PMZ 013 – Ex-heroine vs Ex-villainess, FIGHT!

Currently, I’m no longer a member of Duke’s family, so I can’t utilize the intelligence division of my former house, that’s why I had to do this myself.

I wonder how Hayato and Maria will meet now? I mean, I don’t even know Maria’s whereabouts.

Sheesh… I should have paid more attention to what His highness and Maria doing after that night.

My father once asked me if I want to know while chuckling, but at that time, I said, “No, not really.”

I’m pretty sure nothing good is happening to them judging by his expression at that time.

I wonder how everyone else has been since then? I feel like it’s been a long time, even though I don’t really want to see them.

Don’t tell me they got disowned… No, no, no, that would be going too far.

At that time, I wouldn’t have imagined that my foolish thought was actually a reality.

Next day.

I was walking around the city to buy groceries accompanied by Hayato, by the way, Hayato ended up living with me as a chaperone, of course, he sleeps in a different room (I sleep upstairs while we sleep on the first floor), But I was so nervous that I couldn’t sleep at night, and before I knew it, morning has come to greet me.

Despite having a pretty face, Hayato himself is dense. But I cannot help to become conscious of his presence.

While we’re shopping together, a girl shows up and say “um… you’re Hayato the Chameleon right!? I’m a big fan of yours, please shake my hand.”

This situation occurred multiple times, Hayato only smiled and rejected them politely every time this happens, the girls walk away with a flushed cheek.

What with that “chameleon” thing, I totally missed my timing to ask him.

… a second name?

Well, he is the target capture of otome game after all.

He is the embodiment of a perfect figure of a man imagined by a teenage girl, he is an actual idol.

…wait, that unfortunate prince is also a captures target…

I push away the face that suddenly popped out in my head.

It was then.


My body involuntarily stiffened at the sound of a familiar, lovely yet unpleasant voice, I can feel the goosebump appeared in my whole body.

That iconic pink hair flashed through my mind.

— Baroness Maria.

There she is, my natural enemy, the Heroine!

I turned around quickly, and I saw my natural enemy there.

With both hands over her mouth, her round eyes moistened and walked closer as if she is a small animal.

Her slender, cute figure is still there, but there’s not a trace of her usual noble appearance, she is dressed in plain white robes like those of surgeon from my past life, she still a pretty girl though.

Her intense gaze stares straight at Hayato. ignoring me, even though I was right beside him, I doubt if she even noticed my existence.

“It’s really you Hayato! Do you remember me? we met a while ago, you held me in your arms in the woods on that silent night.”

— really?

When I looked up at Hayato, he gave her a confused look and tilted his head slightly.


“What, you don’t remember? You know, this was about a month ago at night.”

“… Oh, could it be that you were on the verge of becoming a matango fungus bed in the forest outside the Capital city?”

“Aaah! no! You promised not to tell anyone that! But thank you for saving me that time! Thanks to you, I’m doing great now!”

The Heroine spun around and tripped, she loses her balance and clings to Hayato.

“I’m sorry… but… I… I feel very comfortable in Hayato’s arms, just like that time.”

I think it’s inevitable that I feel a slight urge to kill Maria, who now smiled and say “Ehehehe” in Hayato arms.

What was that?

Why would she bother going to the forest at night to be attacked by a matango? And why do you describe being rescued from being a matango fungus bed as “hugging me in the woods on a silent night”?

And… you can see me, right? I know our eyes met a second ago when you did that spin, why did you treat me as if I wasn’t here!

And those well thought words that have left your mouth for quite a while don’t tell me you said that without any intention of provoking me.

Phew… alright then.

Bring it on!

Now listen to the graceful tone I temper in my education to become queen.

“Hayato-san, is this, your friend?”

I gently touch his arm with my fingertips, I traced it to the back of his hand, and he jolted a little.

I grabbed his hand and pulled his arm as I stuck into him, of course, I already calculated that my big boobs will hit his arm.

This distance and sloppiness were a taboo in my queen-to-be education, I’m very nervous and conflicted to do this, but isn’t this is my weapon that I should’ve used a long time ago in the aristocratic society?

Miss Maria, I will go down to your level. So, you can’t do as you please anymore.

“eh, what… oi, Alice…?”

Hayato was flustered when I suddenly closed the distance, and Maria… she had lost her cheerful expression, now her face was like that Noh mask.

— I’m sorry, Hayato. I’ll explain it to you later, for now, I want you to go along with my antics for a little while.

A gong rang in my brain.

“Errr… who is this? Hayato, is she related to you?”

First Move, Maria.

She doesn’t seem to know who I am. Is it an act, or is it for real? Well, it doesn’t matter either way.

“Oh, I’m sorry it took me so long to say hello. My name is Alice. I’m Hayato’s…”

Ugh. What am I going to say now? I stuttered.

I can’t just interfere with people relationship, what would be too annoying. But I have to stop him from getting involved with her, even if I have to lie.

What is my connection to Hayato?


No, that’s not enough reason to disturb their conversation.


That’s pushing my luck too much.

And there’s the fact that the three of us attracting a lot of attention to consider, what I say now will surely spread to the whole city in an instant.

If I take that into account then…


How about that!

It’s a fine line between being more than a friend and less than a lover, but I could certainly meddle in his choice of a woman.

Satisfied with the answer I gave her; Maria gave me a smile.

“Hmm… I see… a partner, huh? … you don’t look very strong, are you sure it safe for you to fight with Demon? Hey, sis?”

Oh my, you really don’t seem to know who I am.

If she knew I was Alisha, I’m sure Maria would say, “It’s awful for you to force people to fight for money, no matter how strong the person is, he will still get hurt if he injured.” {people die if they are killed}

Maria, who can’t use the appeal of being a frail girl, is not to be feared.

“Fight with Demons? I wonder if I need to do that?”

I’ll throw that smile back at you.

I tried to look confident, to be honest, I’ve never fought a demon before, but I’m sure there are many kinds of partners in this world, not all of them is required to fight. It’s safe to say that I’m not lying.

Maria muttered with a frustrated look on her face, “fine then…”

Oh, she’s gone meek.

“The guys around me aren’t much help… but…”

[guys around me] are you talking about your reverse harem troupe!?

They are here!? Where?

As I quickly looked around, I found a group of familiar men among the crowd, who currently watching us from distance.

Ack, it’s THEM! They wear tattered equipment and seem to be exhausted. They look like they were having a hard time, what’s happened to you guys?

They don’t look like high-ranking aristocrats, much less a royalty. Right now, they look like an adventurer with a pretty face.

It’s good for me that I found them this quickly, …but they’ve been looking at this direction for quite a while as if they want to say something to us.

“Oh? Sorry, I guess I made them wait a bit. (Damn, they’re so impatient…) Oh, yeah! I got a great idea! Hey, Hayato, would you like to join our party?

Just between you and me, they are a noble in disguise, well me too, I guess? We’re all noblemen, but don’t go around to tell anyone, okay?

And one of them is royalty, someday he will become the king of this country when he reaches an S rank! If you help them, he will definitely give you a medal, maybe even make you a noble!”

What!? What are you saying, miss?

You probably shouldn’t disclose that! Did the king tell him not to come back before the prince slay a dragon? If so, he’s practically disowned!

Also, what with that whisper? as Heroine of an otome game you probably shouldn’t say those things!


Maria expression was tense as she hears Hayato’s cold voice.

“Let’s go, Alice.”

My arm is forcefully pulled, as he hurriedly got away from the scene.

“Hayato? Wa-wait!”

He didn’t even look back at Maria’s as she fell down, and pushed forward, splitting the human wall like Moses.

Hayato… is angry.

His face was more frightening than anything I’ve ever seen before.

TL note:

Matango : Japanese shroom monster? Tbh, this is the first time I heard about them, I guess it’s famous in japan?

Matango (Japan, 1963) | VCinema

Sorry for the delay, but my work is GONE, wth, I always use cloud storage to back up everything I write, and suddenly  it reversed back, almost half of my work is gone just like that…

And it’s strange, when I said gone, it’s not completely disappeared, but it almost like someone use my document and press ctrl+z multiple times, suffice to say it mess up half of chapter, really strange error.


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