PMZ 016 – That note was blessed by the Goddess.


The next morning. 

I woke up and quickly took my notebook out from the drawer from a small table beside my bed. There’s no deep meaning as why I did that, but I felt a strange sense of urgency as if the notebook held my weakness. Thanks to this, my sleep was restless. 

[This notebook is dangerous]… I was vaguely aware of this. 

Should anyone find out about this, I will die of shame. Let’s say I managed to hide it so well that no one could ever know of its existence; I still have to live with a ticking time bomb by my side. 

I cast special cloaking magic into the notebook on impulse.  

The spell itself is a top secret of Duke Stuart’s house. This is the same spell we use to hide the magic formula on out magic tools. 

“—by the pact of Stuart and Minerva.” 

The words on notebook vanished. 

I exhaled in relief. Now it looks like a plain, unused notebook, it can no longer be read by anyone outside the Stuart family. 

This magic alone is unique because it borrowed the name of our house and Goddess Minerva. 

There’s no other magic like this, the spell was that unique. To use magic, usually, you need to imagine the phenomenon you want to create, chant the words (if you get used to it, the words can be omitted), and infusing your mana into the magic formula. 

Also, a normal spell will disappear if it is met with equal or more amount of mana somebody else released, to put it simply, that’s what Hayato and I did at yesterday’s training. 

But this one is different. It won’t accept other person interference, except from the Stuart’s bloodline. My brother says that The Goddess was probably lending us a part of her power in casting this magic; that’s why you will need God’s help to cancel it. 

I can understand that Goddess power is indeed incredible, but what about our family name? I wonder what really happened during my grandfather’s times? The one known as the founder of magic tools. 

According to my father’s story, it was said that my grandfather’s prayers were answered, as simple as that. 

That’s why, when I was taught this magic, they constantly reminded me that this is a sacred spell, and I should always send grateful prayer after I used it.  

That’s why I crossed my palms and prayed. 

“—Thank you, Minerva-sama. 

I’m sorry for using your power for something so trivial.” 

“Don’t worry about it.” 

I heard a voice. 

I looked around, but no one was here, a quiet morning is still in place. 

Is it my hallucination…? 

I tilted my head, but I decided to ignore it and get myself together. I need to get ready. 

Now, what shall I wear today? When you fall in love with someone, even choosing your everyday clothes becomes a part of your daily problem. 


I went downstairs to show off my not-chubby figure in a light blue fluffy dress with a thin black belt; that’s when I saw Hayato. I think he’s just woken up; he has sleepy eyes and bed hair, the hair was cutely messed up, dammit he is too adorable, I’d like to fix that bed hair for you…! 

“Good morning… Alice, you’re early.” 

“Good morning. Hayato, your hair is a mess. Would you like me to fix it?” 

“… Thanks.” 

Hayato sits on a chair with his eyes almost closed, and exposes his defenseless back. 

Looking at his back, I realize that he has slowly opened up to me. The initial rude attitude when we first met was nowhere to be found. I can’t help but feel happy about this. 

As I was smiling and running a comb through his beautiful, shiny hair, Hayato muttered to me as he meekly let me combed his hair. 

“Alice… why did you use so many honorifics lately?” 


That surprised me. But yeah. It’s true that I’ve been using a lot of honorific languages lately. I have no choice, it’s hard to measure the level of our relationship. 

Also with this I’m forced to admit that I’ve got the same kind of blood as Aklys running through my vein. We both can only feel relaxed if we use polite language. 

“… isn’t it usually it’s the other way around?” 

You mean you want to use honorific to me? Eh, I’d love to hear Hayato speak like that, but I’d also enjoy how relaxed we are now. What should I do? 

“Is that so? Other way around, huh? For me, I’m just doing what made me feel calm. Would you like to try it, Hayato?” 

What are you doing ME? 

I’m too conscious of him. What will I do if he really uses that honorific now? 

And what the connection between honorific and relaxation! 

But unexpectedly, he’s on board with this. 

“Hmm …. You’re right. Let’s try it. Alice, my young lady, have you got the head back on straight yet?” 


No-no-no way, did he know? About fantasy in my head? About [LOVE-NOTE]? 

In that instant, my sweat was flowing like a river, and then he said… 

“Yes, my head, are you done with it?” 

“o-oh, yes, it’s fixed.” 

He touched his bed hair a little bit, so he only wants to know if I was done with his hair…. 

Conclusion. Don’t do anything that makes you feel guilty. Today, I feel like I’ve become a little bit wiser. 


Later that day at Hayato’s training, we had a bizarre time sparring with each other in very polite language. 


Hayato: “Look, Honorable Alice-sama! Your defense is weak! 

I won’t let you register if you keep it like this!” 

Alice: “ugh…! That’s more intense than yesterday! 

This is nigh impossible! 

Did every novice adventurer need to go through this kind of training!? 

Hayato: “That and this was a different matter!” 

Alice: “So you admit they didn’t need to go through this!?” 

Hayato: “…………” 

Alice: “Sensei! Please say something!” 

Hayato: “…Can you say that Sensei thing once again? My young lady?” 

Alice: “AaAaAgh!!” 

TL notes: 

Honorific language = Keigo, I’m having a hard time in this chapter, English has no way to convey the word correctly. I can use old English, but that would be a waste, because that wouldn’t convey the joke either. 

As for why Alice reluctant to hear Hayato use Keigo, you might view it like this: someone suddenly become so soft with their way of speaking, moreover, he/she is someone you like. 


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  1. n95 mask says:

    You write like I do! Wow!

  2. That’s it~!
    Minerva-sama is confirmed ‘one of us’~

  3. mi_shiru says:

    So Hayato sa a name fetish huh🤭

  4. mochiem0n says:

    these two won’t stop flirting 🙄

  5. Immi says:

    Wouldn’t keigo be formal language? jus sayin

    • LuiLan says:

      Yes… But if you watch enough anime, some couple address their spouse, especially wife to husband with suffix -san. Though people might feel it sound alienated but somehow for me it could feel a bit lovey dovey too.. Like the wife is too shy to directly called her husband name… LOL

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