PMZ 002 – Luke, my Stepbrother

I finished getting ready for the morning in a minute and think about what I’m going to do now. 

I don’t mind about myself being a villainess, nor am I worried about my (soon) broken engagement, But I’d like to avoid the guilty verdict if I can, I want to preserve my family honor at least. 

But there’s nothing I can do about the event that was about to happen tonight. 

I’m already dressed, but I think it’s best that I don’t go to the party today. 

Fortunately, our family members do get along well with each other except for one, so I should talk to my father, the Duke, about this. 

Even if it is inevitable that your engagement will be annulled, it will make a huge difference if you have discussed it beforehand. 

I wonder if this will make a difference? I guess it won’t. 

It’s only the matter of when you will be kicked out from this family, the difference of a few hours apart; there’s not much difference. 

Is it the reincarnation effect? or is it the confidence I gained from my big tits? There is nothing I fear right now. 

“Father, may I have a moment?” 

“Oh, Alice. What’s up? ……..Well, your atmosphere is very different today.” 

I gulped while looking at my father, who was about to drink his coffee in his Office. 

“Yes. I thought it was a good opportunity to remake myself since my school graduation is today. rather than that, I need to talk about my future from now on.” 

My father’s expression grew tense at those words. This made me think that my father actually knew about Miss Maria’s case. 

Yes, I guess it’s given since they were flirting so openly. 

“I’m afraid my engagement is about to be broken off.” 

“Oh, that’s pretty blunt coming from you…” 

“There’s no use in fooling ourselves; I apologize for my lack of effort and my inability to bond with His highness.” 

I bow my head deeply. These are words that I would never have been able to admit or acknowlegde before. Then I heard my father’s deep sigh. 

“So, Alice… do you know what will happen to you?” 

“On that matter… I believe that His Highness will ‘banish’ me. I’m quite sure of this.” 

“Banishment? Alice, what did you do!” 

“As for that… I have no idea. I just throw a few harsh words to His Highness’s woman.” 

“That’s it? Have you done something indecent or illegal?” 

“Yes, only that. I swear.” 


My father groans and his face show his agitation. 

“His Highness is childish…” 

That’s the first impression that came out of Father’s, and it just blows me away. 

But yes, He is absolutely right. 

Yes, if His Highness don’t like it, there are plenty of ways to break off the engagement in a peaceful manner, without having to use the condemnation event. 


“Probably because even if I was removed from the list, that young lady could not become the queen because of her status. Perhaps he thought he would have to choose a new candidate suitable for the Queen position.” 

“I suppose so… he thought that to make her his Queen, he needed to show his love to those around him, even if it was a bit forceful.” 

“Also, if you show it that you will condemn even me, then there will be fewer people that will dare to propose a new candidate for the Queen position…” 

“It’s still impossible. With that young lady’s background, even a concubine position would be difficult, much less a Queen… 

I’m not saying this because I hate the commoner, but she doesn’t have enough power to support His Highness; even with Alice out of the equation, it’s still difficult… 

There’s also the Second Prince, who was engaged to the Princess of the neighboring country just a few days ago…” 

“He says he can do anything with the power of love.” 

“How absurd… Does His Highness intend to renounce his right to the throne…?” 

Father muttered and put his head in his hands. 

“Father. I’m sure the wound of the Duke’s family honor would be shallow if we break off the engagement after consulting with His Majesty, rather than selfishly announced calling off the engagement in public.” 

“That’s true, but we cannot do it immediately, since this is not a small matter. 

Well, if possible, I want you to suppress His highness’ outburst.” 

“Unfortunately, tonight’s graduation party is the planned site of that outburst.” 

“Are you sure?” 

I met my father’s sharp gaze and nodded my head firmly. 

Father sighed again and leaned his back against the chair. 

“Then there’s not much I can do… Alice, it’s the graduation ceremony and the party, but you’re going to have to call in sick for both.” 

“Yes, I intend to do so.” 

“If we decide to do so, we must first inform His Highness that he will not need to escort you…” 

“That’s all right. His Highness had no intention of escorting me in the first place.” 

“Is that so… That’s just… …. I’ll keep informed if there’s any change.” 

His eyes, which was full of painful things inside it, became those of the Duke’s the next time he opened them. 

“Alice, frequently consult me on this matter. I know it must have been a difficult decision for a girl in your position. And as for your future, you will have to leave home either way. 

Whether I will find you another husband or join the church… I need some time to think about this. 

We’ll talk again later.” 

“Yes, that’s fine, Father, 

But if you will allow it, may I make a suggestion to you? 

Since it has come to this, I want to find my way to contribute to the Duke house, in my own way, and using my own ability.” 

“…it will depend on what that is.” 

“Thank you, Father. I love you.” 

“Me too, Alice. I love you.” 

Then my father closes his eyes. 

Just before I bowed and left the room, I could hear him muttering something to himself. 

“I’ll have to pay attention to Luke…” 

*Clack*. The door’s closed. 


That’s the name of my stepbrother, one year younger than me. He has been captured by the Heroine; by the way, he looks like a puppy. 

He has blond hair and blue eyes, the same color as mine, he was originally my cousin, the son of my father’s younger brother, but ten years ago, on his way home from an evening party, he and his wife were killed in an accident and never to return. 

My father felt sorry for Luke, who had lost both of his parents overnight at the age of four and took him in as his adopted son. 

Luke and I were as close as real siblings when we were little, but he distanced himself from me at his puberty period, then he got entangled with the Heroine, and from then on, he only came to say hello or tell me one way or another not to bully the Heroine, and our relationship turned sour. 

He’s a good kid, though. 

I saw a glimpse of a shadow, or rather, Luke’s shadow. 

Luke appeared from the corner of the hallway and stared at me. 

“Um? Sister…?” 

“Yeah. Good morning, Luke… what’s the matter?” 

“no… nothing… you look like a different person.” 

“Fufu, I wonder?” 

The past me is a different person; and this is the real me. The extra burden hanging in my shoulders has been lifted, and I can’t feel any better now. 

It’s so much easier when I can accept myself, including being rejected. 

Luke, who hadn’t had a normal conversation with me in a long time, hurriedly crinkled his handsome shota face and straightened his back. 

“Sister, you have your graduation party today; I beg you not to bully Maria-senpai anymore.” 

“I’m not bullying her.” 

“You can’t fool us. You threw horrible words at her, wrote bad words in her notebook, poured tea on her uniform, locked her in the toilet, poured water on her, and to top it all off, and you even tried to push her down the stairs.” 

“I really don’t have any idea on what you’re talking about; except for the horrible words parts. What makes you think it was all me? I’m sorry to say this, but… Maria-sama, she’s getting quite a bit of resentment from girls all over the academy.” 

“Aren’t you the boss of all those unattractive girls? No one but you could come up with something that awful.” 

“Wait, what do you mean…” 

I’m about to argue my case… but then I remember that I’ve decided to accept the villainess role, and I keep my mouth shut. 

“…fuh… That’s enough. But to say that those girls are not attractive is a ridiculous remark. It’s just that they all have their own unique qualities, take those words back.” 

I’m being swept by flow here, but my heart is in turmoil. 

To be honest, I don’t want to shoulder the sin I didn’t commit. 

Oh, Big Tits-sama, please comfort my heart, I yearn for your soft touch right now, but no matter how much we don’t get along, I couldn’t expose the absurdity of rubbing my breasts out of nowhere in front of my stepbrother. 

I fold my arms and use the inner arm to enjoy the weight and softness of my big breasts. 

Mmm… Bliss. 

To disguise the unnaturalness of the pose, I place my hands on my elbows. This should make it look like I’m folding my arms normally. 

…Ah, a discovery. If I do this, my chest will be placed on my arms. 

My breasts are very assertive, nice. I should be able to feel them some more. 

My eyes stay on Luke, and my consciousness stays on tits-sama softness. 

Isn’t this the best way to relieve stress that doesn’t require a lot of effort or money? 

After glaring at each other for a while, Luke suddenly turned his gaze slightly downward, his cheeks blushed, and then he made a face as if he had bitten down on a bitter bug. 

“This is why I hate you, Sister! You talk like you’re the only one who’s clean and innocent, and you don’t even notice the struggles and weaknesses in people’s hearts! That’s why people don’t adore you from the bottom of their hearts, and even His Highness would love Maria sempa…” 

After saying that much, he held his mouth in his hand as if he was sorry. 

“… I’m sorry, I said too much….” 

“I-Is that so…?” 

Because I think that was the fact. 

I mean, I did say something harsh to her. 

Somehow, I feel like I’m missing my stepbrother point. 

“…….. I’m sorry for insulting the girls …excuse me.” 

Luke walks past me, looking completely dejected as if he was emotionally unstable. 

I could see his past figure, overlapping with his figure now. It was a long time ago when he first arrived at this house; it made me feel a sudden prick in my heart. 


I searched for words to say, but he keeps on walking without stopping or turning back. 

The Luke I knew back then is gone. But I wanted to show that little boy that he will always be loved. 

“Do you remember when you were little, and we would chase butterflies in the garden, play chess, and read each other’s favorite books? 

It was a treasure-like time. It’s a great memory for me.” 

There’s no answer, but I’m sure you’ve heard it. Let me fold it up before you can escape. 

“I enjoyed my time with you. Thank you.” 

Luke looked down walked away in silence. 

TL note:  

how did you feel? Being bamboozled by boobs, twice in a row? 


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9 Responses

  1. Utter_disgrace says:

    That was so sad. He’s a fool. There are tons of girls in the world but he’s only got one sister. Thanks for translating!

  2. RKADE 14 says:

    I like this girl, she’s got her priorities straight.

  3. 배팅 says:

    Best View i have ever seen !

  4. XDDDDD says:

    bamboozled more like bamboobled

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  6. The male characters in an Otome Game are idiots~

  7. Magic&Myths says:

    ‘Also, if you show it that you will condemn even me’.
    I think this should be ‘Also, if he shows that he will condemn even me’.

    ‘I’m not saying this because I hate the commoner’.
    I thought Maria was a Baron’s daughter? Or is this one those countries that doesn’t consider Barons part of the peerage?

    Luke should only be referred to as her adopted brother, never her stepbrother. They’re two different things and can’t be used interchangeably.

  8. Panacea Seer says:

    I love this so far!!!! she is unabashingly hilarious but heck if my flat chested self got a magical body like that with the fictional world trope of no back pain yes I too would be treating my arms as a shelf to rack up my rack BEHOLD THE MILK PILLOWS

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