PMZ 009 – lightning speed

Hayato had light brown hair, and his eyes color is the same as Lav, but his appearance is truly divine.

I even got the illusion that his hair and skin is glowing.

Prince Melchizedek, I don’t know where you are and what are you doing right now, but I got to say this, your beauty is nothing compared to this man in front of me.

I can’t take my eyes off him; it almost like my eyes are dead.

Thi-this is what they called by a [pheromone that will melt your eyes]?

“Big brother, stop it. They are my benefactor; even if you do it without any bad intention, it’s still rude!”

“You don’t know anyone besides this young Lady, do you? I won’t let people look down on you just because you are commoner.”

“Even if they did, I’m fine with it! You know very well that I’m strong enough to stand on my own in case anything happens.”

“A..about that…”

While we are watching the light bickering between brother and sister in a daze, Hayato finally gave up and shrugs his shoulders, then turns to us.

His every movement is so beautiful; it almost like he is coming out from a picture.

Indeed, if you are his relative, you will feel some complex about it.

“Nice to meet you, Madam, young Lady, I’m Lav’s brother, Hayato. I heard that you gave a prosthetic hand to my sister; I came here to thank you in that matter as well.”

He… he is too beautiful that it becomes scary instead. Please don’t look at me!

How is this happen!? I don’t have a plan to anticipate this!

My Mother’s reaction as a Mistress of this house is certainly different from this childish me. Mother returned Hayato greeting with an elegant smile while maintaining her graceful appearance.

“No, your sister has been badly injured, isn’t she? I’m sure you must have been surprised to hear the news. Also, I’m glad to hear that Aklys’s research was helpful.”

“Yes. I’m ashamed to admit that I didn’t know about my sister’s injury until recently, as I was away in a foreign country.

My sister should have contacted me, but I guess she felt too guilty about her recklessness and kept quiet about it.

I heard the news and hurriedly came back.

To be honest, I was shocked; I couldn’t believe that she’s had been saved by the Duke’s family until I saw the actual thing.”

Haha, ohoho… I could only laugh inwardly.

The conversation proceeds peacefully with my Mother, who actively sell Chris’s good point, and Hayato was really come to say thank you on behalf of his sister. Though he also implied that he won’t forgive us if we mistreated her just because of her commoner background.

It also a fact that once an adventurer reaches an S-rank, even a Duke’s family cannot afford to take him lightly.

Those who have reached that rank are immensely powerful; their power is just in a totally different league. They even had more power and influence than a lower rank nobleman.

When I finally calmed down, I approached Lav and talk to Hayato.

“Hayato, was it okay for Lav to work at our house?”

“Yes, I also judged that working here will be safer than working in a bar or in … “

Understandable, Lav is a cute girl; I know the feeling of a brother that wants to protect his sister from a random pervert.

In this house, I’m the one who will introduce that pervert to her, though.

I’m lucky that the malice wards didn’t repel me.

After that, Hayato left after drinking his tea.

My eyes unconsciously followed the teacup that the maid took to clean.

…are we going to wash that cup? What a waste.

Shouldn’t it be enshrined as a relic?

Realizing the dangerous thought that had sprouted in me, I hurriedly shook it off.

More importantly, first, we need to get Lav to get dressed as a maid.

The maid dress is more modest than her Master as a matter of course, but it’s still customary for a maid to work in a dress in this country.

This is where my former life skill will shine.

I drag her arm and take her to the dressing room.

“Come on, maid squad… Do it!!”

“What, ah? Young Lady? What is happening?”

The maids surround Lav and started to strip her of clothes; Lav let out a cute scream. Thankfully Hayato is not here to hear this.

“Well, since you have light brown hair and eyes, any color of the dress will do. I think the design should be something pretty to go well with your face.”

It’s fun to think about and choose a dress.

I choose the dress for Lav, who stood there, stunned, half-naked; the dress was coming one after another. I felt like a big sister taking care of her little sister. This is how I spent my first girl-time after a long time; right now, I’m feeling excited and happy.

“Miss….. I didn’t ask for this.”

Lav is now dressed in a modestly decorated pink dress, and with her hair braided up, she muttered in a small voice with a cute gesture.

“I thought I came here to clean and take care of the horses or something like that! What in the world am I supposed to do dressed like this? I look like a well-groomed little lady, and what in the world am I supposed to do?”

“Well, let’s start by learning how to use a polite language. You can only be recognized as a servant of the Duke’s house if you use language befitting a lady.”

“You mean I don’t qualify as a servant now?”

“I’m sorry to say this, but that is true. I want you to pretend to be our family member first and experience what it feels like to be treated as noble.

Only then, you’ll know what to do without me telling you what to do. “

Sorry, that was a lie.

You don’t need to experience something just to understand what to do as a maid. I never actually did this to anyone else.

But since I had my past life memory, I can understand why the idea of dressing up and getting a paid didn’t is weird. Still, I wanted to make sure that she could get used to this without backing down even for a bit.

Lav, who seemed convinced, tightened her expression crisply and straightened her posture.

“…I understand! If I learn nobleman feelings that I can serve you with the best of my ability!”

“You don’t need to do that much, just relax.”

I looked away because of my guilt.

But if she’s really going to be my brother’s bride, she’s going to have to get used to her dress and adjust her speech to match up with noble society.

Oh yeah, I’m worried if my brother will have another breakdown after seeing Lav in this dress.

I kind of worried now.

Then a few days passed.

While Lav was there, I kept my brother at my reach, just in case. And the day goes by (unexpectedly) without an accident. After meeting her a few times, it seems that my brother has gotten used to her presence.

Right now, he’s able to give her a light greeting when they met.

Lav’s movement slowly becomes more and more graceful. Her choice of words is also becoming more polite.

We were proceeding at a good pace.

“Akyls-sama is a wonderful person, isn’t he…”

Lav whispered that accompanied by her sigh while looking at my brother’s back after he greets her.

Ooooh, I didn’t expect that, nice brother!

It’s already clear as day that my brother is in love with Lav, I can see him properly take his sleep at night, he eats properly too, and he’s been taking care of his look recently, what more, he even does some exercises even though he’s not used to do it.

I’m so moved by his efforts to be a different person. It only took him three days to steel his resolve. I see him in a new light.

It is a beautiful girl’s smile that can change a boy’s life, not a hundred words from his family.

It’s almost like I’m the one who’s been rewarded. I’m so happy for him.

From now on, I need to show Lav the true side of my brother, little by little.

Because this is just the beginning, it necessary to put the right mindset before we proceed further.

“Was he? brother Chris is kind of weird; he can’t stop talking about his hobby all the time.”

“That’s often the case for those with a researcher’s spirit. You’re able to achieve great things because you’re committed to what you love to do, and I think that’s a wonderful thing.”

“He often gets so nervous when he is facing new people, and sometimes, he said a foolish thing.”

“I love the gap between his usual dignified appearance and that other side of him. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been mesmerized by that gap in his personality.”


Do I still need to help them?

It’s going better than I thought it would, and it’s relatively too smooth. This is scary.

I mean… Lav… did you wear some kind of filter in your eyes.

My sister-in-law (to be) is worrying…

And today is the day my brother gave a gift to Lav, but I think he won’t need my assistance this time.

While drinking the tea that Lav had brewed for me, I waited for a signal from my brother.

“La.. Lav, there’s something I need you to see. Please come to my room with Alice.”

Here comes nothing.

The gift was… an improved version of the prosthetic hand.

“I wonder, what’s the matter?”

We head to Aklys room. Lav’s face was full of smile.

When my brother opened the door, a white skin colored arm illuminated by sunlight was placed on the table in front of him.

“…that is?”

“Your new right hand, I made it. It’s more natural and easier to use than the current one. Also, It’s lighter and requires less magic to operate. I hope you’ll accept it.”

The moment she heard it, Lav covered her mouth with her hands, and tears of happiness spilled out.

 “It can’t be…? For me? I can see the bag under your eyes… Did you stay awake at night to make this?”

“That’s… just natural for me to do so.”

Lav broke down in tears as my brother gave her a lousy smile.

“e-eh? Did you hate it? I-I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you cry…, I…”

“No! I’m happy! Please don’t make me cry more than this!”

She’s yelled at him, and my brother is confused.

He looked at me for help, but I shook my head and made a gesture with my mouth to say, “Go.”

As if to say that he understands, my brother nodded; he reached into his pocket and pulled out a small box from inside.

Wait, What?

A ring!??

No, I mean, I did say “Go”, but… usually people will give a hug or handkerchief!

Why did you suddenly propose to her!? Is this because of his communication disorder?

“Lav! If it’s okay with you, will you marry me!?”

Lav looked up at my brother as she sniffled and paused for a while, then nodded quietly.

My brother happily took her left hand and fitted the ring with a large stone on her ring finger.

“But, are you sure you want me…? I’m a commoner, and my body is… only left with one arm.”

“Yeah, I am fine with it, and you know, I was glad that it was the right hand that you lost… This way, I can put a ring on Lav’s real finger.”

You, who are you?

I silently left my brother’s room alone, pinching my cheeks, wondering if I was daydreaming.


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