PMZ 015 – [LOVE-NOTE] & Hayato’s training

I don’t know much about adventurers.

I know that A and S ranks are the top tier, but if you ask me to explain how great they are, I will honestly say that I have no clue.

S-rank is… strong enough to slay a dragon?

What about A rank then? How different are they from B rank?

No idea …….

I’ve fallen in love with an adventurer, but I don’t know much about the person you fell for, so I started playing a game. I began to write Hayato’s profile in my [LOVE-NOTE] notebook.

By the way, this [LOVE-NOTE] … Every time I look at the notebook title written in my handwriting, there’s a voice inside of me saying, “Don’t do it. The shame will haunt you for a lifetime. You will add another black page in your page of youth.”

 It’s a strange warning that echoed inside my head, but no matter how hard it tried to warn me, the message won’t reach my ears because I was so drunk with love and motivated to do this.

On the first page, I wrote his name, birthplace, family structure, and his second name are [Chameleon], S-ranked adventurer, and… that’s it, I run out of thing to write, I was quite surprised at this. What more…? Age:17-18(estimated?) height: 180 cm? (maybe?) hobby: unknown. Okay, this won’t go anywhere; I will just ask him directly.

“16 years old, 176 cm, hobby is hunting rare monsters.”

At first, I think it’s a very childish hobby, but then again, we’re not talking about PO * EMON here. He’s hunting real monsters. Hey? Aren’t your specs too high? I’m going to fall in love again at this rate.

The fact that he’s only one year older also surprised me. Well, if you look closely, you can see that his face still has a child-like beauty in it.

I thought he was a bit older than that because of his outstanding achievements.

What a perfection… or on the flip side, you can say he’s scary indeed.

“What kind of rare monster?”

“Well, something like dragon, phoenix or griffon, nothing exceptional, it’s hard to find something that has become a legend.

Mithril golem and other precious metal type golem, they also considered as rare monsters too.”

I still get the illusion that you are talking about your favorite RPG game to new players… well, that’s because this naive me still doesn’t know anything about this world.

By the way, I like that type of game in my previous life.

“good…. This is interesting….”

Hayato immediately responded to my mumbling.

“It certainly is, Interesting.”

A real adventurer must have many hard and painful things to do that can’t be described as “interesting,” but you can still call it “interesting” is it because you’re talented?

“By the way, Alice, are you interested in this? You said you were going to find a permanent job in the city… don’t tell me you’re going to register as an adventurer?”

“Honestly? I once did think about registering, but…”

That’s the truth anyway. From Lav’s story, I learned that adventurer job is suitable even for a child from an orphanage, so I thought as long as I didn’t do something reckless, I would do just fine.

But now the thing has changed, since Maria and Co. also there. … I don’t want her to take Hayato.

“…but not anymore?”

“I see, ah… but it not that dangerous if you only take jobs meant for low rank. It probably more secure because I can accompany you.”

“You, accompany me?”

An Ideal-dreamlike situation then! I can also keep Maria in check; this is what they called by killing two birds with one stone?

“In that case, Hayato, let me do this, someday, I want to hunt rare monster too!”

“… it cannot be helped then. Okay, first, stand there for a moment. I want to see your ability.”

“Like this?”

I move to a slightly larger space and stand straight.

“Right. Well, I’m going to shoot magic at your direction, try to calmly defend against it, you can also choose to avoid it.”

“Okay, understood.”

He is right. You have to be able to do that much to be recognized as an adventurer.

I’m going to give it my all.


Hayato shoot recovery magic with a distracting voice, It was indeed slow, so I dodged it without any difficulty.

But there was no time to be proud. The shot flew in one after another. And they are getting faster and faster.

“Wa-wait isn’t your pace is too fast!?”

“You want to be an adventurer when you can’t avoid this much?”

Eventually, the reflex and physical prowess I’ve developed in dance lesson no longer enough to avoid it, and I started to deflect it by releasing magic of my own.

“Not bad.”

“I have confidence in my sight and reflexes!”

Blinding light suddenly popped from all directions.

It blinds my sight, and my vision is getting narrow and narrower.

Just as I was about to tell him to stop, I saw Hayato lift the corner of his mouth and smile, and I had a bad premonition about this.

“Ummm! I want to gi…”

“Oooh, not bad, not bad at all, this is the last! Just try and stop my attack!”

“Don’t ask for the impossible!!”

“You won’t know it before you try it!”

Before I could finish, Hayato’s figure disappeared — no, it looked like he had disappeared. He is moving horribly fast. Even if it wasn’t me, anyone would have missed it.

Before the last magic he unleashed can reach me, my wrist is grabbed, and my body is pushed against the wall.

I got pinned in kabedon style.


I was already out of breath when I was immersed in my first-time kabedon, and slowly Hayato’s last magic hit and healing me. I can feel the strength returns to my body.

“I won.”

“Isn’t that obvious! there’s no way I’m going to win!”

This was not a match, to begin with.

But it was a delicious experience, so it’s okay.

Thanks for the Kabedon.

{she was treating this like she receiving a snack}

“I’ll let you register as an adventurer if you can at least avoid the pinned attack once.”

“Then, I’ll do my best!”

I fantasied about the time when we would camp out at night together, then cuddle and sleep in each other’s arms to get out of the cold. I’ll do my best for that moment.

I know I didn’t do well today, but I feel motivated to do it with this.

This is my first step; I believe I can reach his heights if I tried hard enough.

That night I wrote today’s experience in [LOVE NOTE] feeling somewhat disappointed in my ulterior motive; I wrote down Hayato’s height, age, and hobbies, as well as my analysis of his habits when he shot magic and where he like to aim.

TL notes

… at least she is properly analyzing him?


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8 Responses

  1. judeiiro says:

    ahhh cute! kabedons are the most delicious dons out there wwww

    also i believe “tittle” is a typo! it should be “title”? the sentence starts with “By the way, this [LOVE-NOTE]”, the 2nd paragraph after the first few one-liners.
    tittle is the dot of i & j, i think??? just thought i’d mention it but it’s just a teeny typo, no biggie lol

  2. Ashlee says:

    I read the chapter a bit in Japanese. Hayato is 16 years old and 176cm tall. That means he’s actually around 5’9” rather than 5’6” like it’s written here.

    • liejinsan says:

      eh… I did that mistake huh, thank I will edit it
      WAIT, HOW !? I also remember writing this in cm, I cannot count inch for god’s sake.
      when did… how… did Grammarly had a function to convert it? or my MS word? the heck this is weird.
      my original translation also using cm, wth….

  3. mi_shiru says:

    “I’ll let you register as an adventurer if you can at least avoid the pinned attack once.”

    Excuse me why would she want to avoid your kabedon?😂 Admit it you just wanted to kabedon her and still have a ‘reasonable’ excuse to do so~

  4. Panacea Seer says:

    Awwww they are already in love \O3O/ sure nothing said aloud but she is already firm on the HE IS MINE GET AWAY YOU GREEN TEA B*TCH to the ‘protagonist’ I love it when the villainess doesn’t give up on the person she actually likes 🙂

  5. ICZephyr says:

    I’m just wondering, if her brother is 16 now, how old is Lav when she got engaged?? I guess 15 would probably be barely enough. Most sword and magic worlds take 15 as adults, so..ok.. I’ll just leave it at that

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