PMZ 008 – the Rumored S-rank Brother.

Mary Ann read the letter on behalf of the head servants as she talked about wages, work hours, and holidays.

“Isn’t my wage is too good?” Lav shuddered, but it’s really not. She probably makes more money when she was an A-Ranked adventurer.

When asked if she wants to live in or commute from her home, Lav was hesitating a bit. Still, after pondering for a while, Lav decided that she would choose to go back and forth until her brother came home. Personally, I think that’s the right thing to do.

She said she could start tomorrow, and when I told her that I will send the pickup tomorrow morning, she was refusing it with all her might.

[I’ll go by myself], she said.

“Well, then, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Yes, my Lady, it was my pleasure to meet you.”

She bows; it seems she still nervous.

There’s no doubt she’s a good girl, but she’s a little too stiff…

I wish you could be more confident.

At night, I talked with my brother Chris while helping him with his improved prosthetic arm design.

Chris didn’t know what happened during the daytime because he was locking himself in his room, but he had to be ready because Lav would be coming tomorrow.

However, since I was considering Lav’ inferiority complex’ when she actually met my brother,  I delivered the news in the wrong way.

“…Hey brother. What would you think if you had a lovely, energetic, hardworking, and excellent little sister?”

“Could it be that you’re talking about yourself?”

“No! of course not! Well, I wish, but no.”

“umm then… If I really had an ideal sister like that, she would be so cute that I would want to do anything for her, but I’m sure it would never happen, so let’s leave that as a fairy tale.”

…That ticks me off, brother.

I don’t think I have the right to say anything, but I’m a hard worker!

Well, It doesn’t matter!

“So… let say such a girl is real, what if she’s not your sister, but one of our servants? How will you react?”

“… that’s scary, and I won’t be able to leave my room anymore, but I’ll at least look at the color of her underwear.”

“Oh, in that case, I’ll confiscate this magic tool.”

“Oi, wait, Alice!”

I tucked the spectacle-shaped magic tool into my clothes without listening to my brother protest.

“Brother, what I want to ask you is not about you being scared or shy, don’t you want to look cool in front of a girl like that?”

“Well … that’s…”

“Also, you should never use this kind of magic tool. It’s the most uncool and the worst thing to do. From tomorrow, I’m going to interfere with your every word and action.”

“Why you suddenly…”

“Because I have decided, it’s about time I gave up my dream of becoming a queen; from now on, I will direct my effort to change my brother so he can be a better man. It’s that simple.”

“I don’t wanna…”

“Look… a pretty girl like that ideal sister of yours will be coming to our house tomorrow.

Mother and I will support her, so someday she can be someone important to you. Of course, her feelings will have to come as a first priority.”

The conversation took an unexpected turn, and my big brother stiffened with his mouth hanging open.

“The ideal … little sister … pretty girl …?”

“Yes. You know the girl you gave a prosthetic hand yesterday? I’m hiring her as my maid of honor, but I’ll introduce her to you tomorrow.

Oh, by the way, she was very grateful to you, brother.

She even said, [He looked just like a god.]

You can’t look pathetic… okay?”

My brother stood up and began cleaning the magic tools, materials, paper, and writing utensils that were lying around in a mess.

Until now. no matter how much the maid of our house had tried to put clean those up, he wouldn’t let them touch it while saying, “I wouldn’t know where the things were.”

“I’ll help you.”

He divided the materials by type and put them away in a box. The life-size beautiful girl doll’s remnants were gently placed at the very bottom of the said box.

The next morning,

It was so easy to see that my brother was stiff and nervous.

Usually, he’d be up all night, and this would be time for him to go to sleep without breakfast, but today he got a good night’s sleep (although he couldn’t seem to sleep) and had Mary Ann make sure he was well dressed in his clean and tidy room.

If he could maintain this style, my brother is actually a fair and handsome aristocrat at first glance.

Although a sense of regret inevitably will leak out as girls converse with him, but I think he will be fine if he didn’t turn on his nerdy switch; at the very least, he could get away with an impression of someone who seems a bit quiet and docile.

… isn’t he actually a fine man?

Mother’s eyes are twinkling with anticipation; Father also seems to be prepared after hearing about her last night. Luke is visibly confused since he doesn’t know what is going on, but he decided to keep quiet since the atmosphere is more cheerful than usual. Together with Akyls and I, we’re all currently eating breakfast together.

We had just finished eating and were drinking tea when Jeffrey informed us that she had arrived.

Mother and I stood up simultaneously, and my big brother freezes while holding his cup. My father and Luke looked at Jeffrey and us in turn with a confused look on their faces.

“I’ll come to meet her first; brother and mother can wait in brother room.”

“No, I am the mistress of this house, and I should be the one to greet her. Alice, you’re the one who’s going to wait in Aklys room.”

“But Mother, you’ve never even had to greet a servant before this, haven’t you?”

While the two of us were racing to get ahead of each other, we arrived at the servants’ lounge and put our hands on the door.

At that time, I suddenly felt a sensation as if I had broken through a thin film — the feeling of breaking through a magical barrier engulfed my body.

“”…..!!?”‘ “

I involuntarily retract my hand, my mother seems to have felt the same thing, and her playful expression fades away, making the air tense at once.

A warding spell was erected around the room with the Lav in it, and we broke it?

Who and why would anyone do that…? I’m a little confused.

As I froze in front of the door, Jeffrey explained from behind me.

“…miss Lav’s brother is also here to greet us.”

Eh? Is he back?

Jeffrey opened the door first, following quietly behind him, we as mother and daughter, who had lost our momentum. Lav hurriedly stood up and greeted us.

“Good morning! Oh, um, from today on, thanks for having me!”

“Likewise, nice to meet you and welcome.”

I didn’t know how to respond correctly, so I responded with the safest option.

Jeffrey went behind Lav with a grim expression and spoke to someone. I guess that’s the S-ranked brother of Lav, he still firmly sitting down on the sofa.

“Hayato-sama, it’s not good if you use magic without permission. It’s rude to use it on our Mistress and young Lady.”

“Sorry, Sorry, I’m really sorry about that, but I mean no harm to your Mistress and young Lady, I put up a warding spell to repel malice, and they just broke through it. No harm was done.”

The content spoken in that low and refreshing voice is quite rude.

Even in the social meeting of this world, it’s not okay to preemptively put up a filtering barrier in our very first meeting. It would be a different story if you had a very solid reason to do so.

“Hey, brother! I told you to stop doing that!”

“We need to at least be wary.”

This is a pompous monster parent of brother, I thought, and then Hayato stood up and stood behind Lav.

 It was then…

— what a beautiful person. —

…I was stunned, and only such a stupid impression came to my brain.


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