LDM 470 – Creating [Gluttony]

Creating [Gluttony]  

Well, let’s rebuild the dungeon while Narikin and the others are on their way to the Holy Kingdom.  

it’s not a job with a deadline to meet, so let’s take it easy. I don’t want to change it (you) too suddenly and activate the transition period. I will take my time.  

First of all, it is [Gluttony].  

I asked Ichika about this [Gluttony] room mechanism when she is on lunch break.   


“What? Ah, I see… the [Gluttony] is a trap that stimulates your appetite, right? Can’t we prepare something like tasty-smelled poison? If you don’t want it to take life, you can use some laxative or something similar, I don’t know any laxative that smells good though.”  

“Tasty poison….”  

Well, if you’re asking if there’s such a convenient poison, let’s see. An amateur pufferfish sushi poison should do? No, no, I don’t even have that.  

“Other ideas?”   

“Other… hmmm… maybe a place in the dungeon where you can get Kinue’s food if you put money in?”  

“That will put too much burden on Kinue.”   

Kinue can stop time and cook in a relatively short time, but it’s going to be hard if Kinue needs to cook every time you put money in.  

“I mean, [Greed], [Lust] and [Sloth] are all stall traps, right? There is the possibility of dying by accident. If that’s the case, isn’t trapping people in the room with a good meal can be count as [Gluttony]?”  

“Oh, you’re right.”  

“So, if you need a taster for good food, give me a call, I’ll help you out.”  


So, this one will be a feast trap, the basic concept it to stall and buying time like the other trap.  

That said, how should I implement this?  

“Prepare a seat, and the dungeon will make you a good meal from scratch.”  

You can’t leave the room before the feast is done. It’s a stalling trap that will require you to wait for the meal to be cooked from beginning to the end.  

Of course, the reason for this to do it this in a way so it won’t increase Kinue’s burden, naturally the cook will be a golem.   

“that’s is why I want you to demonstrate to me how to cook a meal, Kinue-san. I’m sorry, but can you show it to me once?”  

“Of course, I don’t mind, Master. Then I’ll start cooking without using my [cook] skills.”  

[Cook]skill makes it more delicious, but you can’t observe it.  

“And before we started. What are you going to do about the ingredients? The ingredients are indispensable for cooking, aren’t they?”  

“It’s a hassle to replenish it with DPs each time… I was thinking of using something that spawns the ingredients, like the herb or orange spawner.”  

“… there’s such dream-like device?”  

It’s certainly a dream-like device if you can spawn your foodstuffs and all that. If you have that, you can live without working.  

“No, this time, we are going to use the minotaur and plant-based monsters spawner.”  

“I see, that means….”   

“It’s practically like using spawners to summon ingredients. You will take only the necessary parts and get rid of the rest, the initial investment is quite big, and…”  

It’s not a very ethical thing to do, but fortunately, spawn monsters don’t have souls, so let’s not worry too much about it. Eating means taking life.   

“What a luxury!”  

“It’s one thing to say that it’s a luxury worthy of being the [Gluttony].”  

…Well, I’m actually thinking that we could integrate a system that cultivates slime to process the leftover food, so it won’t have any waste. Also, I’d like to have the slime attack the thug who escaped without eating their food. If the slime meat is edible, it could be used as an ingredient. I don’t know if it’s edible, though, but let’s say it’s acidic; it could be used to replace vinegar.  

“The ingredients are minotaurs, killer weed, killer tomatoes.”  

Killer weed and killer tomatoes are grasses and fruits that have fangs and will bite you. Killer weed can be used as a green vegetable substitute or a pepper condiment depending on the plant’s part. I confirmed this with Ichika.  

“I’d like to get some mushroom stuff too.”  

“Mushrooms? Surely if we had a mushroom, we could make a stew.”  

“If it were up to me, it would be even better if we had some root vegetables. Potatoes, carrots, and onions…”  

I wonder if it’s a derivative of Killer Weed or Killer Tomatoes… oh, we have ‘shot potatoes’? A plant-based monster that fights with potatoes as bullets, this is one of those things? I wonder if the potato it spews is edible?   

A carrot is a … a ‘spear carrot’. A carrot that flies in and stab their enemy when they detect one? Why shooting yourself is a popular method of attack in plants monster?  

Onions are … ‘ghost onions’? Oh, it’s not a ghost type, but merely a small fry monster that looks scary. 

To be honest, I just know that this kind of thing exists.  

“Surprisingly, when you try to search for it, there are many monsters that can be used as ingredients.”  

“Many of the monster ingredients are delicious too. Oh, maybe a Unicorn Rabbit will work better instead of a minotaur?”  

…Yeah, Kinue-san hasn’t seen that Orange Rabbit dungeon, so she can say that. Well, it’s okay because it’s far cheaper than a minotaur and there will be fewer discarded parts.  

Then, I set up a kitchen with a spawner in the master room. Because I’ll need to see how Kinue-san cook once. The stove magic tools have been lay dormant in storage for some time; it’s time to use it.  

“With the push of a button, the trap is activated, and the unicorn rabbit will be processed into meat. because it’s fresh, there’s no need to drain the blood.”  

“Can we give the blood to Rei for snack?”  

That might make Rei happy, but I don’t know if vampires can eat rabbit blood.  

And Kinue pushed the button without any hesitation at all. The Unicorn Rabbit in the cage was quickly turned into meat. Maybe we can turn the fur into an item.  

“As we discussed beforehand, let’s make a stew with Unicorn Rabbit meat as the main ingredient. A rabbit meat pie would be good too, but a pie would require flours.”  

“Well, I’m recording it, just do whatever you want.”   

“Understood, master.”   

With that, Kinue began to cook.  




Did you always go through this much trouble…?  

“it’s a lot of work….”  

“I can’t do anything other than cooking while the [Cook] skill is activated, and for me, it is better if I can spare my time and energy than rush things.”  

“But still… this is, you know…”  

“No, please don’t worry about it, it’s our pleasure to be of service to the dungeon and its master.”  

Kinue bowed her head with a smile as she cooked.  

Hmmm, shouldn’t I give her some kind of reward for this?  

“…is there anything you want?”  

“Then, if you would be so kind as to give me a new apron, made by Master.”  

“Is that what you want?”  

“That’s what I want.”  

Kinue-san smiled happily.  

Thus, with Kinue’s help, the gimmick of [Gluttony] is more or less completed.  

I’ve recorded the whole procedure; all I need to do is recreate it with the golem.  

I think I’ll have Ichika help me make some minor adjustments to the flavors and other details as promised.  

TL notes:  

イッカク (Ikkaku)okay… I’ve never known that japan had a word for narwhal…  

The literal translation is narwhal rabbit (ikkaku usagi), but that will lead people to google what narwhal is, right? So, I changed it to a unicorn rabbit; I will be going back to this chapter in case it become some stupid pun in the future.  


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