PMZ 017- (Training) Clear

It took me several days, but I finally succeeded in defending against his kabedon attack. 

The number of defeat (kabedon) I received before I succeeded: 51. 

It was difficult for me, but I think Hayato had a hard time keeping up with this as well. 

First, he will start with a playful shot, but as he progresses towards the end, it becomes a magical barrage; I have to admire our stamina that doesn’t run out first. 

At the academy, I’ve been told that I have a considerably higher amount of mana than other people, and I’m probably the best among the nobles. Still, respectively Hayato also has a significant amount of mana. 

The evidence is presenting itself now. Even after he shot that much projectile, it doesn’t seem like he was getting tired at all. 

As expected from the one I fell for! 

“Now, I can finally register, right!?” 

I smiled triumphantly while blocking Hayato’s hand, which almost pinned me, then he draws his hand and sighed. 

“hm. Actually, there’s one more thing you should learn before registering.” 

“Aside from evasion and defense? What should I learn next?” 


“Oh. Rolling.” 


“What kind of technique is that?” 

“it’s a technique you used when you’re blown away or knocked down; its purpose is to dampen the shock and to make sure you didn’t hit your head against the ground. And I should I add, this is important.” 

Isn’t that Ukemi? Yeah, it’s certainly is important. 

But, I already learned it in my queen-to-be education. 

A Queen is someone destined to stand beside the king. If the situation requires it, you should be ready to be the shield for the king. 

I remember the days of my training, where I keep rolling like I was possessed. 

But then again, this is a world where Judo did not exist, so I didn’t study it by following the correct judo theory; at best, I can make sure I don’t hit my head when I fall. 

But that just scratching the surface of Ukemi, when you become an adventurer getting blown off or falling down is inevitable, it’s not only for [just in case]. 

Carelessness is dangerous. 

Also, don’t you want to learn directly from Hayato-sensei class? 

“I understand. Please teach me.” 

“Okay… But,” 


“Are you sure about this?” 

“Why do you ask? Isn’t this very important?” 

“It is, um… well, first, let’s move to a safer place.” 


What’s up with him? Right now, my brain is on training mode, and all I can think is to seriously studying Ukemi from Hayato. Also, when I studied it before, I would watch my teacher do it from the sidelines, then try to copy it myself. I assumed Hayato would teach me using the same method. 

So when Hayato made me stand next to the bed in his room and suddenly grab me by the shoulders and swept off my feet, I can’t process what just happened. 

“Are you okay?” 

I was slammed into the bed in a street-fighting manner, and now I’m looking at the ceiling in a daze. 

Hayato peeks in from above, looking worried. 


No, it’s not okay. I cannot process what is happening at all. I hit my head and my back pretty hard. I mean, it’s on the bed, so It doesn’t hurt anywhere, physically I’m fine, But my heart is not! My maiden heart is about to go overload, no, sorry, it’s about to explode! 

“Good. When you need to roll, you don’t always know in advance as you do now. 

We’re going to drill it into your reflexes. So you don’t have to think [I’m going to roll], let your body dictate when you need to roll by itself. 

It’s actually not a really good practice if you fall down from the height of the bed, but it’s better to get used to falling down at first.” 

“I understand.” 

I understand what you’re saying, but can’t you teach me in more milder ways (in many meaning)? I didn’t expect to be suddenly thrown out of the blue. 

I had this fantasy when we were forced to cuddle and sleep in each other’s arms to ward off the cold night at camp, but when I was literally forced to cuddle in bed to train Ukemi, I felt like my heart was going to burst. 

Oh, I see, that’s why he asked earlier, [Are you sure?] How can I understand what you mean! That way of saying it gave me no clue of what will happen next! 

I felt that this turned out to be a bad idea, Let’s show him that I can get it right and get it over with. 

I got up and stood as if nothing had happened. 

Listen, Alice. Be nothing, nothing is you. This is not his bed. This is a tatami mat in a dojo run by a handsome man. 

“So do it like this. when you fall down, at that time, try to move your sight to your navel, while surrendering your body to the momentum, and shift your knees slightly, so they didn’t overlap with each other…” 

I will demonstrate and show him that I can do it. I can’t really do Ukemi since I’m wearing a skirt, but I need to make sure he understands that I can execute it properly. 

Otherwise, He might need to throw me again. 

Taking care not to expose my feet, I roll slowly over onto the bed in a side passive manner. 

When I finished performing the technique, my romantic brain, which I should have driven somewhere, came back and told me that the dojo’s tatami mat was actually his bed. 

It’s a shame that my first experience in his bed has no shred of romance in it. *sob* 

I sneakily press my cheek against the neatly arranged sheet, trying to at least remember the smell and store it in my brain.  

Mmm, this smell like… new. 


I glanced up at Hayato to make sure he hadn’t been found out. 

Then Hayato looked away awkwardly and said, .”.. let’s not do this after all.” 

“What? Why?” 

Did he find out!? 

Not again! Why am I this hopeless! 

Why me! How many black pages do you want to write in your youth? 

I groaned inwardly at the storm of regret and remorse, but reality brought a peachy wind far beyond my imagination. 

“I know I was the one who initiated it, but… 

I feel like I’m doing something I shouldn’t have done… um, so… let’s stop?” 

[Things he shouldn’t have done.] 

Even when we live together, when I pushed my tits against him, or that time when you did that kabedon, and lastly when you push me down on the bed, this Hayato will always keep a calm face no matter what happened, and treat it like nothing special, but it seems that he just hit his limit, he finally said the words! 

I didn’t know you were aware of me. I just assumed that you didn’t care! 

I was still amazed by this mysterious phenomenon, but I didn’t want to hurt the boy’s pride that has squeezed those words by doing anything unnecessary, so I fixed my expression as if it was nothing and said clearly, “Then I’m going to practice by myself, okay?” 

To be exact, I have no choice but to practice by myself. I don’t think I have enough heart to endure this kind of training ever again. 

Relieved by that conclusion, I got up, straightened my hair and clothes, and walked out of the room, and right before I walked through the door, my right hand was suddenly pulled from behind, forcing me to turn to face Hayato. 

I stopped thinking as soon as my favorite mixture of light brown and gold iridescence pupils stare into me. 

I kept my silence as Hayato spin his words. 

“I’m sorry I couldn’t teach you. But I will definitely protect Alice. I won’t let you get into any harm’s way… I believe Alice can do what she wants to do.” 

I don’t remember how I got back to my room from there. 

Before I knew it, my hand already opened my notebook and written down today’s event, but suddenly… (Beautiful memories should only be written inside your heart.) 

Learning from my past mistake, I cut out today’s part from the book and destroyed it with fire magic. 

TL note: 

I’m not sure… but… is that goddess’s voice? 


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