LDM 476 – Culture and Education

Time for the scheduled report, I possess Narikin to give information to Nana(Toy) and the others.  

“Sanshita region?” {literal meaning: small fry, also can be read as Sunsitter}  

“Yeah, apparently, the big shot that coming from there is trying to assassinate us.”  

“What a coincidence, we got some hint about the [dungeon] and are on our way to that place too. It’s a town that is limited to humans; they adopt the policy of [equality under the God of Light’s sun].”  

I heard that Sanshita attracts people with a claim that second- and third-class citizens can work equally well there, and that was what suspicious about it. When I asked a little further, rumor said there’s a hidden dungeon there.   

“What kind of torture did Master Dolce perform? Though I’m glad he’s spoken out, but isn’t Mr. Client info is usually is the most secret information?” 

“He said the quality of the assassins has been declining. They’re losing their budget due to failure after failure.”  

Oh, that’s possible, Nana(Toy) nodded.  

“… By the way, what’s up with this situation?’  

“What do you mean by that?”  

Currently, Rokufa is wearing thin clothes and sitting next to me (Narikin), I mean…. I don’t know where to look.  

“… Oh? These two are married, right? was it strange to wear a nightgown when she’s alone with her husband in the inn room?”   

“No, but…”  

Currently, Rokuko is not inside of her, but Rokufa’s face looks exactly like Rokuko’s, since Rokuko was the one who designed her. No good, this is bad for my heart.  

It seems Rokuva will immediately going to sleep after the scheduled report is over because she wants to save the cost on the lamp’s magic stone.  

That’s why she wears light clothing and sitting on the bed.   

“… Oh! Ma’am, it seems that your husband wants to do it; let’s take it off.”  

“I don’t understand what do you mean by that, sorry I was a little bit slow.”  

“No! It’s the opposite, the opposite. I don’t want you to expose too much skin. Also, Narikin, I expect you would behave more gentlemanly in this situation. ”  

Narikin, who possessed Turan, flies with something that looks like a cardigan in his beak. It’s rather powerful for a little bird. ……  

“Rokufa, you should put something on, for now, don’t waste yourself like this.”  

 “Ummm, the only men who I allow to see my skin are Narikin, whom Rokuko-sama has designated as my husband, and you, Master. I value myself as a pretty chaste woman.”  

The dungeon monster’s way of thinking is pretty strange… No, no, I think these thought patterns are not exclusively for Rokufa? I glanced at Nana(Toy) for confirmation.  

“It’s rather common in the Holy Kingdom and the Light God religion. After all, this is a bigamy country, and it’s very common for a wife to expose her skin to one or two people.”  

“Bigamy. That’s the first time I’ve ever heard of those terms.”  

To put it simply, it’s having multiple “husbands” and “wives” in one house, creating a community… In other words, harem and reverse harem are also encouraged, that’s what we call bigamy, she said. The idea is to have the right balance between the couples, as long as it’s worth it, and the couples agrees. The children born will be raised as everyone’s children.  

It will prevent the party from falling apart in the middle due to a love affair. Childcare is less of a burden as multiple people take care of the children. On top of that, the children can receive all kinds of education from their parents and find a job they are suited for. And of course, it’s a good thing.  

… Not only was the system designed to help the top dogs to create a legitimate harem, but it was also a system that used to spread their teaching as a dungeon conqueror.  

Maybe human supremacy is also served as a tool to regulate the child’s race as [human] so that there are fewer altercations…   

If you’re a beastman, it’s easy to recognize a child type by his or her beast features. Moreover, the beastmen are biased towards warriors in terms of job suitability, or so they said.  

It’s better to have a well-balanced party to form a dungeon conqueror party so that they can make steady progress.  

Yeah, the light god religion is ridiculous.  

“Even in the empire, there are laws that allow those with nobles peerage to have multiple wives and husbands, although commoners are monogamous.”  

“If you ask me, I’m more okay with that one… Rokufa, don’t get too dyed to the Holy Kingdom custom. We only here for infiltration purpose.”  

“Oh, I see… I understand I will do as you say.”   

Rokufa put on her jacket and bowed her head with a smile. I can see her twin valley.   


When I returned to the inn after unpossessing myself, I found Niku hiding in bed, but it’s time to go to bed here too. I’ll use Niku as a hug pillow and go to sleep as usual.  

“Hafu ……”  

“Niku, I heard you got the assassin. Good job.”  

“…… Yes.”  

I pats Niku’s head, and her tail wagged happily.  

She snorted proudly, “Mufu”. Except for her facial muscles, she’s still as expressive as ever.  

“Let’s reward you. You want something?”  

“Can I…. Be held as a hug pillow.”  

“No, that’s just our usual activity …… Well, give me a second.”  

I open [storage] and look for something good …Hmmm, I’ll have to organize this space sometimes.  

Ah, found it.  

“Let’s make something out of Orichalcum. What would you like?”  

I pulled out a thumb-sized orichalcum golem that was meant to be a dungeon boss.  

I succeeded in mass-producing this guy with the boss spawner that I got from [father] before.  

Well, it’s going to take a month for it to respawn, so it’s hard to say it’s mass-produced. …… If you can get a thumb-sized Orichalcum once a month – honestly, it’s a treasure that will let you play for the rest of your life.  

And if I want it, I have two boss spawner, so if I set up another Orichalcum golem spawner, I can get one every half month.  

It’s difficult to process, and since it’s an Orichalcum it can only be processed in a few places, the places to sell it to are limited, but since it’s a dungeon item, it’s not impossible to sell it as it is, since it not come out as unprocessed ore. 

You’ll be able to lure a lot of adventurers who are looking for Orichalcum, so it’s best not to set it as a dungeon drop item. If you do, the busyness of the inn and dungeon activity will be skyrocketed.  

It’s not like I’m having trouble with food and shelter, to begin with, and with the gold coins I got from Wataru, my savings are already perfect.  

“I’d prefer a knife, but… the orichalcum was a few, right?”  

“If I make only a part of it in Orichalcum, I can do it. The weight of the product will not be that different compared to use Orichalcum for everything, and Its performance should not be that different.”  

“Want it then.”  

“Since I can’t make it a pure orichalcum, I’ll make the blade and handle out of an orichalcum, I will make two of them.”  

I process the Orichalcum with [Create Golem] then replaces the iron knife’s blade with an orichalcum. It’s a blade that was called as Tsukiyaki blade, it’s not boiled though. {tsukiyaki-> sukiyaki, get it?, no?} 

By the way, the reason why a Tsukiyaki blade is considered weak is because the blade part is fragile and becomes dull quickly. But this is an orichalcum; what this means? It’s reversed, this is a strongest blade. 

Because Orichalcum doesn’t have that brittleness at all, it’s a feature of the strongest metal.  

Now let’s work on the blade…  

The Orichalcum is too hard to be polished, so I have to generate the blade as well. …… Well, if I soften it and sandwich it between the top and bottom, it will become thin. I’m not sure how much I can do that, but I will continue like this while maintaining this thinness… by the way, this is also a blade golem, in case you didn’t notice.  

“All done. How much time did I spend?”  

“Yes, Master, its 15 minutes for two.”  

“Then, this is yours.”  

“Thank you, Master.”  

I put it in a scabbard and handing it over to Niku, her tail wagging so fast, signaling that she is so pleased with it.  

A little girl who is happy to receive… weapons …hmmm. I can’t help but wonder if I mis-educated her.  

TL note:  

Don’t ask me what Tsukiyaki blade is; the boiled part is a pun with Sukiyaki -> Tsukiyaki  

Tsukiyaki blade:  


in short, it’s a process of adding another metal to your blade, I don’t know what it’s called in an English word, so I leave it as it is.  


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  1. Jalil29 says:

    It seems as Ziru is planning on translating chapters as they come up as well.

  2. YOUDS says:

    thanks for the chapter

  3. Filip Dincă says:

    Thanks for the chapter! Good translation! God bless you!

  4. Soviet elf says:

    >it’s a process of adding another metal

    It is called “Alloying”.
    Yes, the elves studied metallurgy in Motherland.

    Thanks for your work

  5. Kef says:

    It might be similar to folder steel of katana. Or it could be damascus steel where 2 metals are folded together. One soft and one hard to allow the blade to flex slightly but still be very strong.

  6. lopobia says:

    I’m currently at volume 12 of Light Novel .(english translation)
    How many chapter of WN does the LN cover upto volume 12 ??

  7. Hevensdragon says:

    So zira is now translating the current and past chapter, he is actually one ahead now. He said a ton of nonsense like, he has always been pressured to catch up to authors as he never has been, and how because he releases at the same rate as them he never saw a problem with it, but that he is caving to pressure.
    In other words he is blaming the readers for being unreasonable, and also just flat out lieing about his release speed, he has always been inconsistent on holdy his schedule, and even that schedules time frame changes, we were lucky to get one a month at times. He also acts like he translates out of pure generosity and we should just be thankful, yet has way more adds on the page than are needed to pay for the page plus he for a huge portion of the time did earlier releases for patreon, and even after he was no longer alowed profit of the novle do to it being licensed he continued to give long standing patreons the code for earlier chapters, sometimes only updating the patreon version for months.
    Now has his claims of why he postings current chapters, but the reason is very clear, he wants to take control of the novel from you, in his versionof this chapter, he put the names you use for characters as notes right above the names he is using making it clear he has looked at your translation which he is still calling raw mtl btw, now no offense but his translation quality is better so normally i would jump over, that said between your much better attitude and that your translation quality is quickly getting better and there isnt to much difference at this point in your qualities, i would actually rather you rip this novel from him. Right now he is motivated to keep up out of spite, but if you stop, he will go back to how he normally posts. What sucks is many are loyal to him, and qont even come look at your chapters as the keep getting called mtl on his site, dudes just toxic af, while playing corporate style word games of how he isnt profiting on the novel.
    So yeah im sticking with yours.

    • Ziru says:

      1. I picked up the series at 73 chapters released by the author. To date, I’m about 80 behind. Seems about the same release rate to me. 7 chapters difference across 4 years. I go months without releases for sure, but don’t forget I released near 40 chapters in January—nearly a year’s amount so far as the author’s rate is concerned.

      2. Not blaming readers, just said F it to seeing the same complaints crop up for another round of translation. Now everyone gets the best of both worlds. How is that a bad thing?

      3. You know that I communicated with the license holders directly, right? Like I talked with the founder of JNC. I got permission for everything I did post-patreon removal. JNC said absolutely 0 donation revenue can be for LDM, so I asked about leaving the prereleases to thank people who’d given me cumulatively hundreds of dollars over the 2-ish year span I had it up.

      4. The names above character names you saw in the chapter is something called ruby, it’s in the raw itself. I didn’t add it. Not sure what you’re getting at here? It’s similar to how when Aidi says play, there’s a tiny “duel” right above the word. Same thing.

      5. Keep up out of spite, huh. Wow. I didn’t know wanting to continue something I’ve spent over a thousand hours on is spiteful? Occam’s razor my dude. The simplest explanation is generally the truth. Is it so hard to believe that me purchasing a home during this pandemic’s lockdown and working 70 hr weeks back to back were enough to keep me from translating for a few months?

      6. CoronaTL is an mtl group though? The translator said as much when we had a back and forth when I returned and talked here.

      7. You know that I’d get more $/time invested by not translating, right? There’s 0 financial benefit to me using my little free time to translate, it’s just me de-stressing by working on a thing I’ve been doing for half a decade now.

      8. No corporate word games, just careful with my words because comments like this tend to paint me in the worst light possible. It’s a habit I’ve had to pick up after hosting a public site for the last five years. You’d be surprised at how often someone tries to rip me apart for not translating as often as they’d like me to ._.

      Finally, how am I toxic? Corona and I are cool with each other, you and I have never talked, and I have and always will be 100% fine with people translating whatever series they want. I’ve taken 0 steps to have Corona stop and even said go for it (continuing) when he asked if I wanted him to stop.

      • Hevensdragon says:

        Well shit, didnt expect you to respond here, you’ve never responded to me on your site, despite that i have on several occasions tried getting your attention. So yes we haven’t talked before.
        So point for point

        1, a fair point, though release rate is probably the wrong wording, it implies a schedule. While long term it does work as you did keep pace, it wasnt a constant rate and rather burst heavy.

        2. If that wasnt your intention you may want to check what you said, it was very much worded you were doing this because of pressure. Which would be blaming the readers.

        3. I do know you talked to them, didn’t know they oked the prerelease part. But here is the thing you may not addvertise patreon for ldm, but when anyone catches up they see this chapter is pateon only. There is several ways for ldm readers to find your pateon. Can you really say you dont have supporters on patreon who are supporting do to ldm? Sure you arnt offering benefits, but not all readers can even tell that, a large number of comments over the years were confusion of how to get the earlier chapters, and while some were answered many were not, and even more were just confused by vaugness.

        4. So thank you for the term that makes it easier to talk about, so yes ive noticed the ruby many times in the past, often they are good for a laugh. But they are normally for terms, not names as far as i remember. Now the one i was referring to is the toy one above nanna. Now corona translates names where as you dont(exept meat/niku) like he turns ichigo into strawberry, and mikan into orrange (personally whould rather he didnt on those) but point was he has been calling character by different names that you do or would. For instance you using nanna, he uses toy, so it looked like you were leaving a note for his readers to be able to tell who is who.

        5. Ok for this one it come down to a few things, biggest thing, timing. Gone for a long time, long enough many whould thing you dropped the novel, and then the week somone else starts translating your suddenly back, yes its going to look like you came back in responce. Now based on the response ive gotten in your comment section you did give updates, no clue where, were they on you patreon? Still for most readers coming from novel updates they arnt going to go digging for answers they dont even know exist. So is it hard to believe, no not at all, but was that reason readily known? Do you know how i first learned of that? Your diehard fans including bits of it in there flames for one of my first posts asking about why you disappeared. Now my assumption on is and was that you dont want to let go of a series you put so much time into, it doesn’t sound like i was wrong about that, now that on it own is not spiteful, its how you go about it that determines if it is. Did you look at your comment sections after you talked about corona and him being mtl? I feel like if you did you would at least kinda see why it could be seen as spite.

        6. Alright on this one just flat out, are they? Your the only source ive seen state that directly. The first chapter posted absolutely was. But since its been hard to tell. Also there were notes here and there about ways certain characters could be read as well as a few instances of wordplay being notice and attempted to be translated, and those are all normally signs of actual translation vs mtl. So if this is mtl its very good edited mtl.

        7. So i actually address this on your site before in great detail. Now obviously i cant see the numbers, and for the most part what you said is right, but patreon is a big wild card here. It alone can completely flip this situation from you making nothing to you making a living. I brough up how its not uncommon for a subscriber to just leave themselves subscribed, and the smaller the amount the more likely they will just say fuck it and leave themselves subscribed long after they stop reading even. Maybe they hope youll come back, maybe they just are lazzy, there are hundreds of reasons. It wouldn’t be that strange for you to have subscriber to pateon that subscribeed because of ldm that just stayed subscribed why you were gone. Now i know that isnt what you meant with ” You know that I’d get more $/time invested by not translating, right” your more likely trying to say you could take a better paying job in that time.

        8.”No corporate word games, just careful with my words because comments like this tend to paint me in the worst light possible”….. um did you just deny it by doing it? I dont even know what more to say on this one. I think you need to learn the difference between being careful and being cagey. Careful is good, cagey make people suspicious.

        Now again, your right we haven’t talked before, but im not saying you were toxic to me so that doesn’t really matter, toxisity can be observed by a third party. That you and corona talked and are cool with eachother its mindblowing, i would not have guessed that, and based on comments on both sites, i think most arnt aware ether. Based on the way you talked about corona in you pre chapter updates i was sure you looked down on him. The way you avoid his name on your site for instance and just say, another translator came of a bit derisive, mind you i do get that not wanting to say his name do to the whole pandemic and frankly do find it in bad taste. But still there had to be better wording choices.
        But then if you are on good term i have to ask, why not work together?

        • Periodic says:

          Them being fine with one another isn’t some hidden secret, and neither has Corona hidden that they’re edited MTL with very basic Japanese.

          • Hevensdragon says:

            It was never a question of are they hiding it, it was a question of unclear mixed messages. I knew corona was fine with ziru, but saw no indication ziru was ok with corona, lots of his meages gave the impression he didnt.

            Also hadn’t seen that post, that answers a lot of my confusion if why i didn’t think he use mtl, so its a hybrid.

      • liejinsan says:

        umm, thank you for speaking in my place, I’m probably on the same page as you.
        and I literally only check the comment section today. probably an hour ago… really… thank you for writing that wall of text, that probably took a good chunk of your time…

        anyway, I decided to drop this series since I saw you continuing from the last chapter, our position actually really similar, and I wholeheartedly hope the best for this series, that’s why I will drop it.

        and for others that still following me, all I can say is sorry, but I believe Ziru will produce much much better translation than myself.
        also thanks for sticking up for me(both sides), I really do appreciate it.

  8. Yakitori says:

    Dude you snipped this from Ziru.
    You do a machine tl, with what appears to be minimal editing, as it is barely easier to read than reading this on Google translate.

    Meanwhile Ziru is still translating and clearly puts a ton of effort into every chapter as it is really easy to read in comparison to your tl.

    Can you just not dude?
    Ziru just skipped 82 chapters due to your nonsense.
    He was too nice to point the finger though, but the reason is clear seeing what chapters were skipped.

    This is a very good wn and to have Ziru skipping 82 chapters because you snipped this from him is annoying due to the serious quality difference.
    If I wanted Google translate level tl I would go and read it on Google translate.

    Please if you are intent on doing this, pick a wn no one is already doing.
    You already had a number of wns no one else was tling.
    IE. modern weapons cheat, Upper world to lower world.
    Yet, you dropped them ages ago, even though they were both decent wns.

    Then you snipped ldm from Ziru who clearly didn’t drop it.
    What is wrong with you Corona?

    • Yakitori says:

      Disregard this at point due to the reply from Ziru here.
      I would delete this if it was available as an option.

    • liejinsan says:

      yeah sorry, I really been busy last week, I did not even check the comment section.
      I did not realize ziru has continued this, I will officially drop this now.

      don’t worry, I was aware of my shortcoming, and I do appreciate this, thank you for giving me heads up on this.

      and … I totally don’t know what other WN I had translated… I literally only do two WN, LDM and PMZ.
      still, since ziru has cleared that up, thanks.

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