PMZ 021- Nothing happens. It’s only on the cheek.

It seems that many adventurers are nocturnal; that’s why their activity tends to be slow in the morning. That also means if you go to the guild early In the morning, you can grab a quest without anyone noticing you.

So we headed to the guild at 9:00 a.m. to take my first quest.

Hayato hair and eyes already back to normal. It’s almost as if last night’s transformation is just a dream.

Talking about last night, is it safe to treat last night’s event as a greeting? We don’t have such a culture in this country, but I heard that Hayato was on a foreign expedition not too long ago; I’m sure he was picking up that habit there.

Maybe it’s our difference in culture, but let’s forget it for now.

Because it’s scary to remember it.

As expected, there were almost no adventures inside, only a few staff members and novice adventurers.

The receptionists stopped moving the moment they saw us came in together, and the atmosphere was awkward. But they quickly averted their eyes and silently returned to their work.

That was surprisingly normal…? To be frank I was prepared to receive at least some murderous gazes.

When I was still absentmindedly pondering, a big man with orange hair on the counter’s back noticed us and called out to us.

“Oh! Come here, Hayato! I’ve been waiting for you!”

“Hey, Pete. Long time no see. I didn’t see you yesterday. Hangover?

Oh, yeah, Alice. Let me introduce you, this man is Pete. The Guild Master here.”

“Nice to meet you, Pete, my name is Alis…ce. And I’ve been accepted here since yesterday. I am looking forward to working with you.”

That was close. I almost introduce myself as Alisha.

The manner for first-time self-introduction is so ingrained in me, and I was almost said “your honor” on the spur of the moment just now.

After somehow, I managed to alter my greetings and gesture. I smiled. Pete blushed as his hand scratched his head.

“Alis…ce, I’ve heard about you. And I’m waiting for you for that precise matter, both of you, please follow me.”

The guild chief’s extremely polite manner made Hayato look curious as well, and when his eyes met mine, we both tilted our heads.

We were led to the guild Master’s office, where Hayato and I were seated side by side on a sofa in the reception area in front of the office desk. Pete took a seat across from me and first took a sip of the tea the staff offered.

Then he gave his thanks, and the three of us faced each other.

“…. what is this about? Pete, with all due respect, sir, this is not like you.”

“Hayato……. You… It’s strange how you can be so carefree in front of Duke Stuart’s daughter.”

Oh, he knew.

But how? I only write ‘Alice’ in my registration form.

“Of course. Lady Alisha. I only found out just now …to be precise; it’s after I received a call from the Duke’s family last night.

They informed me that their young Lady was coming to live in the city for social studies, and she appears to have registered in the adventurer’s guild.

The Duke respects the young Lady’s wishes and intended to hide her profile, and Mr. Jeffrey came personally to ask me for my cooperation.”


I guess it’s true that this is count as a social study, though to be honest, I won’t need any study since I don’t have any fiancé anymore.

“Please, Mr. Pete, there’s no need to be so tense. As my father said, I intend to hide that I was one of Stuart’s. Please be at ease.”

“Even if you say so …”

Pete drinks his tea with a bitter smile. I wonder if he’s thirsty because he’s sweating, the cup is emptied in no time.

“Even if you try to hide it, I’m sure they’ll eventually found out.

Lady Alisha. I’m sorry to say this, but you have a figure that can instantly be recognized as a noble, and I’ve heard that you live with Hayato, albeit as a bodyguard.

Plus, there are some rumors that Hayato’s younger sister will marry into the Stuart family. If you connect those dots, you can easily guess who is this noble-like woman standing next to Hayato.

Of course, the Duke doesn’t believe that he can hide it either. That is clear from the fact that he dared to ask Hayato for protection and contacted me before it was revealed.

I think it’s better to act as if this is no longer an open secret.”

“…… you’re right.”

“Yes. So, to cut to the chase, yesterday, there was some kind of disturbance within the guild… On behalf of all those involved, I would like to apologize. I am sincerely sorry.”

“No, sir, not at all. I’m just Alice now, so no apology is necessary.”

“I Thank you for your kind words. In the morning meeting, I strictly instructed the staff to keep their personal feelings out of their work.

I’m sure it’ll be fine, but if there’s anything you need, just let me know.”

“Thank you for your concern. But I should treat every experience as a social lesson. I’ll take care of what I can handle on my own. Please don’t worry too much.”

“Haha… hmm If it’s necessary, I could increase the number of bodyguards, how about it?”

Ask Pete, who lowered his head to sip some tea.


Hayato, who had been silent, suddenly muttered that word.

“Pete, I’m here for her, she’ll be fine. …And besides, Alice has talent.

I’m sure she can make it to relatively high rank with her own ability.”


” “Really?” “

Pete’s voice and mine were overlapped.

What was that?

This is the first time I heard about this. Did he really mean it?

“Alice has a lot of magic power capacity. She can shoot magic projectiles at me endlessly. I haven’t seen the bottom of it yet, but I think it’s the biggest of any human I’ve ever met.

And she had excellent reflexes, good dynamic vision, and a strong mind. Also, as you can see, she has both the ability to adapt and the courage to do so.

Alice has all the elements necessary to becomes a fine adventurer.

I don’t want to put her in harm’s way either, but I don’t want to make her do things like collect herbs all the time just because [it’s dangerous] to do other jobs.

Honestly, I think it’s a waste of her talent.”


Pete paused a little then snorted with a stern look on his face, folded his arms, and began to think.

“Hmmm… Talent is indeed a valuable thing, considering at most adventurers would only stay at B-rank forever.

If Hayato says that much, it must be so…

You, can you promise me to protect her properly?”

“Of course.”

He declared it confidently.

“…That is a heavy responsibility, you know?”

“I know. But she’s my partner now. One day, we’ll go hunting for a rare monster together. Isn’t that right? Alice.”


Every words Hayato spoke brings a smile to my face because I’m so happy with it, and Hayato smiles at me too.

He remembers. What should I do? I like him too much.

he holds out her hand, and I reach it, and he squeezes lightly and teases my palm with his fingertips.

Pete-san must have sensed something when we looked and smiled at each other, and his previously mild expression intensified.

“Hayato…… you… No. Way.”


“Don’t tell me you and that Lady is… no, please don’t, it’s scary to say it outright but…

You’re her bodyguard, right?”

“Yes, that’s what I intend to.”

“The atmosphere between you is too intimate for that, though!

Young Lady, are you okay? In many ways!”

The intimate atmosphere? Did we look like that!?

“What are you talking about, Pete… I’m sure we will be fine. I’ve only been sparring with her on the bed, but I haven’t done anything more to her, and the most I did was only a kiss her on the cheek.”

“Okay, No! that’s not fine at all!”

“Come on… Pete, that’s just training and greeting. Isn’t it common in other countries to kiss someone on the cheek as a greeting?”

“We’re not [other country]!!”

Pete turned blue and covered his face with his hands.

“yes…yes… Let’s pretend… I… I didn’t hear anything! Oh God, what’s going on with young nobles these days… His highness was also giving me much trouble….”

The first N-rank quest that Hayato chose that day was not to collect medicinal herbs exclusively for N-rank but to exterminate the man-eating apples that had appeared in the forest on the outskirts of Capital City, which was actually for E-rank.

TL notes:

0900 is ‘morning’ in Japan, huh? I used to wake up at 0500 am and go to work at 0600 (the sun is up already)

… I forgot “His Highness” also registering as an adventurer, lol.

Also, I’m taking a short break; I forgot I have exams this week, so forgive me. I will delay the update to next week; I will make sure I’m still giving you the same total number of updates.


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