niku entered the dungeon with Toy. There was a reception desk from the Adventurer Guild, but Niku has a face pass, and Toy, who has the same face as Niku, also has a face pass–what? Why are there two puppies? And they passed the receptionist while another guild member was dumbfounded – that is how it went.  

The two ran through the dungeon from the entrance towards the arena area.  

There also some accidents where Niku, who was in the front, deliberately triggered an arrow trap to attack Toy, but Toy didn’t give in to such shallow harassment. She simply cast some buff and run after Niku with a smug smile on her face. There is also a moment where Niku needs to avoid a golem that has been thrown by Toy from behind.   

With such warm-up, they finally arrived at the arena. Their breath is still steady, and there were no injuries on their body.  

Light magic tools illuminate the battlefield, and golems were stationed as audiences. Two dog-eared brown-skinned loli maids confronted each other in the center of it.  

Finally, the match for rank was about to begin.  

“I’m Toy. your sister.”  

“I’m Niku. I’m Niku Kuroinu. I’m Master’s hug pillow, and I’m your older sister.”  

Niku proudly declares her superiority.  

By the way, the order in the Cave of Desire dungeon is like this: Kehma at the top, followed by Rokuko, then Niku, Ichika, Rokuko’s pets, Rei, other Dungeon’s named monster, and finally the other subordinates. (this is how Niku perceived  it.)  

And let’s say a newcomer comes in, where is the appropriate position to assign them?  

Of course, the lowest level! Under Rei and the other executives, among the ‘other subordinates.’  

From there, you need to climb up with your own abilities, well, it’s not so easy to reach the executives’ level.  

“[Hugging Pillow] seems to be a great job, should I ask for that position? Well, there is nothing that you can do that I can’t do. In fact, I can make your job easier by taking away your job.”  

Toy puts a hand over her mouth and chuckles.  

In Toy’s standards, Leona still reigned supreme, and now she’ll be joining Kehma’s side, and in consideration of her abilities, she had no complaints as long as her ranking in here was at least as high as the executives.  

However, such humility was of no use. She was forced to accept the fact that Niku (the failed product) is ranked on the top three in this dungeon.  

Because Toy feels that she is a capable person,  then the idea that she is lower in than an incompetent failure is something that she can’t accept, not even Leona’s order can force her.  

She’s the one who had a country as her plaything, and she knows she’s competent, and should someone disagree with her, then they need to destroy her conviction first.  

There’s no way that she would quietly accept that ‘the incompetent’ is her superior.  

She felt that she should either be in third in command or at least Niku should be lower than her. And that’s why Toy wants to lower Niku position by teaching them how incompetent Niku is.  

“Anyway… I Just want to confirm how far I am allowed to go? At least it doesn’t feel right if I dispose Kehma-sama’s hug pillow without permission.”  

“Let’s assume we can do it as long we did not cause trouble for Master.”  

Niku takes out a wooden knife for mock battles from her [storage].  

Toy took out a wooden stick from her [storage] too. It’s an octagonal pole, a cudgel, as thick and as tall as she is.  

“oh? We can do that much? Then…”  


Once both parties have confirmed that they are ready, they took their battle stance.   


It was Niku who moves first.   

She closes the distance in one leap and cross-swing her knife that she wielded on both hands.   

Toy easily avoided it be springing her body up by using her cudgel as a pole.  

Toy fires a kick that targets on Niku’s head, but Niku rolls backward and kicks up. Both feet clash, resulting in heavy stomp for both parties. Toy readied her cudgel once more and kept her distance.  

“Kufu, you will get the clothes dirty by rolling around in the ground, you know? Wasn’t that clothes are a precious thing your Master gave you?”  

“This much. No problem. [clean] will wash it off.”  

“Is that so?”  

Fuuuun, Toy grunts. A magic circle floats around her.  

“##, ##########, #### [fireball]”  


Niku rolls to the side to dodge the fireball that’s coming at her. As expected, she doesn’t want her uniform to catch fire.  

“My oh my, wouldn’t it be better to take your clothes off than to let them burnt?”  

“Good joke, as long as it doesn’t hit me, it’s all good.”  

“I don’t know about that, Kufufu.”   

Toy snaps her fingers. This time there was no chant, and with that, a fireball flew out.  

“Nah, kuuh.”  

Niku ward off the fireball with her wooden sword.  

“ah. It’s just a double chant with double delay. Is this the first time you’ve seen this technique?  

Then how about this? #### ####### [fireballs]”  


Five fireballs float around her – in turn, they’re flying towards Niku.  

She rolled and bounced, and Niku managed to deal with them without scorching even the hem of her skirt. But Toy still laughs, seeing her put dirt on the clothes.  

“That called quintuple chant. You saw a good one, didn’t you? –can a failed product (dog) do this? Now, will you admit that I’m better than you?”  

 “#### ####### [fireballs]”  

But then Niku also sent five fireballs flying at Toy.  the fireballs flying at the same time. Toy laughed from above and said, “Heh, you can do it, huh?”  

“#### ####### [ice bolt]”  

Five ice bolts released by Toy intercepted the fireball. They destroy each other.  

”You’re a mere failure, but you can do it. Hahaha, then I, the finished toy, will perform a more detailed quality test for you!”  

“I’m going to make it clear to you that I’m better than you.”  

Niku stared at Toy, holding the wooden knife, and readied her stance once again.  


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