PMZ 020 – Good night greetings.

… what’s that……

I think I’ve just witnessed something amazing.

In this world, you can’t change your appearance with magic. The abundance of cosmetic type was born as a result of it.

Even more, I’ve never heard of anyone who can change their hair and eyes color like this.

“What just happened…?”

That was a pointless question, but I can’t think of anything else.

I was so absorbed in analyzing Hayato’s appearance after his transformation, I have no brain power left to think about anything to say.

The only ‘normal’ thing in Hayato was his brown hair and eyes, his other features are just otherworldly beautiful, but now, even that normalcy has turned into different colors.

I believe that recently I’ve been used to see him, now I had to start all over again.

I don’t think I can playfully tease his cheek anymore. I’m scared of his beauty.

Hayato shrugged his shoulder at my question and…

“Well… I don’t understand it either.”

…He said that.

He doesn’t know?

“I guess I was born with it, but …… my sister doesn’t have this constitution. I’ve never heard of anyone else having it, either.

It doesn’t seem to be a genetic trait, so really, what is this?”

It’s the usual Hayato, but his silver hair and clustered blue eyes give me this strange feeling.

“Was something changes along with that color? Like sudden power-up or personality change?”

“Mm… basically those things stay the same, but my magic characteristics were morphed a bit.”

The magic characteristics?

“Yeah, for example, did you notice the change of mana type floating in the air when you in different place? For example, in the mountain, water mana is flourishing, or when we are in a volcano, fire mana is dominant.

When I stay in one place for a while, I will absorb their mana characteristics.

This silver color is caused by Moonlight, which reach its peak density when its night, also depending on what I absorb my affinity to that type of magic, also increased.”


I don’t know about volcanoes, but I certainly can feel the water mana when I played in the lake of Duke’s territory when I was a child.

To be dyed by something like that.

“Wa-wait… don’t tell me there is more color to this transformation?”

“There is. Besides the silver color of the full moon, it’s becomes dark blue when it’s a new moon, and then it turns light blue or pink, depending on where I am.”

“Light blue and pink!?”

Oi, he’s just like a litmus test paper!

Or rather, why his body is reacting like a litmus test paper?

Bu-but… I want to see it, I want to see it so baddd…the Pink Hayato!

“I’m glad that the transformation is not a solid blue or red because it feels like I’m not wholly dyed in.

That way, I can still feel like there’s something of myself that left behind.”

I felt a little sorry for him as he said this, but I can understand his confusion about his unique constitution.

If it were me, I would be so confused that I wouldn’t know what to do. I tried to squeeze my word to lighten the conversation.

“you have a very straightforward and honest body, huh?”

But what came out from my mouth is something genuinely dubious. I’m aware that my head has gone a little crazy since I fall in love. Hayato, of course, didn’t let that slip. I’m sorry, I know, I already know what kind of person I am, sometimes I react foolishly.

“Honest? Well, I guess you can say that… it’s not like I can control when or where to transform.

I want to tell my former party member not to laugh about this, but that would be unreasonable.”

“Woah, they laugh at this…?”

“That did happen. This transformation is caused by sudden changes in mana quality, which also means that stronger demon is approaching.

Imagine that, when everyone is on guard, then one-person hair suddenly turns pink. Of course, they will laugh.”

I’m honestly cannot laugh at this phenomenon…

He also summed up this constitution in one word, “a rare species,” and by the way! The way how boys tries to gloss over this is rather weird, if you ask me…

“By the way, they were the one who give me [chameleon] nickname. I miss them.”

He smiles kindly with slightly distant eyes, and a lonely expression is floating on his face.

What those clustered blue eyes are looking at right now is a place where He has forced himself to leave because he’s different, a place when they were still comrades.

I can’t become their substitute, but how nice it would be …… if I could fill that loneliness somehow.

Yes, you cannot call yourself his partner if he always protects your back.

Now I can understand the feeling of Lav and her party.

[I want to be strong.]

[I want to stand next to him proudly.]

I’m sure; soon, I will feel the same way.

When the conversation had died down, Hayato glanced at his watch. I get caught up and look at it too. It’s almost 8:30.

“… Oh, is it that time already? Alice, go back to your room. I’m sorry I know you just finished your bath.”

“It was no trouble for me, well then… see you later.”

“Yes. Oh…, wait a minute, Alice.”


“Your hair is wet.”

Then he put his hand on my head.

Warm magic flows through me—combined magic of wind, fire, and water.

My hair was completely dry in the next moment, and I can feel the gentle magical wind passed through my hair.

A method of drying hair with a combination of wind magic and weak fire magic that was adjusted to the extent that it did not ignite the hair. This is common knowledge.

But the combination of the two attributes is challenging, and it is a dangerous method that can burn your head if done poorly, so not many people can actually do it. It was said that it took ten years for a hairdresser to master this.

That’s also why people appreciate the existence of magic tools.

However, he already had perfected his magic control at this age. Moreover, there was even an element of water magic, and thanks to that, my newly dried hair was moist.

It’s already difficult to combine two attributes, yet he did three; two of them are fire and water. As a side note, using two conflicting attributes at the same time is usually considered impossible.

He is rare species indeed.

I decided to put that thought away and thanked him.

“Thank you… amazing, my hair is so silky.”

“is it? Let me touch your hair. I want to feel it.”


I’m thrilled, but I also feel like it’s too late to refuse him; I let the moonlight-Hayato touch my hair.

“It’s true. Your hair is gorgeous. It smells so good.

Wait? Didn’t we use the same shampoo? Or did you use something different?”

“I used some perfumed oil that my parents sent me.”

I’m glad you noticed.

A man who notices these things is popular. Well Hayato will be popular even if he didn’t notice this kind of thing, but I should expect this much from a capture target.

“Do you want to use it too? I can share it with you.”

“Why would I?”

He laughed and patted the back of my head, and his hand lifted my chin, I have a doubt about this, and then his face came closer, and I felt a kiss on my cheek.

“Goodnight, Alice. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Goodnight …….”

My head went blank. Did my cheek just…

The lack of any remaining intelligence prevented me from doing anything, though I probably won’t be able to do it anyway.

After the morning comes, I finally realized that I miss my chance to return it with my own good night kiss…

Hayato: “I really wanted to say it to you.”

TL notes: my Spotify decided to play your lie in April OST when I wrote this chapter, wtf, I legit crying at [I want to stand next to him proudly.]


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