PMZ 10 – Less Than

From that day on, Lav officially became my brother’s fiancée. She’s now wearing a prosthetic hand that indistinguishable compared to a real hand. She worked hard to study so that one day she could become a real noble lady.

As for my brother, even after that miraculous transformation, he continued to maintain his conduct; he began to be aware of what he could and couldn’t do while still being a gentleman, and eventually, his real gentlemanly nature began to shine.

He was smart to begin with. Once he put his mind to something, he will quickly learn and understand the core of the subject.

My father, my mother, servants, and of course, myself were pleased to see that the longstanding question of who should succeed the Duke’s house was finally settled.

Every day feels like a festival now.

However, Lav is concerned about her leaving the position of my maid of honor so soon said, “At least let me be your maid until the wedding!” She came directly to persuade me, but that was not going to happen, so I asked Brother Chris to take her away.

“I’ll forever be your maid of honor! Even after I married!”

While listening to the Lav’s voice, which was gradually moving away, I rested my weight on the back of the chair and looked up into nothingness.

After the engagement, my brother became busy with his training to become the next Duke, including the study about territory management. He began to learn them in earnest.

Thanks to this, he seems to have almost no time for his hobbies, but it’s just that the price for being a selfish son until now has come back to haunt him. He deserves it.

I’m sure he’d be thrilled if I show him my idea to make carriage run automatically.

But I have a feeling if I dare to turn on his nerd switch right now, Father will definitely scold me.

It cannot be helped, so I’m spending time alone, lost in my thought like this… and since I have time to think about other matters, I just realized that everyone related to my engagement incident had disappeared at once.

I didn’t notice it before since I was busy with my brother and Lav, but the life young Lady without her academy and queen-to-be education is surprisingly empty. Also, there’s the fact that I had no plans for marriage, which make this more depressing.

Well, it doesn’t mean that I will laze around forever.

I’m learning about magic tools, but I cannot put my mind into it because I’m afraid I’ll have to abandon the knowledge after I leave this house.

In the end, a lot of things have happened, but I’m glad that everyone (except me) is happy.

To think of it, there’s one more person who was left out of this celebration.

It was Hayato.

He was a bit angry when he heard that his sister got engaged on the day Chris proposed to her. He said, “Isn’t it too soon?”

He is right; it’s too soon.

But Lav did not budge. The fact that they were engaged even before holding hands is a testimony on how devoted Akly is to Lav. Hayato, who accepted the fact, finally congratulated her.

“Be happy.”

I just realized, while we were happy that our family would grow in number, that also means Hayato would be alone in that well-kept, small, warm house.

After Lav getting married, once he got home, the lights would be out, and there would be no one to say welcome home.

How does he feel about sending his family members out?

My heart ached a little.

As I was taking a walk in the garden to distract myself, I was called by Hayato, who was about to leave, he came here to discuss Lav’s wedding.

“Young Lady, it would be dark soon. Wouldn’t it be better to stay inside the mansion?”

“It’s okay. It doesn’t matter what I do. No one cares what I do.”

I couldn’t help but say those sulky words.

After the engagement was broken off, I was only allowed to live in the mansion as Chris’ assistant and nanny.

I will never be dreamed that my brother will find his partner so quickly, but since he will be married, My role is ended.

I know that neither my father nor my mother was so cruel that they would throw me away immediately, but it’s also true that I don’t have a place in this house anymore.

Hayato seemed like he was in the mood to chat with me, and he quietly followed me from some distance away.

“Who cares? You are the young Lady of Duke of this land.”

“Soon. I won’t be one.”


“Well… a lot of things happened.”

“Hmm. Does that mean you’re forced to leave this house?”

“Yes. I never doubt my parents’ love, but it doesn’t mean that I can stay here forever.

Eventually, I will become a nuisance to this family.”

*fufu*, I heard a small laugh. I almost turned, but I stopped myself.

I’m scared of his beauty.

“…. something’s funny?”

“No, I just thought that we are alike.”

“With you? How? You have a lot of power, fame, beauty, and everything else that people want.”

“I can return those words to you.”

“No, I have nothing but my beauty.”

The current me may have some money, but I can’t keep it for long, which means it’s no good.

“You just called yourself a beauty.”

“Yes, that’s fine. No one else has ever told me that, so I have to do it myself so that I won’t ever forget.”

“Is that so?”

The voice was suddenly so close that I couldn’t help but turn around in surprise.

Hayato was standing right behind me.

When did he get so close?

He bent down to meet my eyes and observe me.

For the first time, I realize that the irises in his light brown eyes have a mixture of gold. I wonder if I was going to die of shock in the next a few seconds after being showered in this dazzling aura in front of me.

“You’re beautiful.”



“yo-you teasing me.”

“I’m serious.”

He smiled at me.

What is this? I finally understand the feeling of a cat that doesn’t want to be pampered.

“So, don’t forget that.”

“Yes, sir.”

This moment was definitely engraved into the pages of my youth.

I’ll enjoy flipping through it every day until I’m old.

“Hey, miss, did you just call yourself a nuisance?”

“I did.”

“It’s the same with me. Before I know it, the people that I thought were my comrades began to look at me differently; it almost like they were forced to match their actions with my mood.

They would apologize for every little thing… no, that was not it, they can’t even say what on their mind to me.

Fortunately, it’s still at the level where we could laugh it off, so I got out of the party before it was too late… but I was definitely a nuisance to them.”

“So that’s what happened…”

Perhaps he’s talking about the time he left his party and Lav.

So that’s how it happened.

By the way, Hayato talks a lot today! I wonder if he doesn’t have anyone to talk to.

I thought he was scary, but maybe he’s not.

Now that I’ve gotten used to his shining beauty, I think we’re getting to know each other a little better.

[I hadn’t been talking to others lately], he muttered. His appearance is the very picture of a person who doesn’t have a good way of life, and the mundane word “lonely” quickly entered my depressed mind.

“… we’re kind of…….lonely, aren’t we?”

“… you’re right; it’s lonely, isn’t it?”

I seem to have everything, but I don’t have anything.

I wonder if it’s the same for Hayato.

And I don’t know what to fill this loneliness with.

Our eyes met, and we smiled.

“Miss. Thank you for helping my sister. Thank you for all you have done for us.

Even if you’re not a noble anymore, you can still come to me if you need help with anything.”

“I didn’t do anything; it’s my brother. But thank you, I would come to you if I’m in real need for help.”

“Let me introduce myself once again; my name is Hayato. What’s my Lady’s name?”

“Don’t you already know my name?”

“We never properly introduced ourselves, and no, I haven’t had the honor to learn your name yet.”

“… that’s right, then… I’m Alisha, but those who close to me can call me Alice, please do so, Hayato.”

“Got it, Alice.”

Today I think I have become a friend with Hayato.


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  1. F says:

    Now that I think about it, the others have non-Japanese name besides Hayato.
    Is he, like, actually a transmigrator or something? Or author-san just like the name and used it for no serious reason?

  2. Is this Fureraba(Friend to Lover – Visual Novel)~?
    Because it’s TOO DAMN FAST~!

  3. mi_shiru says:

    I was expecting a proposition like “hey wanna get hitched just for fun?” When they smiled at each other😂 this novel made me crazy

  4. Panacea Seer says:

    This is too lovely, pft Is this man our ML cause I approve very very much approve. Off to the adventurer life!!

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