PMZ 018 – N-Rank


At last! I’m registered as an adventurer! 

Right now, I’m sitting at the guild counter with my newly made adventurer’s proof – an N(ew) rank card! 

The card is made from ginkgo wood. 

First, I must write down my name, specialty, and my main base of operation, then I need to place it on magic tools with the appearance of a transparent board; the next step is to infuse my magic power through it. After that, the magic tools will engrave my magic signature while activating the card’s special effect. 

This card’s function is to record the number and type of monsters you have killed in it. 

Apparently, it’s impossible to cheat this system. This was made possible because each person’s pure magic power wavelength and color is unique. 

If you know your wavelength and color, it’s also possible to determine someone’s magic affinity. But that was a different matter. 

The N rank trial period is three months. After trial time has passed, all newcomers will be separated based on their achievements accumulated during that period. They will be assigned to a new rank between F to C. 

On a side note, only N rank adventurer card is made from wood, all other card is crafted using metal in dog-tag style metal plates. 

They are usually worn as a necklace. 

The material is said to get better and better as you go up in rank, from the bottom to the top, F – chromium, E – brass, D – copper, C – silver, B – gold, A – platinum, and the S – blue mithril. 

I’ll ask Hayato to show me the S one later. 

And if you put this card on the transparent board magic tools again, letters will appear on the board, and you can read your record. 

Thanks to this system, the profession of adventurers, which was once synonymous with lies, exaggerates achievements, and false reports, suddenly turned around, and the corrupt environment became a healthy one. Of course, the good news quickly spread to the people. 

It goes without saying that my grandfather created this system, but what kind of magic did he use? 

The amount of information it handles is far different than what I’ve been familiar with, and it’s entirely beyond my comprehension. It’s too mysterious. 

It’s like trying to understand C language with machine language. 

I should have asked my parents to show me these tools blueprints when I was home. 

… hmm? Maybe I was wrong? Maybe the system used on this magic tool is not just a formula but a syntax? 

I dismissed the flash of inspiration that suddenly came into my head. No, I’m not a part of the Duke family anymore, so I shouldn’t try to pry into it. I change my state of mind to focus on the young receptionist named Liz, who was explaining the rules of adventurer to me. 

By the way, Hayato was still outside. He’s been caught by his fans before he could enter the guild. 

I know he’s always been a godsend, and I think that’s a great thing to have him by my side, so I plan to wait until the handshake event is over.  

But… I gave up when I saw the queue that stretched out like they were waiting for a famous noodle shop open at 12 noon, and I left him behind. 

I’m worried that Maria might show up, but with that many fans, she wouldn’t be able to do anything anyway. 

She’s not the type of person what willing to stand in line quietly, and if she dares to cut the queue, they won’t just stay quiet, so I can go and do my business in peace. 

… But isn’t he really late? I hope you’ll be here soon. 

“… That’s all for the explanation. Do you have any questions?” 

“No, thank you very much.” 

“Are you alone? Do you want to apply for a party?” 

“Eh? A party? Do I need to sign up for one?” 

“No, but for N ranks … Especially for young women, I think it’s better to join a party. There are a few people who say they’re going to do it solo, but I won’t recommend it because it’s dangerous.” 

“You’re right…” 

“If you haven’t decided yet, there is a member recruitment poster near the entrance, so please take a look.” 

Ah, also please keep in mind that the rank of a party is an average of the rank of each member; there is a slight chance that the rank among the members is too far apart. But please be aware of this.” 

There was indeed a bulletin board at the double-door Liz pointed at, with lots of paper on it. Intrigued, I decided to take a look. 


“Mages wanted! Rank D or better! Distribution rates are negotiable! – Blue Silver Wolf (D)” 

“We’re a newly made party, but we’re looking forward to working with you! In need of wizard, also looking for someone to be our vanguard – Dandelion(F).” 

“Looking for a porter, daily salary is 5 silver coins. Infinite Meteor(B).” 

… Ooh, interesting! 

This is like a symbol of freedom! 

Is the Blue Silver Wolf or something like that the name of the party? So the parentheses is their rank? 

As I looked at the paper-mâché in a frenzy, a hand reached out from beside me and slammed on the paper I was looking at. 

Startled, I turn around to find a stranger looking down at me with no regard for personal space. 

“Are you … looking for a party?” 

“eh…? not really? Just looking around.” 

“There’s no need to be so vigilant, ~okay? I’m not going to eat you. Didn’t you just look at my party recruitment just now? 

I’m the leader of the infinite meteor (B). I’m pretty strong despite my appearance. I’m often called a nice guy (laughs). 

You’re a freelance, right? N-chan. 

I’ve been curious since a cute girl like you enter the guild, So I’ve been watching you this whole time. 

Would you like to come over to my party? Oh, by the way, we are looking for a temporary luggage carrier… but if it was you, I’d be happy to make you a permanent member.” 

It’s not every day that you get an invitation to a B-rank party, right? I think this is a good deal.” 

“N-No, thanks.” 

Pushy! So pushy! This is the first time I met this kind of person in my current life! 

He fiddles with the gold plate around his neck with his fingertips as if to show it off. 

“What? Why? Oh, you think there are only men in my party? It’s okay. There are also girls there. 

I see… you are nervous, let’s go out for a meal and talk. I will take you to a great place. What’s your name? please give me your contact. Do you want me to come to visit you sometime?” 

Stop, you can’t do that to the girl you first meet. 

I started to get scared and moved slowly to the side to get away, but Mr. invincible (pseudonym) was also following me. 

What should I do? Someone help! 

Fortunately, the door is close, alright, I going to push my way through!  

Or at least that as my plan before a petite girl came in through that double-door and lifted her eyes when she saw us. She, too, has a gold plate around her neck. 

“Hey Alex! What are you doing? Picking up girl again!?” 

“Oh, no, no, Betty, this N-chan was in trouble, and she asked me to help her out.” 


Wait a minute. You’re the one who’s giving me trouble, sir! 

The girl called Betty looked at me from top to bottom as if she was studying me, and then she glared at me. 

“You know… you should not seduce a B-ranked man just because you’re a little bit cute. Did you think this man will seriously put you in Infinite Meteor(B) party because you are a little bit pretty?” 

Eh… what? just as I was thinking about how to escape, I was suddenly caught up in a lover’s quarrel, and the adventurers who sensed the commotion started to fan the flames at our situation. 

“Oh! Another battle over Alex!” 

“Betty is strong and had a quick temper! Good luck, N-chan!!” 

Give me a break! I had nothing to do with it at all. 

A fighting aura leaked from Betty. 

Although the guild staff are watching us, they make gestures like, “You go stop it,” and “Noway, noway, noway, I’m scared,” and there is no indication that they will intervene. They are useless. 

“Um, …. Miss Betty? I don’t mean to offend you, and I’m not trying to get involved with you guys. Please calm down a bit.” 

“Making an excuse huh!?” 

Oh God, she won’t listen… 

Should I be prepared to receive a slap in the face to calm her down? 

I’m sure it won’t hurt since Hayato has a protective ward on me. His ward is no joke. It’s practically ironclad. 

Alright! Bring it on Betty! I’ll take it! (because I know it won’t hurt). 

The people around us were enjoying this situation, that was expected because the spark between us was almost reach its breaking point. At that moment, the door opened as if it was waiting for this, and Hayato enters the room. 

Finally! You’re late! 

Hayato’s sudden appearance stood out even to me, who should be used to seeing him, and I could feel that the attention in the guild was instantly taken up by him. 

“It’s chameleon…” 

Alex mutters. Betty also looks at him as if she forgot to blink and doesn’t move. 

I can hear a various murmur from those around us, such as “That’s the S-Hayato?”, “It’s been a while since I’ve seen him”, “The rumor that he is back was real”, and so on. Whatever, please don’t call him S-Hayato. I can assure you that you’ll see him like that in the future. {S-Hayato = Sadist-Hayato} 

Since he was coming straight to me, the people around me, including the infinite meteors, was staring at him while holding their breath, wondering what the hell was going to happen. 

He tried to convey his feeling with his eyes [sorry, I’m late]. 

“I’m sorry, Alice. I’m late.'” 

“…very late.” 


Alex and Betty cannot believe their eyes and leave their mouth hanging. 

A quiet murmur spread through the air. I was relieved, thinking his presence would put things under control. I grabbed Hayato’s arm and tried to leave as fast as I could. 

“I’m done here, let’s go home.” 

“Wait a minute, we haven’t registered for the party yet. You need my ID for that.” 

“Can’t we do it… next time?” 

The buzz grows louder. “Hayato forming a party!” “are you kidding! He is the guy who’s turned down every offer and said he’s not going to work with anyone!” “The rumor said he got a new companion, so, the rumor was true?” “That girl is N, right?” “Why not me!” “Did he fall in love?” “Idiot! Don’t say it! He can hear it.” etc. 

I can’t stand this. Let me go home. 

And you! Don’t say [fall in love]! He is just doing his job! 

Hayato asked with a puzzled look on his face. 

“It’s kind of noisy here, ….. what’s going on?” 


“That’s impossible. You look like you’re about to cry.” 

“You don’t know that.” 

“But I am.” 

“No, you’re not.” 

It’s not like I was about to cry. 

Giving up on listening to my stubbornness, Hayato said, “I’ll ask you when we got home” and pulled me over to the counter, taking the card from my hand and placing it on the plate of magic tools. 

He then loosened his clothes’ neck and pulled out the mithril tag hanging from his neck, the tag is emitting a faint blue light. 

He put it down next to my card and tells Liz to process it. 

“Me and Alice. We are going to sign up for a two-person party.” 

Liz slumped to the side with a pale face and collapsed on the counter. 


“Liz! What’s the matter with you!” 

“She’s a hardcore, single-digit member of Hayato fans club!” 

Now, even the guild staff is causing a ruckus. 

Hayato got a fan club? 

I might get stabbed at this rate…, but okay! It’s totally fine! This is what I want! 

For a girl, Love is War! 

TL notes: 

Blue silver wolf… are you blue or silver? 


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