LDM 467 – Taking a Closer Look at our Monster to Possess.

Taking a Closer Look at our Monster to Possess.

The angel Rokufa, who is exactly 300,000 DP, including her [Humanization] was paired with the wizard-type living armor Narikin.

Narikin is a full plate living armor made of iron. He has [Storage] along with [Humanization]. His human form is a brown-haired boy, which was exactly what I wanted.

I’ll have to give you a copy of my Narikin mask later.

And the appearance of Rokufa – she looked a lot like Rokuko. She’s a blue-haired Rokuko with a ring of angels and glowing wings, which she uses to defy gravity and float. The wings didn’t grow directly from her body either; it just slightly hovering at her back.

When she [humanizes], the wings and rings disappear.

“Rokuko… did you tamper with her appearance? I told you that they couldn’t be too similar to us, right?”

“No, I’m not… it just a coincides that she looked a lot like me, her dungeon core.”

“Tell me honestly, did you really not modify her appearance?”


This is a blunder on my side, and it’s too late already. She looked a lot like Rokuko. Damn it. We already summoned her, so I can’t redo it.

“But that because her name is 695, just like mine! Instinctively I want her to look like me!”

“But that means that you will stick out like a sore thumb.”

“Since Kehma will be traveling for quite some time, wouldn’t you be happier if you can see my face every day?”

“I’m indeed happy, but that is separate matters. You idiot!” {Baka!}

“Don’t ‘idiot’ me! It’s Kehma and Rei that’s being targeted, not me.”

Damn it, that’s a very sound argument!

“Um, so Master, what can we do to help?”

Standing beside us was [Humanized] Narikin, who ask me in soldier-like manners, next to him, Rokufa also looks at us with a troubled face.

“Oops, sorry… that’s right, Narikin, Rokufa, you are going to lend us your body, Well, it’s just a reconnaissance mission outside the dungeon.”

I tell him that Rokuko and I will use the dungeon’s [possess] function to explore the world outside.

“Understood! Our bodies are at your disposal.”

“Certainly, Rokuko-sama, Kehma-sama, our every being is for you to use.”

“ah, by the way, the setting is you two married, is that okay?”

“Oi? Rokuko?”

Narikin and Rokufa nodded seriously at Rokuko’s statement. Well, if the two are okay with that, then it’s good. But are you guys sure? I’m asking seriously here, really? Thanks for your service.

I immediately test the [possess] function. I want to know how it feels.

Rokuko and I select our respective monster and use [possess] function from our menu.

“Ooh, I’ve done it. Roku—fa, how’s it going over there?”

“There’s no problem over here too.”

And Rokufa (Rokuko inside) smiled at Narikin(me). Her smiles are no different from the usual Roku—ko. By the way, our main body is lying down on the bed.

Good, they are sleeping normally.

“It’s amazing; it feels just like my body. I’ve seen that Rabbit doing it in her rabbits’ dungeon, but it really feels like my body.”

“Even more so since they are so close to our original body and size. I heard that you would feel discomfort if the body is too different.”

And Rokuko canceled the [Humanization] and spread his angel wings.

“WowWoahah, this is amazing. It’s a new sensation. I mean, I can’t help but float around, but this is so fun.”

“Hoo, As for me…”

I canceled Narikin’s [Humanization] … Not much has changed, but this is apparently how it feels to ‘not seeing with your eyes’ because the living armor doesn’t have eyes.

…I don’t even have a mouth, so I can’t chant, but I didn’t need to chant in the first place. Let’s see if I can use magic, [Fireball] – when I imagined it, the Fireball appeared properly.

it seems that I can use magic without any problems. [Storage] — This is a separate space from my [Storage], huh? There’s nothing in it. That’s a bit of letdown.

I can’t talk as it is, so I’m going to [humanize] back — eh, let try to speak first.

“Kehma! that rattling, Noisy!”

Oh, I see. Then let’s try this; I tried to talk with my thought; I will treat it like when I’m talking with ring Succubus or Magic Sword Siesta.

“…ah, test, test, Rokufa, can you hear me?”

“Hmm? Oh, Kehma… I mean, Narikin. I see, telepathic ability?”

“It seems that I can converse properly with this telepathic power.”

“I see,” said Rokufa, while touching my living room armor with her hands.

“Hey Narikin, can we practice to wear you? Just in case.”

“Fine with me, wait… I made this in my size, will you fit in this?”

“I wonder if we can use padding inside the armor.”

Or maybe Rokuko can fold her arms in front, and let me do the moving part.



With a snap, Rokufa tears Narikin’s body apart. Woah, my body can’t feel any pain, but it’s coming apart, but I can feel it.

All I can say is that it’s itchy.

Rokufa takes hold of my arm, equip it, and lifts it up, saying, “Dokoi-sho. It’s a shoulder-length gauntlet.”

“I wonder if I can move it when it’s detached?”

“Try to move it? Oh yeah, it’s moving…”

“Okay, that’s interesting.”

I move the hand part that was removed. Rokufa pokes it if you’re going to put it on, put it on quickly. It’s itchy.

“Combine! … It’s cool.”

“Feels warm for me.”

For now, I asked her to put her arms in, but they were still too loose. Should I have made the armor for women instead …hmm? I was shaking…. oh!

My arms squeaked and shrank like a messy, washed-out woolen sweater. And then I fit myself into Rokufa’s arms.

The law of conservation of mass isn’t working in this thing. What the hell.

“Oh, somehow, it worked.”

“Rokufa, what did you do? Your steel armor has shrunk?”

“It’s probably my [full-body armor aptitude], which I put in my angel ability. I thought it would be a good match for Narikin, the living armor. I also didn’t think it would work this well, but. I can move just as well as if I was in normal clothes.”

This means that you can equip armor of a slightly different size.

…is this an RPG world where you can use the equipment for characters of different sizes as long as they have the right aptitude and class. Well, this is a world with magic and gods, and Rokufa is an angel, so it’s probably naïve to think otherwise?

By the way, when she took the armor off, I returned to my original size. Oh, that is surprising.

Now that our possession monster is ready, I think we can call Toy and start doing our investigation.


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