PMZ 003 – Developing Magic Tools with my brother Aklys

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Now that I have decided to abandon my plan for the rest of the day, I have something I want to do. 

I have had one possible idea about my future that I proposed to my father. 

After breaking off the engagement, it would be good to join the church, and for obvious reason, I don’t want to be married off or be the second wife to some nobles, but my fate is already sealed. 

But will it really benefit my family? Needless to say, they raised me using a lot of money, not to mention the love and care they have given me over the years. 

I wonder if being a second wife or a nun in the church will be enough to pay my debt to this family? I would say it is impossible. 

I’m still not sure what I can do, but I will start by utilizing my huge magic capacity. 

For example, I could start by developing a magic tool… 

So I hastened my steps towards the room of Brother Aklys (17), the eldest son of the Stuart family, and the one who will inherit the position of head of the family from my father. 

“Brother Chris, it’s me, Alisha. May I have a word with you?” {Chris is Aklys nick name} 

I knocked and opened the door. There was no answer, but that’s okay because that’s expected from my brother. 

As expected, there he is, my brother, who was cooped up in a dark room even though it was morning, he was mumbling something in his shaggy white coat and staring at what looked like a blueprint on a piece of paper. 

Obviously, he didn’t notice me. 


I tapped him lightly on the shoulder and called out to him, and my brother freaked out! He jumped up and looked back as if an assassin had attacked him. 

“What! …… fuah! Who are you?!” 

“It’s me, Alisha.” 

“Oh, Alice…? I was surprised, I thought it was an angel, but if it was Alice, it would be more like a Hell’s angel…” 

“Hell’s Angels…” 

After briefly feeling shocked by my brother’s innocent malice, I regained my composure and sat down on the single-seat sofa. 

“To see such an illusion, you must have been up all night again. It’s not good for your body.” 

“I’m still too sober to see an illusion. I stay up all night because I have to, because my inspiration always comes to me between two and three o’clock in the evening.” 

“You developed all those things when you consumed by late-night high; that’s why so you end up making all these weird, useless magic tools.” 

“Oh, you just don’t understand how wonderful my creation is, I feel sorry for you.” 

“I don’t want to understand the wonders of a glasses that can see through dress to inspect the color of a maid’s undies, and I don’t want to understand how great a model dragon that can only walks around.” 

Oops, I let myself go wild there. 

I shouldn’t have done that. 

“I’m sorry that was too much. But I’ve realized. I’ve realized the infinite possibilities that these magic tools hold.” 

My brother looked doubtful but urged me to continue regardless. 

“What if, for example, instead of knowing the color of a maid’s undies, it was a pair of glasses that can detect where the location of the demon’s magic core? 

For another example, a fake arm that can replace a limb that was lost in battle or disease? 

Since I have this thought, I can’t just keep quiet and come to you to discuss this.” 


“Brother, would you be willing to teach me how to make magic tools?” 

“I don’t mind… but…” 


“This lesson won’t be fun for me…” 


“There’s nothing fun about technology that can help people, and there’s no need for it to be fun!  

It’s because my brother is shut-in; you never know how rewarding it is to do anything outside your hobbies! 

Make me a prosthetic arm or leg right now! And we will bring it to the nearest hospital, and I will personally show you what I’m talking about!” 

After I’m done with my outburst, my brother was squeezing his word and said, “O-Okay…” and went to his desk.  

I know that you are so passionate about this hobby of yours. 

The fact that we had a monopoly on this technology has hindered its development in the first place, and it also seems that my dad wasn’t very good at magic tool R&D. 

But I also understand that this technology can be dangerous if it was spread so easily; it’s a complicated matter. 

“Alice, look at this.” 

“What? What is it?” 

“The design of magic tools. You want to learn, don’t you? I think this model is the easiest to understand because it’s the simplest one. This will be the first procedure to make a prosthetic hand.” 

“nn, I understand.” 

The class seems to have started immediately.  

I looked at it; it looked a lot like a mathematical formula. 

For example, if alpha is the symbol for the model’s prosthetic hand, then after the =, there are five symbols and a number attached to each of them in parentheses (number of fingers and joints on the palm?). There are 5 signs, plus aу, and 5 numbers attached to other character, and so on. 

It is a formula that describes the mechanism we call the hand. 

I’m not very good at math, but I must take this bait and show my brother how much I understand from this. 

Surprisingly, my brother is pleasantly surprised. 

“You have the talent! That’s pretty much it! It’s amazing that you understand that much on the first try! The symbols here, you see, are an important part of the process of connecting the brain’s commands to the prosthetic hand! That’s the most important thing in the whole system! The amount of magic you need, I figured at least this number required to move each finger! Well there’s still room for improvement, it’s difficult to define what constitutes a 1, because that’s the rule our grandfather set. If that’s not enough to cover it, I’d like to use the decimal point, but that’s a bit of a hassle. It’s great that our grandfather can connect the symbols set by humans and the natural world’s magic in a formula. I really respect him. He’s a real god. I still don’t understand that part. I can only assume that some supernatural phenomenon happened, but I’ve wondered if this is the power of the Duke family. So, in the end, I have to apply the magic formula into the material, but I have to use additional magic for this one. Because of that, the spell that hides the magic is a little different than normal.” 

I accidentally turned on the nerd switch. 

I wait for the storm to pass and looked silently at the desk. There was a silver mithril pen that can conduct magic well and some tools I don’t know how to use. 

I quickly got tired of looking at them and tried to fuse the magic formula of the prosthetic hand in my head. 

“Hey, brother, I was thinking, if you don’t want to make a long formula like this one, for example …… the thumb function, can’t we make each part of the function independent of the other? Was it no good? 

I think it would be shorter and would reduce errors due to carelessness.” 

“…….I can do it, but there’s no romance in that.” 

“You Idiot!” 

For the time being, we finished the prosthetic hand at noon. 


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