LDM 473 – [Wrath] Mechanism.

By the way, [Succubus Body Fluid] is also listed in the DP catalog as a potion, and it was quite expensive. Ah, how about we integrated it with [Gluttony]… No, let’s stop there… I could see a future where it would be popular as an energy drink.

Well then, I guess our next project is [Wrath].

I look back to yesterday in the employee break room when I asked Rei and Niku if they had any idea regarding the [Wrath] trap.


“I need some ideas for [Wrath], something that will piss people off and make them cannot hold back. Do you have any good ideas?”

“Not sure. Rei, What do you think?”

“Eh, Niku sempai, you’re going to push it to me? But if you ask me… I think, first, we should know what will make people tick?”

Okay, Rei that’s great, that’s a solid opinion. If you don’t anger them first, then it’s just a regular stall trap.

“So, Rei, what kind of situation that will make you angry?”

“I’d be angry if you made fun of my Master.”

“I agree… but that can’t be used as a dungeon trap.”


…hmmm, the problem lies in the context.

It might be a different story if there was some kind of gas that will make you lose your reason if you inhaled it, but the reason for anger itself are different for each persons. What should we do about this?

“Master, what kind of things that will anger you?”

“Hmm… I rarely get angry…”

“Master would be furious if someone dare to lay their hands on Rokuko-sama and us, wouldn’t he?”

Niku say that confidently with *Mufun*(blowing her nose)… eh, was I that angry?

“The party that was about to mess up the dungeon, Master killed the rookie party.”

“… Come to think of it, yeah, I did that.”

Hmmm, you remembered it well. I forgot about it.

“In conclusion, we know a common factor is that you will get mad if someone messes up with something important to you, right? now, we need an idea to force that situation to happen — well, I don’t have any, though.”

“I don’t have any idea too, but that’s good enough for now, thank you Rei, Niku.”

A trap that will make adventurer angry, their precious something… like a Treasure?

So, we need a disappearing treasure? Maybe an Ice jewel made of colored water? No, If they touch it, they’ll know it’s a fake immediately since it will be cold and wet.

“ah, I think I know how to make it disappear.”

“Niku? Are you sure?”

“Yes, the hint was from Ichika, since the other day she was—”


 That’s why I called Ichika to test the [Wrath] trap.

“Over here.”

“Slot machine!”

Yup, It’s a slot machine. Thankfully, I already report this as a possible dungeon drop, so there’s nothing unnatural about it being in the dungeon.

“I wonder why I’m the one who needs to test it again?”

“By proses of elimination, you are the only suitable person. At this rate, I might need you to test the new [Lust] trap too.”


I mean, Ichika is the only ‘normal’ person in my dungeon, like seriously.

I’m an otherworlder and a dungeon master, and Niku is… Niku, and apparently, the monster girls are too different from humans in many ways in terms of emotions and feelings.

When you think about it, Ichika, the ‘human’ is a valuable companion. Really.

“Well, it cannot be helped…I kinda forgot about it since I just take it for granted, but I’m a slave for my Master, I will obediently follow your orders.”

“Well, just close that door and spin the slot.”

“Roger that.”

Ichika closed the door and took a seat. A hole has been opened in conjunction with the door closing; it’s a hole for you to insert a coin.

I immediately told her to put in a copper coin she has on hand (which we prepared beforehand).

“Yeshhhhh, that was fast! A hit already! This is sweeet~” 

“oh? OH? OOH? HIT again!?”

And when Ichika’s profits had grown to some extent, that was the time gimmick was triggered.

“Hmm? What is this? I’ve got all the patterns, but I didn’t get anything? Is it broken?”

She has no choice, so she put the copper coin in the slot again. But there is still no response.

“Hmm? Oh, what’s happening… Master, the slot is broken……………………………”

Then Ichika turned around and noticed that the door on her back had pictures and letters on it.

[The door is locked. Only 214 coppers left to unlock.]


Ichika was momentarily stunned. But such a measly warning, it’s not a problem if you ignore it. She then proceeds to leave the room – and of course, the room was locked.

“Oi, Oi! What is this? Master!”

“Ah, umm, in short, if you hit the jackpot, the money you gain will go straight to the penalty fine.”

“Fu-Fuck you, you have to be kidding me! This is fraud! You cheater!”

Ichika banging on the door with all her strength. Hmmm, I succeeded in pulling out her [Wrath], but it seems that I need to make the door and the slot machine to be quite sturdy.

“Ah, that’s right… I should make it so, if you leave in the middle of the game, it will be a reset, no…. the amount of money will be taken over to the next person, which means there will be cases where the previous person’s portion is not paid off, and they can’t get out, so what do you think?”

“Whoa, No way! Let me out! Let me out!!”

“Ichika, just put the copper in the slot, and you’ll be out in no time!”

“NOOOOO! My Master is a Demon!

You need to forfeit all the money you make, so it will only work once, and it’s too dependent on your desire to play the slot machine in the middle of the dungeon.

“… I’m the one who made it, but I guess it’s a failure!”

Well, maybe we can at least put it somewhere. Let’s think about the next idea.

TL note :

Ok, we caught up with the raws, ah btw there’s some kind of voting going on, I forgot to tell you guys.


I want to make detailed guides on how to vote, but well…. This is weekend, I’m at my busiest at weekend, so it will have to wait a little.

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