PMZ 005 – The Denial and Declaration of the broken engagement.

After receiving many admiring and respectful looks from many people, my brother returned to the Duke’s mansion feeling high and returning to his room without saying a single word.  

I went to check on him; my brother was sitting at his desk in his suit and began to assemble some parts, leaving the life-size beautiful girl doll by his side.  

I noticed a new blueprint for a prosthetic right arm, but if you looked closely at it, you could see that it had detailed improvement plans to make it more like a human-like.  

Even the color and the nails seem to have been delicately designed.  

“Brother Chris.”  


“It was worthwhile, wasn’t it?”  

“You were right; it was fun.”  

“I agree.”  

So much that it made me wish that someday I could make one too.  

“Let me know if you want to do that again.”  

With that, I left my brother’s room.  


At the graduation party that night.  

“Alisha Ophaniel Stuart, I, in the name of the First Prince Melchizedek, break off my engagement to you!”  

“Y-Your Highness! That young lady is not Alisha! You got the wrong person!”  


The Crown Prince had handed down an annulment to a random young lady who was wearing the same type of heavy makeup as the former Alisha.  

“You’re careless, Mel-sama! Indeed, she’s got a lot of makeup on and the same body type, but…   

Aaah, Alishia-sama! The Crown Prince would like to see you~. Where is she? Why don’t you at least respond to him?”   

They didn’t notice that the venue atmosphere was getting colder and colder by the minute.  

Almost everyone in the hall was thinking the same thing.  

What in the world are they trying to do? The thing that makes this country has significant political power is the Stuart family’s magical tools technology.  

Especially when you look at the agitated baroness, she’s been a subject of bad rumor in the academy, well anyone will if you act like that. And why the men beside him are not holding him back, but instead nodding their heads in agreement?  

This man is no good.  

As if to respond to their feeling, His Majesty, the King rushes into the hall and drops a punch on the Crown Prince himself.  

“You fool!”  


“Duke Stuart has contacted me; you should be the one who escorts her here in the first place, I never thought you would cause such an ugly display!”  

“But father, listen to me! Alisha has abused her power and bullied Maria; she’s been reprimanding her time and time again! Such a person is not fit to be the next Queen!” 

“What are you talking about? Or you want to say that your mother, who was reprimanding her handmaids almost on a daily basis, is not suited to be the Queen!?  

You are the one who was abusing your authority! Otherwise, you wouldn’t have the guts to break off the engagement at a place like this! And don’t tell me you’re going to replace the queen-candidate without my permission?”  

“Wait a minute, Father! It hurts!”  

The gallery can only watch while the Crown Prince being dragged out of the hall while His Majesty, the King, had the prince’s ear twisted.  

“Kyah! Hey, oh, what are you doing?  

When the prince turned his gaze back to the screeching voice, he saw that the King’s guard had restrained the rest of the Reverse Harem Legion.  

“Rude. Let me go at once.”  

“Hah! You think you can hold me with that kind of strength… Why?! Why I cannot pull this hand off?”  

“Take your hands off my students. And by the way, I hope you’ll let go of me too.”  

A son of the Chancellor with a cool look.  

A son of the Knight Commander with muscle brain.  

And lastly, a Teacher.   

This is Maria’s reverse harem member at the current time.  

Luke, a boy with a puppy-like appearance, who almost became one of them, watched the whole thing from afar. After talking to his sister-in-law, who had shown up in the morning looking beautiful as if she’s a different person, Luke remembered.  

When he first came to the Duke’s house, playing with his sister-in-law, who was as pretty as an angel, had slowly healed his grief over the loss of his parents. Eventually, he became frustrated because she’s only seeing him as a family member, and at the same time, Luke felt a slight disappointment in His sister, who wore a lousy makeup and lame dresses.  

After a while, he met with Maria, whom he saw as an innocent and delicate big sister, and fell in love with her.  

Every time Maria told Luke that his step-sister bully her, Luke disappointment grew deeper and deeper.  

Today, after talking Her, he felt like he just was woken up from a dream. He was glad his sister remembered the time she spent with Him.  

Luke almost cried when she described the time they spent together as a “treasure”. Luke finally realized that he still had feelings for his step-sister that remain inside of his heart.  

After the graduation ceremony, Luke had advised Maria and Melchizedek to cancel the engagement but not at the party, but they choose not to listen to him.   

Duke has told Luke repeatedly that his step-sister was going to be absent, and that Luke believe that Duke has told the prince that she’s not going to attend the party.   

“That showy, shallow, empty woman would never not come to the party,” was the one thing they said to Luke, and Luke was getting scared by their obsession on refusing to admit that she won’t come. They were acting like people who got possessed by something.   

They were taken away by the King’s guard and left the hall, and when Luke couldn’t hear their noisy voices anymore, the Prime Minister, who came to the hall with the King, and issued a gag order.  

Everyone in the hall felt bitter about the accident.  


At the same time, Alisha and the Duke, who had finished dinner at the Duke of Steuart’s house, were reporting and discussing today’s events.  

“I see……..that Chris made a prosthetic hand…….”  

“Yes, father. He was very impressive. Everyone said that he is the Duke to be, they said that the Duke Stuart family future are in safe hands.”  

My father stirred the brandy with ice floating in it. He decided to ignore his eyes that were wet with tears.  

The one who was more worried about the fact that the next Duke was a Hikikomori and nerd more than anyone else was father. It was natural to have a teary eye at this moment.   

“My brother is a genius, but because of that, he’s even more naive than I am, so I felt that he needed someone to bridge the gap between his hobby with the world.  

Whether he makes use of his talent or not depends on himself. I can at least leave the decision to the person himself.  

But I know, I can make my brother into a fine gentleman.  

I know that the time will come when he will eventually get a wife, and I would need to let go of this role, but what do you think?  

In exchange, would you be willing to keep me at home as my brother’s assistant? In addition to that, I’m thinking of being a matchmaker for my brother’s potential wife candidate, and I will take the role of noisy nanny I’m sure it would benefit you.  

After that I don’t mind being sent to church.”  

“I don’t see a problem with that, But Alice… don’t you think your language is a bit vulgar sometimes?”  

“Oh, is that right? I didn’t notice that. O Ho ho ho.”  

I wonder if I let my guard down too much? I kind of regret it.  

“Mm. Be careful.   

Anyway, I never dreamed that Alice, the one who wasn’t very interested in magic tools and hated Chris for that, would be the one that understands him the most.”  

“I never hated him; I just don’t understand what so interesting about his hobby.”  

“That what people usually call ‘hate’.”  

The night of the Duke’s family home is gently winding down.  

The next morning’s newspapers carried the news that the Duke of Stuart’s heir had developed a prosthetic magic tool that could be moved with your will, with a beautiful story about how he had donated it to a girl who had lost her arm. 


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  1. MrDot says:

    “As if to respond to their feeling, His Majesty, the King rushes into the hall and drops a punch on the Crown Prince himself.”

    LMAOOOOO If I wasn’t convinced yet to keep reading the novel, this sure did the trick🤣 Thanks for the translation!

  2. Filip Dincă says:

    Lol, the king coming in to punch the idiot, that was a great moment. But, I’m a bit interested about that girl (Marielle was it? mah memory is so gut), maybe she’s a magician that can brainwash idiots, because those fools were… really strange at least.
    Thanks for the chapter! God bless you!

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  4. jdm5000 says:

    You mean “step-sister” not “sister-in-law.” She would have to be married to his brother or the sister of his wife to be his “sister-in-law.”

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    “Reverse Harem Legion” lol thanks for the chapter!

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    See… I was interested until we got to our sis-con cousin/step brother who is in love with the main character, who I severely hope isn’t the ml, and who also fell for Maria for her “big sister” like qualities…

  8. AmbyrRavyn says:

    So it was a girl.

  9. Adri says:

    i hope the step-brother dosent become a love interest. its making me anxious!

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