PMZ 006 – A Beautiful girl with a prosthetic hand, Lav.

Now, what kind of magic tool should we make? 

I was thinking about this last night, after I successfully bought myself some time as Chris’s assistant. 

Of course, I have no intention of end up as an assistant, and I have every intention of making magic tools for myself eventually. 

I’m not super good at mathematic, but knowing that I will just need to push myself harder.   

“I guess I will need to visit my brother’s room for now…” 

The inspiration hadn’t come yet, and I headed to my brother’s room, what I need now is knowledge and experience.  

Then I encountered a scene where the maids were buzzing about. 

“It’s so noisy. What’s going on?” 

I called out to one maid and asks her what’s going on. 

“um, Akyls-sama had a visitor….” 

“Oh, Is that true?” 

“Yes! Head servant has taken over the matter right now, but we are all very confused because we’ve never seen anything like this before! We are so sorry for making such a racket!” 

“Are you serious? No wonder it’s so loud! Did you tell brother?!” 

“No, Lady, that is still waiting for Head Servant’s decision.” 

“Good work, I will take over from here.” 

I hurriedly headed to the reception room. 

It’s either a scam or a miracle that a woman is coming to see that brother of mine. 

This is a case where I was needed as his assistant and nanny! 

A tray with a tea set on it was just about to enter the parlor, and I could see the woman’s face through the open door. 

“Huh? She’s…” 

I couldn’t help but gasp at the sight of a familiar face. Then the woman turned her face to me in instant, and her expression broke out like a flower blooming. 

“My Lady! I wanted to see you!” 

She stood up as she said that, and she was that girl who wore a prosthetic hand in the hospital yesterday. 

“Have you already been discharged from the hospital?” 

“Yes! It’s all thanks to you! I couldn’t resist stopping by today to thank you, as I was on my way home from the hospital! 

Look at this! I can even handle my bag with ease!” 

She has a sparkling smile, a drastic change from yesterday, and she carry a large bag with her wooden prosthetic hand. 

Oh, she can lift even that much weight… 

”Jeffrey, I’ll take care of her, please take care of the rest.” 

Jeffrey is the name of the my family head servant. After receiving the order ‘take care of the rest’ the elder man gave his thanks and left the room quietly. 

He will now investigate this child’s background and determine if it’s safe for her to meet with my brother. 

Forgive me for my level of caution, the circumtances are just that different. It’s the difference between seeing him at the hospital and coming all the way to see him at our house. 

”……..I’m sorry, I visited the duke’s house spotaniously…… When I think about it in a calmly, there was no way I could have visited them without going through the formalities. 

Pardon me, my name is Lav. I don’t have a family name. I’m from an orphanage on 12th Street, and right now I’m an A-ranked adventurer in the Royal Capital Guild.” 

What? A-ranks…? 

She was a pretty big deal. 

From what I heard, Lav was a female swordsman who later joined a party formed by the her older brother from the orphanage, who likes to gather skilled orphans. 

Many of the adventurers originally came from orphaned backgrounds, and they have a strong sense of independence and camaraderie, so it seems that as long as they have the ability, they won’t be looked down just because they are women. 

It seems that Lav, who was blessed with good party, also had a talent for swordsmanship, and she quickly rose to prominence. 

She took on dangerous missions one after another. Before she knew it, she had risen to the A-rank, and was able to become main benefactor to many orphanages. 

People tend to say that orphans are unhappy because they’re orphans and ignorant because they’re orphans, but that doesn’t mean they have to be really unhappy just like they said. 

Even if you are ignorant, you can become rich enough to donate to an orphanage. 

If you work hard, you can be happy. 

That’s what Lav thought, ‘I should be showing this to my little friends.’ 

The turning point came when the quest for advancing to S-rank was approved. 

S-rank is the highest rank of adventurer, and only can be obtained by the slaying a dragon. 

In this world, dragons are disasters, monsters so powerful that they are said to be close to gods. 

As matter of course, the odds that you will lose your life are high if you challenge them. 

However, Lav, who had risen from the bottom at a young age to the A-rank, was not intimidated. The others in the party were the same, and they didn’t doubt that they could do it. 

But the reality is, they failed miserably. 

Everyone said it was good that not a single life was lost that day. 

Lav lost her right arm in one swing of the dragon’s claws, and she fainted, her friends decides that they need to retreated with her in tow, she didn’t know what happened until she woke up in that hospital. 

When she woke up, Lav learned that she could no longer fight as a swordsman. 

To make it even worse, she also realized that she couldn’t even live a normal life anymore. 

When she tried to get out of bed to drink some water, she couldn’t even balance herself and fell down, and it was only when she hit her head on the floor, unable to even roll, after that she realized that she was no longer the strong adventurer she had been. 

Lav felt a surge of despair. 

Lav donated her earnings to the orphanage and told the orphans that they could be like her if they tried hard enough, thinking that she was the best model for them. 

She actively supported children who wanted to be adventurers. 

She thought she knew what kind of risks she was taking. 

[How arrogant I was. 

How stupid I was. 

We may have been spoiled by our talent and not trained enough. 

Maybe we weren’t prudent enough to stop for a moment and consider the bigger picture.] 

All of this is just her late afterthought. 

Having lost the means to fight, Lav can no longer do or know anything about it. 

[Effort? Do you want to stick it out even now? Just what and how? 

From now on, I’m going to have to live like a beggar. 

What a sinful thing I’ve done; to encourage my comrade to live such a tightrope way of living. 

I have no choice but to die, don’t I?] 

Just when Lav was thinking about all that, the doctor informed her that the dukes of Stuart were coming to visit her. 

After that, we know what happened. 

That time, Lav thought, “God has came down from heaven” 

Lav finished her recollection with a wince and a tear in her eye. 

I couldn’t say anything, feeling overwhelmed while pouring tea down to wash my dry throat. 

She’s a great kid. 

I think life is has been too rough on her…  

I look at Lav with a tinge feeling of guilt, Once again I realized that I was blessed to be born in this house. 

She has brown hair and brown eyes. 

She was about the same age as I, and had a very normal apperance, but to me she looked like an enlightened ascetic, a divine being. 

“……..What are you going to do now, Lav?” 

“About that…… my physical senses has changed a lot, and it’s impossible for me to fight demons as it was before. 

However, I think I can do housework and normal work without any problems, so I’m going to retire from being an adventurer and look for work.” 

In my opinion, It’s kind of a waste. 

But that’s is unrelated. She’ve found her way of life, so you have to respect it. 

Then she gently stroked the surface of her prosthetic hand. 

She smiled at it, little does she know that her hand was once a part of lize-sized beauiful girl doll. 

Lav placed the empty teacup on the saucer and bowed her head. 

“Well then, I’ll be leaving. Thank you for having me after my unexpected visit today. Please allow me to send Aklys-sama another word of thanks.” 

“Thank you. I’ll let him know. Um, I’d like to get in touch with you, but where do you live?” 

“Thank you! Now this is my address………..” 

Then She then hurriedly wrote me her address on a piece of paper. 

The prosthetic hand is made of hard wood, so it is very difficult to write with it. 

I hope it will be improved as soon as possible. 

“Well, thank you for your time.” 

“No, I also enjoyed my time. Thank you.” 

I looked away from Lav and rushed to Jeffrey’s office. 

“Jeffrey, How was she! I hope its okay!” 

“Yes, her background check seems to be all right. Everything she said seemed to be true. It should be safe to grant her permission next time.” 


Jeffrey placed the communication-type magic tool on his desk. 

It seems that Lav was quite famous in the circles, and if you contacted the guild using the Duke’s name, they were able to give you a rough history of her activities right away. 

We nobles can’t carelessly put others under our wings.  

The more attractive the person is, the more we must be cautious—. 

“That’s great! Yeahh! I wanted to invite Lav to be my maid of honor. You know what I mean, right? Hey, you understand, right?!” 

“I understand, I understand. Please calm down my lady.” 

“Aargh! Can’t we invite her now? She haven’t gone that far yet, have she?” 

“Please calm down. We’ve only just found out the public side of her. If she is to become a maid of honor, through the guild and the orphanage will have to find out what her personality is. 

…We don’t want to repeat Miss Maria’s Rebellion case.” 

For some time now, the aristocrats have been calling it “Maria’s Rebellion”, when a lowly daughter of a noble family used a male of high ranking nobleman as a pawn to greatly disrupt their society. 

It’s only been a year or two since a certain young lady entered the academy, so the terms have only been born for a year or two. 

“Well….. I’m convinced. I’m sure Lav will have a deep relationship with us when she comes to our house. We mustn’t be in a hurry to get things done.” 

Brother, I’m sure Lav is a good girl. 

Moreover, she was favorable to you brother. 

If you are a former A-ranked adventurer, our father would probably approve of your relationship. 

Please take her as a wife! 

TL notes : 

Her name is ravu, which can be read as “Love” but not exactly correct either.  

So I was torn between Luv, Lavu and Lav, I wont use Ravu just because it sounds… not right. 

In the end it will depends on author, if someday we got confirmation on her name, I will just edit it all. 


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