LDM 464 – And So…

For now, I’ve decided to treat Toy as a part-time worker, and I’ve quickly introduced her to the inn’s staff. We’ll keep the golem mechanisms as a secret. 

As for her bed, we’re going to add an extra room in the inn’s dormitory where Rei and the others sleep. Also, Niku’s room is in the Mayor’s residence, so I wonder if this will give her a better standing than others. Well, even if Toy had won, I won’t put her in my residence. 

“Can I stay in Beddhism Church?” 

No, you can’t. I don’t want to put you anywhere near something related to Leona. 

Because of that, the best place for you now is in the employee dormitory. 

“Kehma-sama, what’s my job? I was the Director of Magic Institute, and I can do almost every task.” 

“Okay then, you’re a receptionist for the inn and a waitress in the dining room.” 


“Receptionist and waitress.” 

“……..You are using this me for such a thing? Extravagant, isn’t it?” 

Because it can’t be helped. We’ve got plenty of dungeon secret here, and there’s nothing else to do! I didn’t want you to have to do anything else; originally, I was going to push you to Haku… 

“I would like to take the job that can make me utilize my ability.” 

“I don’t know about the ability you talking about… What can you do?” 

“assassinate, torture, kidnap, information control, investigate, incite, extort, rob, sabotage, many more?” 

So, in short, a ninja. 

… wait, in that case, isn’t she is pretty useful? 

“Then… I will assign you to do some ‘research’ on the assassin who’s trying to get to me.” 

“Capture and torture? Got it. I’ll just go get him.” 

Toy disappeared with a ninja leap. What, now? But not for long, she came back with a catch, there’s an unconscious man by her right arm. 

“Thanks for waiting, sir. May I borrow the torture chamber? If you don’t have it, can I borrow some warehouse or something?” 

“Oh, yeah. you can get to the basement from the well there…” 

“Wonderful! You have the room prepared properly, it’s nice. Please hold me. Oh, should I have said please use me as a hug pillow?” 

“No, thanks.” 

“What a shame.” 

After I refused her, Toy grabbed the unconscious man by the collar and went inside the well… 

She pokes her head out and smiles at me. 

“I demand a reward for my achievements. Also, in my free time, I’ll spend my time serving the receptionist at the inn and waitress at the cafeteria, as Kehma-sama ordered, well, just to pass the time.” 

With that, Toy went into the well for good this time. 

The reward … well, a hamburger will do, I guess?  It will, it should, I hope… 


I’m just about to relax after dealing with Toy, and Rokuko smiles at me. she’s in an oddly good mood. 

“Kehma, I lose the bet. So let’s go on a date.” 

 “Wait, I thought I was the one who could give orders?” 

To be precise, you need to follow one request from the winner. 

“I think the best time to ask Kehma for a favor is during or at the end of a date. Right? Right? I’m an airheaded dungeon core, so you probably know what I’m talking about.” 

“…what? You’re going to shamelessly give me fresh socks while I’m on a date or at the end of a date?” 


“Just kidding. I just wanted to tease you because your wish was most definitely a kiss.” 

Before Rokuko’s cold stare, I withdraw my half-joking request. I’m a dungeon master who can read the air. 

“Hmph, from the way you put it, it seems that Kehma doesn’t want to be with me.” 

“It’s not that I don’t want to, it’s more like… I’m afraid of Haku-san if I dare to… and we don’t know when or where Dolce will spy on us? Especially when we go on a date, we’re definitely  constant surveillance, 200% of the time.” 


Dolce-san is a ghost type, so it’s scary to think that her minions are also ghost type and me, who don’t have any skill to detect spirit type creature, won’t be able to see them. It’s like an invisible automatic tracking camera. 

“Then, let’s make it a dungeon date. Inside the Cave of Desire, even Dolce can’t get through the walls easily, and any intruder will be detected. So it’s okay if you want to…..” 

“Inside the dungeon, there’s a dungeon monster. Rei, Eleca, and the rest of the dungeon management personnel will see us.” 

“Th-then, I will personally block their view with my authority as a dungeon.” 

“… Also, is there an interesting date spot within our dungeon?” 

“Ca-can you not make it sound like I’m not physically attractive!” 

 Ack, I forgot… for Rokuko, the dungeon itself is her body. 

“Ummm … then we can just make one! Okay, I’ll make one for you, and properly look at it, I’ll make a better place than the date Leona made and blow your mind!” 

“Wait, Rokuko. Calm down. You’ve lost your priority. The Cave of Desire is not a date spot, to begin with, so it’s no wonder it’s not a fun place to date. Please don’t do that? I don’t want to use my winner rights to stop Rokuko from running wild.” 


Rokuko puffs out her cheeks to expresses her displeasure. 

But she seems to understand what I’m saying and has given up on making a date spot. 

..Now, here’s the problem. How can I use this winner’s rights? 

I took Rokuko’s bet just for fun, but when I thought about it, I didn’t have any use for it… it would have been better if Niku had lost. No, that means I would have to directly handle the troublesome Toy. 

You know, for some reason, Rokuko usually listens to my requests. 

Even though I didn’t use my absolute command authority, of course. Well, it’s probably because I never make any big requests. 

I can’t just ask for a kiss. Haku will surely hear about this. It’s hard to decide on something like this, the content of the request will not satisfy Rokuko if it’s just about taking socks off from her leg. 

A reasonable yet satisfying request… hmmm. 

“…Ah. Rokuko… I’m going to ask something right now, I will use my winner’s rights.” 

“ri-right here?” 

Rokuko is squirming. No, this not a kiss, okay? 

“Let me use the dungeon core as a warmer (hot bottle) next time. Actually, I’ve been curious for a while.” 

“Oh wait a minute, Kehma. uh, yeah, sure… okay?” 

Rokuko nodded with a blush on her face. Okay, it looks like I’ve made a moderately satisfying request. Phew, safe. 

TL notes: 

Okay, that’s the end of this arc. 

With this, we only nine chapters away from the raw. 

So… I need to talk about you all about something. 

Okay, I made it sound bad, huh, no, it’s not that bad… well, little bad, I guess? 


I will personally write a different letter to all my Patreon. But my general audience will need to know at least this much: my schedule changed, from 7 chapters per week to 4 chapters per week. New series will be announced later. I’m still reading that potential suggestion from before, too much good stuff out there. I need to decide on something that I know I won’t regret it later. 

Below is the wall of text (skip it, it’s a half rant, no one need to get tortured by this) 

As you know, I started this project as a time-waster because of this corona situation. Still, now… the corona has become our part of daily life, the gear of our life started to move again. It’s a bit rusty because we’ve been stopping for quite some time, but alas, we decided to move again, together. 

My daily study will continue, though it’s online-only for now. My part-time job is also calling me more and more now, not just on the weekend. 

I noticed that my schedule becomes absurdly packed on the weekend, that’s given tho, I work as a chef assistant in a dimsum restaurant, we only take the online order for now (because you know what), but it still gets absurdly busy at the weekend, don’t worry I enjoyed every part of it. It’s just it drained my stamina soo much that sometimes I need to use my ‘Patreon’ chapter as a normal release. It was that bad (but the pay is good). 

My schedule is slowly becoming packed again, and I want to continue my Japanese lesson. I think I saw some flyers that someplace will provide an online class. 

Because I feel like I’m hitting a tall wall in Japanese, my English had become far better compared to when I first started this, but my Japanese… I don’t know, it’s like I’m walking in circles, I need a mentor to guide me to the right path. 

So what will happen to my translation? It will continue, ofc. 

It just… probably become a lot slower. 

Uh, how much slower? Let’s say… I will reduce my schedule from 7 chapters a week to 4 chapters a week, not including the Patreon chapter. 

Wow right? Yeah, that’s why I write this wall of text. 

First is because of that two days of the weekend and it  will probably be continued like that for a while, at least until next year? And with this etc. activities, I feel like I could use one day for a rest day, just lazing around and reading fun stuff that day. 

This will affect my Patreon the most. They had been giving me the moral support that I need to continue my work. They need to know my plan, and it’s my responsibility to tell them. 

Well, that’s basically all I need to say? Thanks for reading this. 


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