LDM 474 – Arrival in the Holy Kingdom

Narikin and the others have arrived at the Holy Kingdom’s harbor. 

It’s a long way from home, but they were able to safely enter the Holy Kingdom. And the [possession] is working without any issue.  

By the way, it seems that Toy comes back home once a day to loosen her original body at the underground prison. 

“Rokufa, this is the Holy Kingdom.” 

“Mm, we finally arrived Narikin.” 

Rokufa(Rokuko) answered energetically. 

The city scape of Holy Kingdom is in full view. The port town is filled with square building with plastered white wall – it almost looks like Pavuera, the difference is, there’s a temple with a lot of pillar with ornamental stripes. the clothes are also very different. 

“What is this.. Greece?” 

“What are you talking about? It’s the Holy Kingdom.” 

It seemed to be common in the Holy Kingdom for people to dress as if they were wrapped in folds of curtains, this reminds me of ancient Greece. Most of the people walking down the main street were dressed like that. 

By the way, Narikin and Rokufa also changed their clothes before they got off the ship, they were dressed as if they had curtains wrapped tightly around their bodies. Nana (Toy) was the one who arranged this get up for us, with this we will have no problem to blend in.  

“I will definitely stand out with my usual clothes, ah.. M-my lower body part is…” 

“Usually he using a pants, no… I wonder if that count as Narikin’s armor?” 

I feel like I’m wearing a skirt, oh wait, I’m wearing underwear, thanks god.. 

And as for Nana (Toy), her maid’s clothes are the same as they were in Pavuera. The servant’s clothes seem to be same anywhere. 

“Master, Mistress, in this Holy Kingdom, the greater the person is, the more layers of cloth they will wear.”  

“Oh, then, from the looks of it, we’re someone with good standing, aren’t we?” 

“Of course, ma’am. Together with the little bird on your shoulder, you’re look pretty well off.” 

So, that’s our setting. 

However, such logic only limited to ‘humans’. 

The ‘beastman’ that can be seen behind the humans who are dressed similarly to us are only wearing pants up to their knees. The men are bare-chested and the women have cloths wrapped around their breasts to cover them, and the elves are modestly dressed for both men and women. The “dwarf” is…none. There are no human-like demons that we often see in the Demon Kingdom either.  

And all of those ‘non-humans’ are wearing slave collars. 

I see, so this is what ‘human supremacy’ looks lie. 

“Master, In this country, elves and the like can still be servants, which is still fortunate, but beastman can only live as slaves, you know? …There’s also a law that stated that [non-slave beastmen are guilty of walking on the main street. this is called [Negligence Slave] crime.” 

“Seriously, we can be criminals before we know it?” 

“Don’t worry this country is unreasonably kind to ‘humans’. If there’s a problem, I’ll tell you right away.” 

Nana (Toy) leads us in very natural way. I don’t know if she’s used to it or if she’s just have no fear, but she’s certainly reliable in this foreign land. 

I’ve heard that in this country, if you dress a beastman in decent clothes, people will look at you in disgust. Don’t even think to put layered cloth on them, they will start yelling at your face: “Don’t dress these animals like people”. 

Beastman are pets at best, and at worst they are food and meat walls for demons. Dog beastmen or lizard beastmen are irrelevant and Avian beastmen (the type of beastmen whose hands are covered in feathers) are treated particularly bad because they are beings that seen as insult to God of Light messenger (angels), or so they said.  

…they must be extremely ostracized, don’t they? No wonder they look dead in the eyes. 

“Oh, by the way, Master. you have the status of noblemen in travel, your rank is equivalent of that second-class citizen. The owner of this body seemed to have a part in those kinds of arrangements. It’s a good thing she’s not a semi-second-class citizen, isn’t it?” 

“…What’s the difference between a second-class and a semi-second-class citizen?” 

“If you’re a second-class citizen, you direct a complaint to first-class citizen, also the treatment are quite flexible on a lot of things.” 

The semi-second class can do nothing if something is done to them. It’s like there’s a disparity between commoners and nobles, I see. 

“If you’re a ‘human’ they were rarely violent towards you, in case they did something to you, just whisper quitely [Oh, well, break the dungeon] in a sincere manner. That’s usually enough to calm them down.” 

Nana (Toy) said something like that, which I don’t know if I should take it seriously or as a joke. Rokufa (Rokuko) and I looked at each other and followed her as she guided us. 

Well, Nana (Toy) led us to the inn where we’ll be staying today. When I was shown to my room, the decoration is pretty much the same as the inn in Pavuera. 

“So, what do we do now?” 

“…Wait Master. That’s for you to decide, isn’t it? Why did you want to come to the Holy Kingdom in the first place?” 

 …How should I know that? I’m kidding. Of course, I remember. 

“Sightseeing, right?” 

“No it’s not… I want to say it’s for inspection, but I don’t have any clear target in my mind.”  

“Then… why don’t we check out the blatantly suspicious thing?” 

The blatantly suspicious thing? 

“Apparently, there’s a strange dungeon in this Holy Land of Dungeons Destroyers.” 

“…hmm? it’s not in the process of capture or something?” 

“Exactly. The dungeon was called as [correctly managed dungeon], and treated differently.”  

That’s do sounds fishy. 

Is it because I’m skeptical? I become more suspicious when I hear something like [correct] or something? 

“Can we go? To that dungeon.” 

“From what I’ve gathered, it doesn’t seem to be open to the public. I don’t know where it is, but if we find it, shall we take the birds first and dive in? This body (Nana) could go too.”  

True, there’s no need to go inside using Narikin and Rokufa.  

A small bird would be easy to resurrect even if it dies, and Toy would just have to use the next (assassin) body when Nana disappears. It would be a hassle to lose the guide for a while, but it wouldn’t be a complete loss either. 

“For now, our immediate goal is to find this [correctly managed dungeon], I guess.” 

“Yes, I agree, Narikin, Rokufa, Are you two okay with this plan?” 


With a chrip, the two little birds, Narikin and Rokufa also replied in agreement. 

So, the important thing is how to find the dungeon – in order to do that. first, we need to gather information. That means I needed to go to a place with a lot of people. In other words, it’s sightseeing time.  

Meanwhile, through Haku’s connection, Narikin and Rokufa have also become adventurers, so I might be able to work in an adventurer’s guild-like place in this country (we have a partnership, so the adventurer ranks can be used in this Kingdom too) …but I can’t afford to get injured, I’ll probably do something easy. After all our main objective is to sightsee, right? 

Well, we got a reason to be here. Let’s just relax and enjoy the Holy Kingdom. 


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