LDM 477 – [Storage] content


I decided to clean out my [storage] once in a while.    

For what it’s worth, the contents of my [Storage] are full of dangerous things. Black balls that explode with keywords, purple dummy cores, the blank dungeon cores, and orichalcum blades given to me from [father]… and something else in that nature that I cannot tell others. There are also a few unused spell scrolls in there that I was going to use later.  

….Or it should be.  


When I check my [storage], I can’t find anything; the only thing left was the core I got from [father].  

Only a single core fell out from my [storage].  

“… What’s happened?”  

Fortunately, the God’s bedding – I wear [God’s Pajamas] as jersey, and [God’s Alarm] as a wristwatch, so it hasn’t disappeared. The [God’s Blanket] and the [God’s Comforter] are also safe because Rokuko is the one that keeps them.  

But where did the other items go? the food that I had Kinue-san make for me, or the golem blade I’ve saved up also gone.  

I stick my hand inside the [storage] and try to probe it, but I don’t feel anything. Usually, I would feel like I could somehow get a sense of what’s in there and where it is in my head.  

I look into the [storage]. Its entrance is like a gaping mouth of black space, if I stuck my face in, I probably can see of what inside…. but I’m afraid that the time would stop for the body part that got stuck into if that happens, the blood flow will also stop, and I might die, it’s dangerous to try this alone.   

I need someone who can rescue me in case something goes wrong.  

“So that’s why you called me.”  

“Rokuko, you are the only one I could ask in a situation like this; in case I stopped moving while shoving my head inside the [storage], please pull me out immediately.”  


So I decided to take a look inside [storage], accompanied by Rokuko as insurance.  

… Hmmm, I poked my head in, but I couldn’t see anything.  

It’s a space where there’s no sound or light.  

But suddenly, the light returns to my vision. It looks like Rokuko has pulled me out. In addition, I feel a strange sensation; one of my shoulders felt weak, accompanied by a simultaneous tap on the other **tap-tap-tap** which surprised me.   

“Oh! Why did you pull me out…? It hasn’t even been five seconds yet.”  

“Kehma, are you okay? you stopped moving, About 15 seconds.”  


I didn’t feel like I was stopping at all in my own consciousness, but I still didn’t even recognize that I was stopping; it seems that even my perception is robbed. It was a good thing I had Rokuko as insurance.  

She also tapped my shoulder a few times, but it seems that I didn’t respond.  

Does this mean the sensation I had was building up when my head was inside? And those build-up sensation is released at once when I got out.  

… the experience I had can only be described as bizarre.   

“the [storage] is unexpectedly dangerous.”  

“It totally is.”   

But still, where did the other things go?  

It’s not like there was a hole in the [storage], and it leaked out …… No, I don’t know the principle, so it’s not impossible that such a thing could have happened.  

“Hey, Kehma. This is the core [father] gave you, right? so you still have it.”  

“Hmm? Ah, that, I just realized that if I want to level up my [Super Transformation], a dummy core will be enough.”  

Rokuko stroke the core and said…   

“… Maybe your stuff is in here?”  


“I mean, just like my master room, it’s quite possible for this core to have its own.”  

Rokuko is now hitting the dungeon core, but her theory is very probable.   

“… I see. This one is not a dummy core, it’s a real core, isn’t it?”  

“if so, then we can treat it as extra storage space, but first… I must know how to look inside it.”   

As she said that, Rokuko put her hands on the dungeon core and trying to do something. “mmmm” it seems she is trying to get inside this core.  

Can you even go inside the other core? But then again, I remember that we had once visited the master room of that Orange Rabbit. Or, to be exact, we were invited in.  

“I can’t open it, come on, Kehma, you should try it too.”  


I put my hand on the dungeon core from the other side to match Rokuko’s. …… I try to remember what it felt like to walk into Rokuko’s master room and lightly poured my magic into the dungeon core.  

No, since I’m going to pry it open, I should do it with more force.  

As I poured my magic power into the dungeon core, the core’s glow clearly increased.  

… did I do it, right?  

“Hmm, I have a feeling we’re almost in.”  

“At least I’d like to get my Orichalcum sword back.”  

Rokuko also put in more power, and the core glows in soft golden light.  

It somehow looks divine, but I feel like …… something is fatally wrong. Because when I enter a dungeon core’s master room, it’s not supposed to be like this.  

“Hey, Rokuko?”  


“What do you think we’re doing now?”  

“What? That would be, of course, ……, er, ……, what are we doing exactly?”  

Rokuko tilts her head, Oii.  

And the light in the dungeon core is getting stronger.  

“…… I think it’s about time to stop this, don’t you agree?”  

“ah yeah, I thought so too, and I’m actually trying to stop it, but it just won’t stop for some reason, you know?”  

“!!! I can’t get my hands off ……!”  

It’s as if the vacuum cleaner is sucking my hand, glued me on, and not letting me leave; my magic power flows on its own. It’s just a tiny amount, though.  

“Rokuko, are you okay?”  

“Yeah. I don’t really feel that something is wrong with it; it’s just that I can’t keep my hands off of it. By the way, I know it’s a bit sudden, but I’m feeling the urge to take a bath in the hot springs. Do you want to go?”  

“I’m not going.”  

What are we talking about in a situation where we can’t get our hands off this thing? Are you going to enter the men’s bath or the women’s bath? We don’t have mixed bathing at the inn.  

“Mmm, too bad. But what should we do about this?”  

“…ah. Maybe we can use the dungeon feature will help us leave?”  

“Kehma’s [super transformation] is also an option. Oh, but, um, …… it might be okay to keep this for a little longer? I mean, I can’t leave you alone, so what can I do?”  

Rokuko kept her hand on the dungeon core and gently moved her face closer to mine.  

And then. Suddenly, the dungeon core emits an intense light.  

“Whoa, it’s bright!”  


As soon as I moved my hand to hide my eyes, the dungeon core flew off. It seems it left in a hurry, And then it falls neatly into my opened [storage].  

*Boom!* from inside the [storage] I could see a pillar of light rose and then settled down.  

“There’s not a scratch on the …… ceiling. …… but what the hell was that ……?”  

“w-well…? But are your [storage] content is safe?”  

“There’s nothing left inside anyway; the only one inside is that core… and what happened to it now?”   

I stuck my hand into [storage].  

… hmmm, I feel a soft and warm sensation. Huh? But then something slimy tickled my hand.  

“AAAaaaa? What, what?!”  

“Wa, what’s up, Kehma?”  

“There’s something in there! it licked my hand!”  

“Huh? doesn’t [storage] also stop the creatures from moving? Let me try it.”   

And Rokuko stuck her hand into my [storage]…  

“!!! What the… what is this?”  

“D-did it does something?”  

“What is this? It’s… a smooth… hair?”  

Panicky, Rokuko, flailing her hand inside the [storage].  

“!!? It got me! Ke-Kehma! Help!!”  

“Yesh, I’m pulling you out now!!”  

I pull Rokuko away and then–  

— A dark-haired girl with a firm grip on Rokuko’s hand appeared from [storage].  

TL Notes: 

Okay, as you might know, this chapter has been translated by Ziru himself, which is I think as a good thing, like the first time I said when I start translating this series, you must acknowledge that Ziru is the better translator. And this series deserve it. 

To be honest, I feel very relieved now, it was a lie if I said I was not feeling a little bit sad to hand this over, but personally I want the best thing for this series, and my decision is to leave this on the hand of better translator. In the end I think this is a happy day, I can finally focus on PMZ which is a challenge on its own. 

But why I still translating this chapter anyway? Because I already translated it since sunday… but only had a time to proof read it today, because I was rushing plus minus zero that was delayed last week (totally not because genshin impact). 

Second reason is because I want to at least say parting words to people who follow me because I translate this, from now on I will stop translating LDM and focus my attention to PMZ. 

I’m also trying to get in touch with sloth to take over Evil Lord of intergalactic empire, because to be honest Sloth’s probably the one translator that had almost same modus operandi and motivation as me, I hope he will let me continue that series. 

That’s all from me, thank you for being with me in this bumpy yet fun journey, and I will still continue that journey, just on different series. 

PS: sad news  

I keep getting Barbara when I’m trying to simp for Fischl, the heck …. I got Venti though, so it was good. 


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