LDM 469 – The “possession” test.

“Kehma, It’s almost 8:00.”  

“Oops. Is it that time already?”  

After listening to everyone’s opinions, I’m was about to renovate the dungeon, but it seems that I will need to save it for later.  

Well, that’s okay. Let’s take it easy on the construction when there’s time. We’re not in a hurry, and I’m still trying to sort the idea.  

Rokuko and I decided to move to the Master room for safety reasons. Let’s try it now, we will see if I can posses Narikin or not.   

The map doesn’t show Narikin position; that’s given since they are way out of range, but since Narikin is a named monster, he could be selected as a target in the name list of the [Posses] function.  

When I opened my eyes, I found myself in an unfamiliar room lit by a fish lamp. Narikin’s body was lying on a hard bed, so this was probably Pavuera’s inn. Rokufa was sitting in a chair next to the bed.  

“Oh, did it work?”   

“I did it… hi, Narikin.”  

It seems that Rokuko was able to possess Rokufa successfully.  

“Good morning, sir, ma’am. It looks like you were able to successfully possessed them.”  

A maid with a stinky smile waits at the entrance of the room. It’s an assassin possessed by Toy.  

“Okay , Toy … uh, no, what should I call you?”  

“It doesn’t matter if it’s Toy, Niku, ‘Hey’ or ‘You’? It’s a fake name anyway. For reference, this body’s code name is Phantom, and the fake name I had prepared is Nana.”  

“So be it then, let’s call you Nana. Nana, what with that appearance?”  

She was wearing the maid’s outfit that is common in this world – simple wear with little ornamentation or frills. I don’t think she was dressed like this when they left.  

“We procured it in the town of Pavuera. It seemed more convenient for me to follow you two as your escort and attendant to the couple. If you are unhappy with that, I can change it?  

“No need to, that was a good call.”  

“Wife fufufu…, yes. Good, very good.”  

Rokuko seems to like it too. Yeah, if you call me Husband and I called you my Wife, they’ll be less likely to be suspicious of Narikin when other people called him, and I didn’t respond.  

It might not mean much to Rokufa, though, since she uses a similar name.  

“Also, I have a suggestion.”  

“What is it?”  

“This was from Narikin and Rokufa. Is it possible to make them possess small animals when they are about to be possessed? That way, we can save a hassle of information sharing.”  

“I see. That’s a good idea.”  

“Yeah. I’m proud of you, Rokufa. Really, really proud, Narikin, go pet Rokufa.”  

And Rokufa (Rokuko inside) offered her head …Yeah, I don’t know if stroking her head would be count as a compliment to Rokufa? Well, I’ll still pet it.  

With a clinking sound, I patted Rokufa’s head with the iron gauntlet’s right hand. Narikin is humanized, but it’s only on his head part; if seen from the other side, it will make me look like a rude person.  

“It hurts a little bit. You need to practice patting more, Keep going.”  

“…Oh, O-Okay.”  

I no longer know for what I’m pat her for, but for now, I opened the menu function with my left hand while continuing to pat Rokufa’s blue hair with my right hand. …Hmmm, first transfer some DP for Narikin; the functions seem to work properly, this seems to be still within my dungeon range.  

We need to prepare a small animal to possess now. Would a little bird do for Rokufa? Since it can fly too. Oh, I think I’ll turn Narikin into a hedgehog. Hedgehogs are cute, aren’t they?  

“Narikin, I think you should make them both common little birds, don’t you think so?”  

“Well, that’s true too.”  

And it’s better for our purpose. It’s cheaper than anything else. 1 DP each, and 2 DP together.  

So I quickly summoned a small bird with DP. The form is like a striped enaga. I give it to Nana for a while. It’s a dungeon product, so it’s faithful to our orders, and won’t need a birdcage or anything.  

“Let them wear ribbons to differentiate them.”  

“Understood, Master.”  

Now we’re about to possess them, we could first go ahead and possess this little bird and see what’s going on. Then we could discuss things like how many seconds later we’re going to possess them; I’ll also give this bird a name.  

“Let’s name them ‘Turan’ and ‘Seaver’.”  

“What does that mean?”  

“Two radio that will serve as transceiver{turan-seaver}, well, it’s one of those otherworld’s long-distance communication devices.”  

“Well, okay.”  

So, I released the ‘possession’ for today. The first stage of the experiment was a success. I decided to have him move towards the Holy Kingdom as it is. Basically, they will contact me once a day using ‘possession’ (including ‘possession’ of a little bird), and if they can’t, they will have to turn back.  

“That was quite an interesting experience to go into a body that isn’t yours.”  

Rokuko stretches out in the bed that is always available in the master room.  

Eleca, the fairy I summoned to manage the dungeon, brings me a water glass, so I accept it and take a sip. Phew.  

“But this bed size on the Master room is a bit uncomfortable; this just my whim, but I want to make it bigger just a little.”  

“Oh, we only going to use it to sleep while ‘possession’ is activated anyway, so don’t bother? Or do you want to build a little room that only allowed me and Kehma in? …Ah!”  

And after saying this, Rokuko suddenly widens her eyes. She seemed to have realized something important in her words.  

“Kehma! That’s right, Haku-nee-sama will never be able to peep on us here! Because we are in the core, and not even Dolce can go in here, isn’t that what Kehma worried about?”  

“Eh, uh, well, yeah, that’s right?”  

“Plus, if you tell Dolce and the others that you’ll need to make sure of our safety when we are doing possession, we will have an alibi to hole ourselves up in this Master room! That’s right, this Master room is the perfect place to be completely hidden from Haku-nee-sama.”  

Rokuko is closing her distance, her face almost touching mine.   

“…well, that’s true?”  

“Yes! also, if you’re worried about the eyes of Eleca and others, just build a small hut instead of a room, just for the two of us, we didn’t have to go to the Demon Kingdom to spend time alone!”  

This is it! Rocco said with a proud smile.  

“How could I not have noticed that! Isn’t this great, Kehma?”  

“Yeah, well… that’s the problem, Rokuko.”  

“What do you mean?”  

“Even if they don’t come in here in the master room, our reaction will reveal it to Dolce and others if we’re that happy.”  

When I said that, Rokuko is silenced.  

Dolce-san and the others aren’t incompetent; in fact, they can handle something outside the expected plan. If we were to flirt and trying to hide it like that, they would soon find out, probably by the next day.  

“B-But I’ll do my best to control it.”  

“No, I’m the one who won’t be able to control it, so I’ll refuse. I’m going to be so obvious that I’m sure I’ll be interrogated and ripped apart the day after …So, at least save that idea after we get rid of the assassin source, and the escort from Haku has been withdrawn from this village.”  

“So… Kehma is the one that won’t be able to hold back? T-then then, I guess I have no choice… tehehe.”  

Rokuko smiled a sloppy smile with a grin.  

After that, we returned to the inn, but Dolce-san appeared from nowhere and asked, “Did something happen to Rokuko-sama?” she asked me with a smile, but her eyes weren’t smiling at all… (Her eyes were glowing red, probably her lie detection magic is activated.)  

“After all, Rokuko-sama seemed very happy, so I came to ask you because I was curious.”  

…Yeah. This is what I’m talking about, Rokuko.  

TL notes:  

Not even the next day, lol. 


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