PMZ (I was reincarnated as a villainess, but since I have become the beautiful woman of my dreams, that’s plus-minus zero) 001 – I’m a villainess, but no more.

I was reincarnated as a villainess, but since I have become the beautiful woman of my dreams, that’s plus-minus zero (It is okay). 


Eh? I’m reincarnated as a villainess? 

It suddenly came to me on the morning of my graduation, while I changed to my uniform in my room at the age of 15. 

It fell like a revelation, the memory of a sword and magic otome game I played in a previous life in Japan. Now, I am the Duke’s daughter, Alisha Ophaniel Stuart. 

From birth, I have been engaged to the first prince of this country, and my future as a queen is already decided. 

In the game, I appeared as the evil fiancée of the First Prince Melchizedek, the crown prince, who also a capture target for the Heroine. 

My role was a template villainess who becomes jealous of the Heroine and bullied her. Then, I will be condemned at my graduation party. 

I had blonde hair and blue eyes, though my facial features are not bad, I’m a little chubby,  

I put on fancy makeup and styled my hair in vertical rolls; my dress was in bad taste no matter how you look at them, and together with my haughty demeanor, they give people the impression that I am a vile girl. 

The Heroine’s love affair with her capture target seems to be an event that cannot be avoided. 

My words and actions as a sarcastic young lady were the game content and my reality. 

I, Alisha, was condemned in the game, and then they described my fate in a one-line monologue, “Alisha was banished to the city and never to be seen again…”, and it’s not clear if she’s still alive or not. 

It’s that [I’ll leave the ending to your imagination] kind of thing. 

The me in the game eats a triple combo of condemnation, broken engagement, and banishment. 

I remember it all now. 

“…this is nonsense.” 

The power is drained from my feet.  

Why, Why now? 

The condemnation event is this evening. 

I can’t rewind it now, no matter how hard I try. 

The fact is, I never bully the Heroine. 

Yes, I never bully the Heroine. 

There’s a lot going on here that I don’t know about in my back, but the only thing I did was giving a sarcastic, mean remark to those two people who were flirting behind my back. 

“Your Highness is my fiancée. Please don’t approach him without permission.” 

Then the pink fluffy-haired Heroine — Baroness Maria, a child from the Baron’s second wife, with tears in her pretty, round eyes, clings tightly to the arms of His Highness who stands beside her. 

“T-that’s wrong… I just want to be friends with Mel-sama…” 

His Highness hugged Miss Maria’s slender shoulders and glare at me. 

“I never thought of you as my fiancée. Maria is my precious woman. I will not allow you to hurt her.” 

He would spit out that lines and then go away while hugging her shoulder. 

This has happened numerous times. 

Why should I even be banned for that? It’s complete overkill. 

“This is the worst…” 

Then what’s the use of the 15 years I’ve spent since I was born as his fiancé? was my hard work and discipline is just for this? Did I exist only to spice up the romance between those two? 

This is too much. 

The love I had for His Highness for so many years was crumbling like sand. 

Until now, I had endured, I thought without a doubt that he would understand me once he graduated and married me. 

But that was never going to happen. 

My tears welled up; it filled with my despair. 

I turned my gaze to the floor with my head down, and at that moment, the despair and tears that occupied my overflowing chest were immediately reverted back. 


I can’t see the floor. 

There are these two soft curves that rise richly from my chest. They obstruct my view. 


I try desperately to understand it with my confused mind. 

What is this? 

Carefully, I raise my hands and gently touch them. It’s soft. My fingers sink in. 

(I-it’s big! No! it’s massive!) 

I try to scoop it up from underneath. It’s heavy. It’s so heavy. It’s so soft yet so rich. 

I thought I got an elementary school-age body, but that should describe the extent of my shock. 

I can’t believe there’s no gap between my bra and my body. It’s just a miracle that I can scoop it from below. 

No, it’s my body. I knew it was there. But until now, I’ve been so conscious of protecting my purity that I thought it was a disgrace to have this kind of body.  

I not even aware of its existence; I treat it as something that doesn’t exist. I’ve been hiding it and ignoring it. 

In my previous life, my life ended while I’m still as flat as a chopping block, now that my value has returned, now I realized.  

This is a gift from God! You can’t and will never get this no matter how much effort you put into it; this is a beautiful thing, I thought. 

Yes, Alisha, the villainess Alisha, has hidden big tits. 

(Ah! God! Thank you so much!!!) 

For the first time in my life, I thanked and sincerely prayed to God with all my heart. 

The morning light shining through the window brought tears to my eyes as I felt his blessing trough this light warmth. 

I had totally forgotten about the condemnation event and was engrossed in checking the dream-filled weapon she called her body. 

“My Lady? I’m here to get you ready in the morning…” 

I was so happy that I was piddling around in my underwear when my maid, Mary Ann (20 years old), came in and almost took a couple of steps back at the noble young lady’s odd behavior. But she quickly recovered. As expected from the Duke’s maid. 

“Oh, I’m sorry. I was just getting carried away. Ohohoho……..” 

I quickly put on the uniform. In this world, even a nobleman would get helped to get dressed, but everything is an experience, and you’re supposed to wear the uniform yourself. 

In the process of getting dressed, I quickly checked the egregious angle of the neckline of the waistband. 

Is this right? Good. 

I still look as chubby as ever in the large size uniform that matches my breasts, but I’m not chubby; I had hidden big tits. Even when I wore a dress, I tried to hide my Minefuko’s body by putting many layers over it, that’s why I wore a dress of unrefined designs. {Fujiko Mine – Lupin III} 

What a waste. 

“Has something good happened?” 

“Yes, very.” 

I sat in front of the mirror table and had my silky, straight, soft hair combed through. 

Alisha’s bare face in the mirror is a full of smile and happy aura, and she looks much younger than the she from the game that only shows a high-strung expression. I mean, even without makeup she’s cuter than a normal girl, a Super pretty girl. 

What the hell, am I not super top-notch material. 

I didn’t have to wear heavy makeup like this. 

“ah, That’s enough.” 

Mary Ann smiles and proceeds to apply a specially made magic tool in the form of a trowel that reacts to the magic power and produces heat to my hair. 

This is a magic tool. 

In this world, everyone has magic power, but you can’t use spell unless you study for it, but there are magic tools in circulation that anyone can use thanks to the technology invented by our Stuart family. 

The energy source of the magic tools is yourself. In this aspect, this world may be more convenient than Japan. 

This convenience began to spread during my grandfather’s time, and my father was just married at the time. 

So when I was born, the royal family, who wanted the technology of the magic tools that our family had a monopoly on, decided to get me engaged right away. 

In case you’re wondering, Alisha body has an insane amount of magic power, but I had zero knowledge about magic tools. 

This trowel was a one-of-a-kind item that Alisha own, she wanted to make a perfect vertical roll, and then she asked her researcher brother to make it for her. 

“Mary Ann, my hair is fine today. Keep it like this.” 

The memory of living in the Reiwa-era gave me a strong rejection to vertical roll. 

More than anything else, now that I’ve realized Alisha’s potential, I also wanted to remake (myself) to my liking. 

“As it is…?” 

“Yeah, I… I realize just now that I’ve been taking it too far.” 

I look at the pile of cosmetics I’ve been using. All of this just for my face, is obviously too much. 

No, actually, I understand. That was just an important ritual; I used to think of it like equipping armor for my mind. Covering the skin with a thick layer of cosmetics, applying more color if it never enough, and pretending to be a different person so that my bare heart would never get hurts… 

Yes, I was anxious. 

There was never any shortage for the next queen candidate. Should His Highness did not accept me as his fiancée, what should I do? What should I do? 

The anxiety was showing in my attitude.  

Attack before you get attacked, keep your mind sharp and stay that way. 

But now, I don’t care. 

It doesn’t matter anymore. 

Even if His Highness rejected me, I wouldn’t be hurt as a woman. 

I have big tits. 

No matter what anyone says, I can only think of them as the best. 

I gently placed my hand on my chest and smiling, Mary Ann’s eyes widened, and she began to shiver. 

“My lady…! you finally come to your sense?” 

“Se-sense…? am I not sane until now?” 

“Forgive me! I’m talking about being reasonable! I’ve always wondered about that makeup too… Oh, this Mary Ann is delighted! My lady has grown up so much in one night!” 

“I just realized that it’s okay to be confident,” 

I soothed a tearful Mary Ann and quickly applied only a clear pink lip gloss to my lips. 

Come to think of it, the Heroine’s status-boosting items were also cosmetics. 

It has cute designs, and it was a pleasure to collect many of them and use them all at once. 

However, when you look at my collection and try to use them all at once, what will happen is my status went down rather than boosted. I was wasting my time and energy trying to be a different person. 

I could have just been me. 

I stare at myself in the mirror. 

Angelic rings glisten in Alisha glossy, silky blonde hair, and her blue, clear, jewel-like eyes gleam in her small, unadorned face, her pink lips are modest but fleshy, and she has a childish yet sexy look to her, which is quite dangerous. 

And I got this big breast, God is unfair. 

You have to take on a villainess role at least, or you’ll get hit by bigger misfortune. 

I can’t help but sigh. 

A woman’s mind is a complicated thing, to be so blessed with materials but still left with no confidence. 

TL notes: 

Um… thank for all the suggestion, and sorry…………………………………………… 

I decided to take up new series because, to be honest, I already read most of those titles (before I took up Japanese lessons), and I was probably stopping at the same point with you guys. moreover… I forgot their story, their characters, everything… if I want to continue those series, I need to speed read them from the start. 

And aside from that, I want to translate something from zero. I did some research, reading some early chapters, and many good potential WN, but I finally decided on this one. Why? 

Because this series is mostly light-hearted romance-comedy, it’s easy to read and had a solid plot; I had read ahead to chapter 25+, and it’s still interesting up to that point. 

Ok that’s the good point, the bad point: 

This series did not even have a cover yet. 

Only 45 chapter is out. 

I just realized that I need to create ‘list’ page for each novel I translate, frick me. 

Also, I do intend to pick up abandoned series, but I’m still in the middle of sorting it out, some of you guys suggestion are still have active translator attached to it, I don’t want to hijack people who only 2 or 3 months late. So yeah, still looking for series to pick up too.  

Ah … I might pick something funny, I don’t really like translating serious stories, it’s just my personal preference. 

Fujiko Mine / Minefuko, just in case you guys wonder how sexy is her body. 

Fujiko Mine Has Been Doing Her Thing For Half A Century – OTAQUEST

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  1. Tutu says:

    THANK for picking new SERIES. And i think this was interesting read and light-hearted Novel. So thank For the new Series

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    This novel is already showing great potential, so thanks for picking it 🙂

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  7. This is definitely Rushia when she gets reincarnated into a boing boing lady~

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    “Even if His Highness rejected me, I wouldn’t be hurt as a woman.

    I have big tits. ”

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    ‘There’s a lot going on here that I don’t know about in my back’.
    I’m pretty sure this should be ‘There’s a lot going on behind my back here that I don’t know about’.

    ‘Then the pink fluffy-haired Heroine — Baroness Maria, a child from the Baron’s second wife’.
    Are you sure it’s correct to refer to Maria as ‘Baroness’? The only country I found that called a Baron’s daughter a Baroness is Germany. From what I can find, most of the rest would address them by courtesy titles, which vary from country to country, but never use Baroness. For most countries Baroness was used for the wife of a Baron or a woman who was titled a Baroness in her own right.

    ‘I had totally forgotten about the condemnation event and was engrossed in checking the dream-filled weapon she called her body.’
    At the end ‘she’ should be ‘I’ and ‘her’ should be ‘my’.

    ‘I quickly checked the egregious angle of the neckline of the waistband.’
    How can a waistband have a neckline??

    The memory of living in the Reiwa-era gave me a strong rejection to vertical roll.’
    What’s the Reiwa-era?

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    No matter what anyone says, I can only think of them as the best. ”

    This is the Sign of BEST Girl.

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    Btw I am jealous she can get that massive asset. Well… even I have small body… just a bit from average at least my asset isn’t pettan a.k.a flat.

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