PMZ 004 – New Magic Tools

“Okay, brother, I’m going in.”  

The one I’m about to enter is the largest hospital in the royal capital.  

If it’s here, I’m sure there will be one or people in need of prosthetic arms.  

Incidentally, the reason it was completed so quickly is because this otaku brother of mine was trying to make a life-size beautiful girl doll, and he already had a model of girl’s arm.  

Back then, I unintentionally send a disgusted gaze to my brother, but it also true that It renewed my respect for him.   

It’s amazing that he can do that much without anyone to aid him.  

And that amazing brother is shivering next to me.  

“What a big hospital, wo-won’t I get scolded if you bring such toy here? I’m sure they will say this thing is weird.”   

“You won’t get scolded if I say this is not a toy, but magic tools. Have confidence in your creation and do your best.”   

It’s true that this is weird, but I won’t tell him that.  

He should first gain more confidence. 

“Come on, stand up straight, look forward, if you do that, you’ll look like proper Duke’s heir.”  


My brother that properly dressed in a suit, is not half-bad; he is a handsome man.   

If you don’t know his disappointing side, there would be no shortage of young lady that will admire him as the oldest son of the Stuart Family, but thanks to his shut-in behavior and hobby, it seems that his bachelor’s life will last for quite a while.   

“Excuse me. Could you please introduce me to a doctor with whom I can talk?”  

“Well… I’m sorry, but who are you?”  

Just as the young receptionist said this, the older receptionist next to her stood up with great speed and pushed the young girl away and stood in front of us.  

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry!” she said. “This girl is young and naive! We have not educated her enough! I’m sorry!”  

The confused young receptionist looks at the pale, apologetic receptionist.  

The people around her also look at her as if to say, “What happens?”  

“…ah, isn’t that the coat of arms of the Duke of Stuart’s family?”  

Someone muttered a single word that invoked the restlessness, causing a murmur and commotion.  

Even the young receptionist quickly turned pale and began to bow alongside her seniors.  

“No, madam, don’t worry about it, I was rude as well. I’m sorry for barging in on you all of a sudden, I forgot to identify myself, and I come without any prior appointment. After all, I just finished my new magic tool just a few minutes ago, and I was eager to test it out as soon as possible.”  

“Not at all! A new magic tool, you say? I understand I’ll go get the director right away!”  

The receptionists running in a hurry, it’s seems we become the center of attention now. My brother appears to be frozen and does not move an inch while holding the crested box containing the magic tools. But on the contrary, people mistook it for a dignified pose worthy of a noble, and I heard some amazed whisper, “Is that the next Duke? … he looks amazing.”  

When I thought it good that my brother didn’t get mistaken as my attendant, a white-robed old man who looks like a professor came rushing with loud footsteps.  

“I have just heard that the Stuart Family is coming here to see me? And I heard that they had brought some new magic tools with them.”  

“Yes. It’s in this box, and I was wondering if anyone needs a prosthetic arm.”  

“an Arm? I see. Can you spare me a few minutes? I will look for the candidate right away.”   

“Please do.”   

Soon after, we were taken into one of the wards.  

“This patient lost his right arm in an attack by a demon beast a month ago. Due to her young age, the wound has almost completely closed up, but she has suffered a severe mental shock and cannot stand up.  

I have postponed her discharge from the hospital because I judged that she still won’t be able to live normally.”  

As the director whispered and explained to us, the patient was lying on the bed with her empty eyes stared at nowhere.   

She seemed to be still in her teens and had a pretty face, but the gap between her lightless gaze and her youth also made me feel a little scared.  

“…Here, brother. Please do it.”  

“Uh, yeah… Exs-Excuse me,”  

She was gnawing, but nothing was inside her mouth, and all of us watched nervously as my Brother peeled off her doll-like hospital gown and checked her arms.  

“Alice, bring me your prosthetic arm and don’t make a mistake, it’s the right ones.”  

“Yes, Right away!”  

I hurriedly hand over the prosthetic right hand in response to my brother’s order.  

My hastily made prosthetic arm is made of camphor wood with a rough texture.  

I didn’t realize that I hadn’t even painted it in color until I saw it just now; I do feel bad about it, as I watch my brother adjusts the prosthetic hand to the amputated surface.  

“Hey, Alice. I’m going to use a joining spell now, but this is actually the first time I’ve ever connected a human body to a magic tool. This is going to be a historic moment, but still, this spell is classified.  

Can you make sure that everyone can’t hear it while I’m chanting?”  

“I understand [silence].”  

I leave the spell gap only around my brother and casting the spell of silence to cover the entire room.  

In the painful silence, I was the only one in a position where I could see my brother’s mouth to observe the chant.  

(Moe……..pitiful beautiful girl is moe…….)  

My lip-reading technique translates it like that…. but I decide to dismiss it, nope, it couldn’t be.  

(it’s done.)  

My brother’s mouth said that, and I release the silence spell.  

“It should work… but I don’t know for sure…’  

At those words, the girl blinked and looked at her fingertips.   

With a twitch, the wooden fingertips move—a light coming back to the girl’s eyes.  

“Hand… my hand is…?”  

She raises her arms and moves them, she open and closed her palm, staring at it intently.  

“amazing… It’s moving……..! I don’t believe it. I thought… I thought I couldn’t live properly anymore…”  

My eyes began to tear up, and tears fell down my cheeks.  

“I’m happy for you.”  

My brother smiled, and at that moment; he definitely is become a little bit cooler. 


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6 Responses

  1. Filip Dincă says:

    Some suggestions:
    [will be one or people in] -> {will be one or more people in}
    [a toy, but magic tools] -> {a toy, but magic tool}
    [shortage of young lady that will admire] -> {shortage of young ladies admiring}/{shortage of young ladies aiming for}
    [an Arm? I see] -> {An arm? I see}/{Arm? I see}

    Moe… Maybe big bro Chris is also reincarnated? Or just has some memories, cuz this is very funny 😀
    Thanks for the chapter! God bless you!

  2. Amoonymous says:

    Gotta say that going out somewhere noticeable, in public, while blatantly using your family’s name on the same day you intend to call out sick to a large event is not the way to make your illness appear credible.

  3. RKADE 14 says:

    It’s nice to see that he’s used to his sister, I kind of just now realized exactly how severe his anti-socialism is. (I think I made it a little too dramatic)

  4. Hello there! I could have sworn I’ve visited your blog before but after looking at a few of the articles I realized it’s new to me. Anyhow, I’m certainly happy I came across it and I’ll be book-marking it and checking back regularly!

  5. Saphti says:

    Lol’ that spell 😂😂😂

  6. AmbyrRavyn says:

    This patient lost his right arm in an attack by a demon beast a month ago.
    (First his arm.)
    Due to her young age, the wound has almost completely closed up,
    (Then it’s her wound)

    but she has suffered a severe mental shock and cannot stand up.
    (I thought it was arm?)
    I can’t tell if it’s he or she, arm or leg 😳

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