PMZ 007 – I have something in common with my Genius brother, but somehow, we can’t understand each other.

Jeffrey informed me that he had finished her background check even before the clock finished turning its longhand.  

“Well, aren’t you too fast?”  

“Not necessarily, it’s because she’s a celebrity, I’ve heard the rumor about her before, but I don’t know what she looks like until today.  

And she seems to be a very determined woman.  

If the person willing, while leaving aside the talk about wife candidate, I believe she could be accepted as a maid in this house.”  

Finally, I got the go-ahead to recruit her as a maid.  

She seems to have a good nature and a healthy body, and she has never had a relationship with the opposite sex before.  

According to the story, she has a powerful S-ranked adventurer as a brother, and he has an ironclad guard over her male friends.  

Incidentally, she still lives with her S-rank brother, but he has been on an expedition to another country for a while now; I know this from my family’s intelligence division, which knows that s-rank brother personally. The connection was closer than I thought.  

Jeffrey says that no matter how different our worlds are from each other, the people’s relationship near the top will be close. It was oddly satisfying.  

But an S-ranked brother… 

Usually, this would be a reassurance, but for some reason, it makes me feel uneasy.  

Lav-chan brother, I wonder if there’s more into it?  

…Well, it doesn’t work; it’s okay. But first, we must ask her to be our maid.  

I decided to go ahead and talk to my mother first.  

“A maidservant? And Jeffrey said okay?” My mother, who first answered unenthusiastically that it was okay, rose hastily from her chair when she heard that Lav had met my brother Chris and he was favorable to her.  

“A-are you serious?”  

“Yes. This is the girl with the prosthetic hand from yesterday. You can see her in today’s newspaper…”  

“I see, that girl…”   

She muttered and quietly put her hand on the tall pile of newspapers.  

Believe it or not, those are all today’s newspapers. Are we a vendor?  

When my mother found out that my brother’s article was on the front page, she had the entire Duke’s family servant to buy it up from all the newsstands in the royal capital.  

“Mother, what are you going to do with those newspapers?”  

“isn’t it obvious! One is for all the servants, one for your friends, one for viewing, one for storage, and one for a spare!”  

You sound like a nerd, and I can clearly see the depth of her blood-related behavior with Chris.  

Come to think of it, my mother was a famous book collector in the noble’s social circles, and she especially liked to collect heroic and great biographies, but could this count as…?  

I thought about the possibilities, but then I decided to stop thinking about it.  

Anyway, I’m going to try to get my mother on my side of the “Lav Capture” team before my father does, because I know she dotes on Chris.  

She’s frustrated that my brother hasn’t been able to find a fiancé, even though he’s the next Duke.  

The reason why he can’t decide is that because we have too much power as a duke family, and it’s difficult to keep the balance of power among the noble families — usually, it would have been best to marry off to the royal family, but there are only boys there.  

That being said, marrying other high-ranking nobles would not be good from the perspective of the royal family,   

and because of that, we turn to the lower-ranking nobleman, but I’ve seen who knows how many times the young Lady of said noblemen, who was so excited before meeting her brother, gradually lost the light in her eyes when she actually met him.  

That kind of thing seems to hurt not only my brother but my mother as well.  

My father doesn’t seem to mind it, but my mother has a tremendous amount of say in the matter when it comes to the bride who enters our home.  

“Even if you don’t like Aklys, you should have put more effort to understand him a little.” she said, not getting a chance to other party to defend their case. 

“Take that girl right away! I’m not sure if she should start as a maid. I can ask my sister to adopt her, and then she can be engaged to Aklys immediately.”  

“Mother, please calm down. We haven’t started anything yet.”  

“If you don’t start, you won’t start!”  

This is not good.  

She’s too dangerous. I shouldn’t have said something so careless.  

“Mother. When I say favorable, I mean that we’ve only seen each other for a few minutes and exchanged a few words. She still doesn’t know what kind of person my brother is.  

As for me, I think that we need to take plan this slowly, step by step, little by little, letting her get to know my brother for what he really is.  

For now, you don’t mind if I make her my maid for the time being?”  

“…Can I trust this matter to you?”  

“Of course.”  

Our eyes met, and we nodded quietly to each other.  

The maid watched the whole thing from the corner of the room and later told her fellow maids that we look like two of the Four Heavenly Kings who were planning something.  

Lav was given a heads-up that we are coming, and we drove the carriage slowly to the Lav’s house.  

Sitting next to me is Mary Ann, and in her hand is a hand-me-down gift from mother to Lav.  

The contents are chocolates that were said to have the effect of a love potion.  

It doesn’t have that kind of magical effect, but there’s a kind of common understanding among the lords that the girls who receive it become easier to seduce.  

What is my mother thinking, letting me carry a love potion?  

And I’m the one who’s need to carry it. 

While listening to the sound of the carriage turn with rattling sound, I think an idea.  

How about a magic tool in the shape of a carriage?  

Like a car, one that doesn’t need a horse and drives itself.  

I was lost in thought about the structure and formula I needed to make it, and before I know it, we have arrived in front of Lav’s house.  

It was a small but lovely house, well-kept and warm.  

Mary Ann knocked on the door, and the Lav, who seemed to have heard it, came out immediately.  

“My Lady! I haven’t seen you in a while! I know it’s a small place, but please come on in!”  

“Thank you. I’m sorry to rush you, but I had something important to talk about. ”  

As I said this, I handed her a gift.  

When I tell her it’s chocolate, her face lights up.  

“Chocolate! I’ve had it once, and I was very impressed with how delicious it was! It’s like a dream to be able to eat it again!”  

We often picked cacao fruit for the ingredients of the chocolate, which sold well, but whenever we picked it, a flock of fire hyenas would chase us,” said Lav, who prepare us a cup of tea.   

Then she arranged the chocolates neatly on our plates, and we sat around the table together. At first, the three of us were chatting about small talk.  

When we were halfway through our tea, I saw that it was about time and cut to the chase.  

“By the way, Lav, you said you were looking for a job. Have you found any?”  

“Hmmm, there are a few places that would let me work if I asked, but I haven’t decided yet.”  

“In that case, if you want to, you can work for us. Currently, we were short-handed.”  


Lav widen her eyes and freezes.  

“Wa-was it no good?”   

“No, no, no! It’s not that I don’t like it or anything but… Me? a servant of the Duke Stuart’s household? This Me?”  

“Precisely, I invited you with that intention in mind… would you accept?”  

“By all means! Please!”  

She asked me while leaning forward with a speed that almost topples the table.  

To be honest, I was surprised.  

“Are you sure you are going to decide this quickly? Won’t you need to discuss this with your family fi…”  

“No need to! I’d rather make the decision before my brother gets home!”  

“That brother, you didn’t mention him earlier. He seems to be a fine man, but what is he like?”  

“Guh… Sorry, I didn’t mean to hide it…  

My brother is the strongest person I’ve ever seen.  

……… It’s not like I was boasting or anything; he’s really is strong.  

In the first place, it was big brother who gathered the orphans and made the party. But big brother didn’t need to form a party; he was strong enough on his own.”  

The tone in which she speaks in a mumbling tone is somewhat disheartening. At that moment, I somehow felt that I got a glimpse of the reason why Lav and the rest of the party rushed to promote themselves to the S rank.  

“Of course, all of my friends and I knew that we weren’t weak either, but my brother was exceptional. So when my brother said he was going to go solo, no one was against it.  

It was soon after that. He took down the dragon solo. When I heard that, I thought that we were the one that was going just too slow…”  

[We wanted to be equals.]   

She didn’t say it outright, but that’s what I get from her expression.  

“My brother is a great man. We are a brother and sister, but he’s different.  

….I honestly felt the need to get away from him, too.  

Please. My Lady, please hire me.”  

This decided it; I will hire her.   

… I’ve accomplished my goal, but it’s not what I expected.  

Oh, Lav, please, make sure you talk to your brother.  


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