LDM 465 – In the village.

Through collecting information, including interviewing (torturing) an assassin captured by Toy, we were able to find out roughly where the mastermind is located.

Well, Misha and co. Had already know that the assassin is originated from the Holy Kingdom; also, a nobleman was the one who sent him. I still don’t know why a nobleman from another country is trying to assassinate me, but…

“The Holy Kingdom… maybe I need to go there once, but I feel like I’ve been going out rather too far from the dungeon lately. I don’t want to move around from here. I just want to sleep at my house instead of going out.”

“Kehma, I think you’re pretty much lazing around, though?”

“I am, for now, Haku-san has already sent a guard it’s pretty much safe here, but I think it’s still a good idea to take some action.”

“Are you sure? Sounds like you want to play around to me.”

Cannot deny that.

And then I heard a knock on the door of my room.

“Kehma-sama, May I have a moment of your time?”

It’s Toy.

“What can I do for you?”

“Yes, I just remembered that I have a good story to tell you, Kehma-sama.”

“Yeah, that’s unusual, isn’t it? Well, I’ll listen, come in.”

“Thank you. Now, if you’ll excuse me.”

Saying that Toy came into my room with a smirk on her face,

“Did you been relaxing with Rokuko-sama? my, my… should I come back later?”

“No, it’s okay.”

She pretends to look at Rokuko and me with surprise, but I urged Toy to go on with her business.

“Well, then …I heard that Kehma-sama was interested in the Holy Kingdom, but you don’t want to leave this village. I’ve deduced that it’s a situation where you can’t decide which one is the best way to proceed.”

Yeah, well, we were just talking about that, but when did you hear that? This room is supposed to be soundproofed for the sake of comfortable sleeping; don’t tell me you can read minds?

“I can’t read minds. That’s just a guess. It’s about time you realize that I’m so good that I’m capable of guessing my master’s thought. Unlike a certain bad dog.”

Toy laughs and wags her tail proudly. You promised to answer all our questions honestly, right? Don’t back out now.

“So, then. Do you want to know a method to get out of this village without leaving it? I believe that Kehma-sama and Rokuko-sama may already know the answer.”

“…going out without going out is a contradiction in itself. Enlighten me.”

“It’s simple, sir. All you have to do is [possess] a someone and go out.”

Toy answers while keeping her grin.

“To possess [something] using [possess], that way, my body will sleep in this village while my consciousness goes outside the village. Basically, like that?”

“That’s right! Kehma-sama, as you have guessed. A suitable, healthy body, deprived of free will, is preferable. Fortunately, there are plenty of people in the village’s hidden dungeons without a ‘self’ that is considered suitable for the job.”

You mean by hijacking the consciousness of the assassin who’s trying to kill me.

“That’s unsettling. I don’t know why anyone who will feel fine to use the bodies of people who are trying to kill him.”

“Of course, I have a plan for the alternative. Since Kehma-sama is a dungeon master, I thought it would be good to prepare a monster that can transform itself into a human.”

Moreover, it’s more convenient than taking over an assassin body. I can let the monster take over my body while I’m awake over here. Also, since [possesion] is a dungeon function, we could consider it safe.

[Humanization] is required for monsters that only look ‘human’ like Rei and others, since they might be found out at the Holy Kingdom’s borders checkpoint.

“Tell me about your whole plan.”

“I will possess the assassin, so we had the advantage of using contacts to enter the Holy Kingdom. Well, if you don’t feel good about it, then we need to find another way.”

No, that certainly has its merits…

“Then it won’t be a problem if Toy [possess] that assassin and Kehma and I [possess] the dungeon monster. With Toy served as guide, we’ll be able to enter the Holy Kingdom in a more safely manner.”

“Oh, as expected of a woman whose talent only appeared once in a century, Rokuko-sama. It’s a wonderful idea.”

“Stop it~~”

Fufufu, Rokuko snort proudly as she is cajoled by Toy.

Rokuko, you don’t need to come with us though, But that’s okay. It’s gonna be safe. As long as our body sleeps in the core room while Rokuko and I are possessed, we’ll be fine.

“Then Toy should have someone to tends to her body. Kehma and I will get you a monster.”

“Very well, thank you for your consideration. Now, if you’ll excuse me.”

With an acted-out bow, Toy left the room.

“Well, this means we need to go isn’t it? Hey Rokuko…”

“It’s all good. Didn’t Kehma also want to go too?”

“That said, I don’t like the idea of adopting Toy’s idea, because I’m worried that it would be a trap.”

 “[possess] is one of the dungeon function, so it should be safe.”

I thought that [possess] has a limited range just around our dungeon area, was I wrong?

So I decided to “possess” one of the rats in the forest and try to see if I could get out of the dungeon area as far as I could – oh, it worked just fine.

Furthermore, after releasing the [possession] outside the dungeon area, I was able to [possess] it again. I don’t know how much of range it has, but this will be an opportunity to find that out.”


I’ve just realized that the Beddhism Church’s succubus could become Leona’s puppet at any time. Oh crap.

Well, I’m sure there is some succubus are already on Dolce’s watch list, so it’s probably safe.

Oh well, let’s believe that. There’s no way Haku hasn’t noticed.

I made up my mind to check it out later. Meanwhile, Rokuko and I decided to prepare a monster that can use [Humanization].

Since the Holy Kingdom teaches the human race’s suprematism, a monster that looks like a human even after [Humanization] is canceled would be ideal. Also, the cost of [Humanization] would be lowered if the body frame was close to human …And based on that, the budget we prepared is–

“What about 300,000 DP per monster?”

“…we need to calculate the cost of [Humanization] too, so take that into account, okay?”

I have quite a bit of saving, so I might as well spend that many on luxuries. Considering that it’s me and Rokuko’s second body, it’s still within our budget.

…..come to think of it, our dungeon has a very stable income. I’m close to reaching the 10 million DP mark in savings, or rather, if one gold coin convert rate it 10,000 DP, then our saving was already more than enough. By the way, some of it is coming from Wataru wallet.

Rokuko and I opened the catalog and browsed for the candidate monsters to possess.


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