PMZ 019 – Chameleon

After we finished our party registration, we hurriedly leave the guild as if to run away and head home. Our party name is yet to be decided, but I heard we must submit it within three months. I guess that’s plenty of time to think of a good name. 

“So, Alice, what just happened back there?” 

The interrogation began as soon as we got home; well, the answer is simple. 

“I got dragged into lover’s quarrels.” 

“Yeah, I still don’t understand. What’s that supposed to mean?” 

“A man trying to hit on me, his woman misunderstands the situation, and got angry at me.” 

“…ah, it is Alex from the Infinite Meteor? He is definitely someone who likes to playing around, … Alice, is he troubling you?” 

“Just a bit.” 

“…! Did he touch you!?” 

“Fortunately, no.” 

When I denied it, Hayato lets out a sigh of relief. 

“… I’m sorry, Alice, this happens because I didn’t do my job properly. I was the one who let that kind of guy get near you. Again, sorry, you must have been scared.” 

“No, not really.” 

But really, I’m fine. Nothing happened in the end. 

I give my best smile to show him that I really meant it, but on the contrary, Hayato looked down with a painful expression. 

“… I’ve decided, I will refuse any handshake from now on.” 

“What? Why!” 

I was honestly surprised. 

Because it’s an Idol job to take care of their fans, I admire you for that! 

But Hayato views things differently from me. 

“I always thought it was strange. I wondered why people wanted to shake the hand of an ordinary adventurer. 

I thought they were just treating me like a chimney sweep, and every time I responded, more and more people came to me.” {like a good luck charms, more on TL note} 

“Wh-whoa, wait, wait! What did you say?” 

“More and more people are coming.” 

“The one before that!” 

“Chimney sweep?” 

“Yes! That one!” 

I didn’t mishear it. He really said that. 

Wow, that amazed me. Did he really think of himself as a bad luck remover? Did he not even realized that he got a fan club? 

You’re kidding, right? How is that possible? 

“…Hayato-san, I’d like to ask you a question, what do you think of yourself?” 

“A bit strong person?” 

“Is that all? Aren’t you feel like there’s something more? Come on, think about it.” 

“Why do you suddenly ask that?” 

“Just think!” 

He folds his arm and tilted his neck. 

“…rare species?” 

“I won’t deny that, but how did you come to that conclusion?” 


I was intrigued by the unexpected answer. This was the first time Hayato had mentioned his second name himself. To this day, I still don’t know what [Chameleon] means. 

“People have been calling you that, but what does that mean…?” 

“…I see. Alice doesn’t know yet. I could tell you now – but give me time till night, I will tell you later.” 

For a brief moment, he shows me his devilish side. The destructive power that gap moe deliver has numb my mind for a moment, but I managed to pull myself together and keep my calm. 

“…. I understand. I’ll wait until night.” 

I wonder what will he reveal to me? Anyway, I decided to take a long bath today, after that, I will need to carefully and thoroughly use the perfume duke’s house had sent to me. 

 “Anyway, there’s no good luck I can give even if they shake my hand, and I don’t want to leave Alice alone for the time being, so I won’t shake people’s hand anymore.” 

He seems determined. 

And yay, he said that he will stop giving a handshake because of me …at last! My future of being stabbed is clearly visible. 

“…Hayato, I have no regrets.” 


I gently touch his cheek; Hayato is wearing a confused face as if to say,” What are you talking about?” 

Since I’m a villainess who might have a bad ending tomorrow, I think I should be allowed to take this much reward. 

Hayato has a dubious look on his face, but he’s meekly let himself be touched. 

“… Why are you touching me?” 

“I don’t know why. Maybe because you are a chimney sweep.” 

“I have told you; I don’t have that kind of effect.” 

“Is that true? But I’m feeling very happy right now.” 

Then his cheeks turned a little red. 

Ugh, cute. Even if he’s a natural, I think it’s totally acceptable. 

With this face and talent, how did he manage to stay so innocent in life? It’s a mystery. 

“I consider myself lucky to have met you.” 

“… Hey, Alice, can you give me some luck?” 

Then Hayato also touches my cheek. 

It tickles. 

“Why me?” 

“I felt like this would make me happy too.” 

… Yeah, I forgot, He’s that kind of guy—a natural women killer. 

I wonder how much more I need to fall for him. 

Hayato rubbed my cheeks until he was satisfied and then gently slipped his fingers over my ears. 

It’s not ticklish, but a different kind of lurching sensation……. wait, this is bad. 

“O-okay, S-stop it…” 

“oh.. yeah, I forgot, touching your head is an [out].” 

He may have said that, but there’s no sign of him stopping. He is now using both hands to stroke my earring and rubbing his finger in my earlobe. 

” Okay, this is even more [out] than stroking head.” 

“Is that so? But Alice is the one who started this. Can you hold on a little longer?” 

What? I didn’t even go that far! 

His S nature can be seen subtly, hidden in his happy face. 

I knew it was S-Hayato. Or, in other words, [Chameleon]. He can be kind, rude, devilish, natural, and pure, or S. He can change his color from time to time, depending on the situation. His nature that can changes color from one color to the next is precisely what makes him worthy of his second names. 

So, it was a reference to his imbalance feature, I’m sure of it! 


That night, Hayato calls me in my room after I finished taking a bath. 

It’s already past eight o’clock, and we’re usually confined in our own rooms. 

Even though we’re under the same roof, this is the first time we’ve met at this time of night, and I don’t know what to expect when I go to his room. 

I wonder what on earth he’s going to tell me about … 

In my imagination, I’ve kissed him numerous times, but when I thought we might do the real thing, my legs immediately gave up on me. 

“What are you doing, Alice. Come in.” 


I was prompted to enter Hayato’s room, he then slowly walked to the window as he dimmed the room’s lights. 


“… It’s about time.” 

With that, he opens the curtains and opens the window. The soft light and breeze of the night blew in, and a full moon hovered in the center of the window. 

“[It’s about time]  you said ……?” 

“Well, just watch.” 

There was something outrageously beautiful about the way he was leaning against the window with the full moon on his back. 

He is the one who asked me to watch, so thank you for the meal.  

At that moment, a change appeared in his beautiful, glossy hair. A glimpse of silver appeared. 


Silently, like soaking in the moonlight, the light brown color turns into silver. 


I thought my eyes were playing a trick on me, but it’s not. 

The changes spread as I watched. 

No way… 

In just a few seconds, his hair color completely turned silver. 

“See? Like a chameleon, right?” 

He tilted his head in his usual tone of voice, and his eyes also turned a clustered blue color like the darkness of the night. 

TL notes: 

I had to google this. I don’t even know that this tradition exists.–the-curious-tradition-of-lucky-chimney-sweeps


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