PMZ 011 – Banishment = reward.

At night, my father called me in.

When I walked into his office, Oh? This is rare…

my father sat in his chair, in his dozed off state.

When I approached him, he woke up and slowly rubbed his eyes.

“You look tired, father.”

“Yeah, … But the reason I’m so tired is because of Chris’s education. I’d welcomed this kind of business anytime, and it’s all thanks to Alice, once again thank you.”

“No, I did nothing. Everything just fell into place where it should be.”

“Yeah, it is…

… now, about that case that we’ve been putting on hold.”


I guess this is about how I will continue from now on. To be honest, this is scary.

“I was originally planning on marrying you to Viscount Roland (42).”

Ahhhhh! Isn’t that the old nobleman who had two divorces!

Oh my God, was my value is that low!

My father scratched his cheek awkwardly as he puffed.

“If you think about the age and family position that is equal to you, then Chris is the only child of a noble who wasn’t engaged.

And if I chose Viscount Roland’s son, then all that was left would be a third son who was addicted to gambling and a fourth son who didn’t even have the right to inherit the title.

So either way, it is a bad choice for Alice.”

I know that you would choose the best for me, but isn’t 42 years old divorcee is too much!? The age difference is more than twice; I’m a pure 15 years old girl!

“Very well, will marrying me to Viscount Roland give us a political advantage?”

“No, not really. It was the same with Chris, but in our case, if you’re going to get married, your partner needs to be a royal, or at the very least an earl, or you’re going to be a laughing stock. Viscount Roland was just accidentally fit the bill.

By the way, he’s not very smart, and it would be easy for Alice to manipulate him to our advantage.”

“Don’t send your daughter to such divorcee for that petty reason!”

“I know… to be completely honest, I don’t want to send you there, so what do you think?”


I will do it if, by doing so, it will bring us some additional value, but if you just want to keep zero as zero, then I will reject it.

“Then… Church is your only option, but if possible, I want you to be happy.

Alice has done so much for turning Chris into a decent man, so if you have any other wish, I want to fulfill it with the best of my ability… do you have your own idea?”

“In that case…”

Think, I must think of something. I don’t mind entering the Church, but once I got in, my connection with the outside world will be cut off, and I can’t go back.

Is there anything left to be done? Or rather, unfinished business that holds me back, I guess I do have some… but it’s more like regret than anything.

That’s right, a regret… I haven’t been able to make a single magic tool yet, and… I’m going to miss seeing Hayato, who I’ve become so close to, ever again.

If I’m allowed to — even if I had to let go all my house benefit, I’d like to be an ordinary commoner.

“Father, I …… want to be a commoner and live in the city.”

When I told him honestly, my father stared at me, surprised.

“Are you serious?”

“I am.”

“Wouldn’t it be easier to go to a Church? Life may be strict, but your safety is guaranteed.”

“I’m aware of that.”

“… If you live in town, you’ll have to hide your connection with us.”

“I know, but it can’t be helped. I can’t afford to bother the Duke’s family.”

As we talked, I realized that I was going to the path I walk in the game.

In that otome game, Alisha is supposed to be banished to the city at the end of the story and never to appear again.

I didn’t think I’d be the one to say that I’d be live in city, but here I feel a force of fate, and I shudder.

Then it flashed to me… when you go back to the main menu screen after completing that otome game … to be exact, after completing the reverse harem route, there should be no more targets to attack. But there is; it’s what they called a hidden route.

And the capture target in that route is…


How did I forget about that … You surprised me, miss. You really need to stop remembering every detail at the last minute you are about to be checkmated.

“… If you’re that determined, I’ll allow you to do so. If Alice has thought it through and decided for herself, then I have no objection.”

Voila! Father has given his permission! Too late then, it’s getting to the point where there’s no way to go back now!

…… No, in the first place, I’m not trying to back down.

It’s annoying to follow the same route as fate dictated, but the decision is undoubtedly is my own.

This feels like coercion by game compelling force, it’s either you married into a 42-year-old accidental mate, or join a Church, or a life in the city.

I think any maiden in her twenty will definitely choose the city.

At the very least, I can grow flowers, bake bread, and occasionally go out and play.

“Alice, are you sure you want to do this?”

“Yes. Thank you for listening to my selfishness.”

Tonight’s story ended here.


Now that it’s decided, I went back to my room and gathered the memo of my research on new magic tools.

Because It’s a shame that I can’t personally make one, at least I want to make an automatic car design and leave it for my brother to finish.

It needs to be compact and simple; otherwise, he won’t be able to make it in his spare time.

I look through the pages of the art formulas that incorporate attributes in search of inspiration.

I haven’t gotten to the point where I can incorporate magic tools that deal with fire and ice attributes yet, because there’s an issue with their power output.

While normal magic focuses solely on power for the sake of battle, magic tools power is suppressed to make life convenient, and the power is reduced to that a certain amount so it can be properly…. Hmm?

I wonder if it’s possible to use this; maybe it’s possible to use magic and magic tools in conjunction?

If there’s a technique to suppress them, then there may be a technique to enhance it.

I’ve been thinking about this for a while now, and I’ve noticed that the magic tools are very similar to the magic equipment in my previous life’s video games.

—I want to try it.

I gulped. Then I take out a fan and write two magic formulas with ink on the handle and use the magic arts to connect it.


The formula quickly sank into the fan.

It should work with this.

I waved the fan at the wall and released ice magic that used just a bit of mana. If the magic tool formula is unsuccessful, the magic effect should have froze the wall for one second with the area of effect as large as my body.

If it’s a success…


The area of effect of Ice magic that I released on the wall is somehow larger than my body, but it quickly dispersed with a grain of light.

“i-it’s working…?”

I’m not sure; I need more proof; a stack of two is not enough.

“[Connection release]”

When I release it, the formula comes up again on the fan surface. I rewrite it from two to five formulas, connect it again, and here comes the second try.


The effect now was noticeable.

The time it last and range were precisely five times as long, but the mana usage remained at a minimum.

What would happen if someone used this on powerful magic?

What should I do?

The magic tool that was meant to make your everyday life comfortable has turned into a weapon.

This is not good. I need to consult someone about this.

“…… Brother, may I have a word with you?”

I chose my brother, not father, as the person to consult with.

I had a feeling that brother would be better for this kind of talk, somehow.

“Hm? What, what’s going on?

Our previous sense of distance was gone, and my brother welcomed me with open arms.

“It’s about this. What should I do?”

I released the connection magic in the fan, and I handed it to my brother. When my brother sees it, his eyes widened, and he made a grim face.

“Alice, what’s the meaning of this?”

“I had an idea, and I tried it.”

“Yeah, as you might have already understood, it was bad for this to spread.”

“As I thought, it was like that?”

“Yes. It would be an excuse for the Royal family to take the business away from us, and most importantly, if this was used for war …”

“Yes, I understand…”

If this stuff spreads, there’s nothing but disaster.

Besides, since we only make tools that make life convenient, no matter how much money we make and how much power we gain, the royal family turns a blind eye to us; at mos, they will be happy to bind our family through an engagement.

It will be a different story if we make a weapon. Our entire business would immediately be confiscated. They can even use a ‘treason’ for an excuse.

“Let’s dispose of it immediately.”

“Hmm … how about this? if you set it up so that only you can use it and adjust its power so that it won’t be obvious that this is a magic tool, then it’s possible to use it as it is.”

“Are you sure about this?”

“Well. Father and I have one of those, too.”

“Really? I didn’t know.”

“Yeah, it was a secret, do it properly, and you won’t get caught.

Then let me teach you this, if you put your full name here in this part of the formula and connect it like this …ack, it’s yours, so it won’t mean anything if you don’t write it yourself. Please do this part yourself.”

I borrowed a pen and wrote ‘Alisha Ophaniel Stuart’.

My brother gives the fan finishing that and tries to use it towards me.


He shoots recovery magic at me. The light softly clings to my body and disappears, making me feel somewhat rejuvenated.

“Just now, I use [1] mana.”

After saying this, he now pull out a silver mithril nib and point at me. I see that was your “weapon”, wasn’t it?

“This is also [1] mana. Healing.”

The recovery magic that was released was different than before. The stiffness in my shoulder was cured. The number of enhancements should be around three.

“Do you understand… with this only the owner can use it’s power.”

“Yes. It’s kind of …… awesome.”

“Yes, it’s great. But if you make the numbers too big, the material won’t hold up, and it can break in one shot, so you can’t make it as big as you want. At least there’s a limit on that.

I think Mithril is the one that can endure the most so far, I tried it, and it can endure up to 70-fold of mana usage of [1].”


It’s dangerous enough.

My brother cast a concealment spell on the fan and returned it to me.

“Alice… You can use this, but remember, don’t let anyone find out …… and don’t overdo it.”

“I understand. Thank you.”

“No, I was the one who was thankful.”

What? Is this about Lav? You don’t need to mind it.

“Oh, yeah, brother. About this… if you have the time to make one, please do so… that if you like it, of course. I don’t have the time to finish this.”

I handed over my design plan for a cart that runs on magic power that I wrote up halfway through.

It didn’t need an engine, so even an amateur like me could make it to some extent, but the important thing is that the box is so big that I will not be able to make a prototype to test it.

But I believe that my brother can complete it.

“Huh? Oooh, ……! What is this? It’s amazing! Alice, you are the best! This is a bundle of romance! A car that runs on its own! Dammit! Why didn’t I ever notice this before!”

“Isn’t that because you were a shut-in?”

But it was worth it. He was happy to see it.

I left the room, leaving my brother alone, who started muttering to himself enthusiastically.

TL Notes:

this chapter is for last week quota, I will post more after this, because someone has decided to donate a generous amount.

also… for I’m the evil lord of intergalactic empire, it will have to wait, I need at least a confirmation from Sloth in two-week time, if he didn’t respond I will just treat it as abandoned project, and just as LDM, if he want it back then I will handing it over immediately.


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