PMZ 022 – The fact that being an adventurer is not that easy.

I was driving Chris’s (first) magic carriage towards the outskirt of Capital city; I drove it along with other ordinary street carriages in the city’s street.   

People were looking in our direction with a surprised look on their faces.   

“Mom! that carriage is running without a horse!”   

The voice of a curious child brings a smile to my face, I waved my hand at him, and he returned it with his smile.   

This magic-powered card was my brother’s creation. He made it only using the rough blueprint that I throw at him. My design was inspired by a cute classic car similar to a horse-drawn carriage. I made it that way so it won’t be too out of place in this world filled with normal carriages.   

But this is seriously amazing; it’s got brakes and gear, too!   

It’s fun to drive! As I expect from the magic tools and magic itself, they are incredibly useful.   

Good job Minerva-sama, Grandfather, and brother!   

Oh, by the way, Hayato is sitting next to me in this cowhide bench-style seat. He wore a pouty expression on his face.   

“I want to drive…”   


But I, as the co-designer, was curious to see how it works.   

“We will switch when we reach the outskirts.”   

Yes, I understand. I nodded and left the city through the busy carriage road.   

Gradually the number of houses and fields dwindled, and before I knew it, I couldn’t see any other carriages already.   

Sometimes I could see some human-like figure, but it turns out to be a scarecrow; well, I should expect this from a wheat field.   

It was about time to switch, but I looked at Hayato. I found out that he was… asleep.   

He’s sleeping!   

I gently hit the brake and stop the car.   

I was kind of strange when he was so strangely quiet, but it turns out that he is sleeping, well… this is my chance to take a closer look at this sleeping face which I could rarely see.   

Even with your eyes closed, you look great, huh… ah, you have long eyelashes.   

It’s cheating… even your sleeping face is cool.   

…Now, I have several options.   

  1. Let him sleep; wait until he wakes up.   
  1. Wake him up.   
  1. … tease him.   

…the answer is clear; it can only be no. 3.    

He always leads me around when he awakes, so this is my best chance!   

But as expected…   

… I’m afraid of his counter.   

From my experience so far, I feel like I will receive double payback if I dare to tease him while he sleeps.   

… Yeah, let’s stop.   

Waiting for him to wake up is kind of similar to option 3, so let’s wake him up normally.   

I feel rude staring at his sleeping face like this, or at least that’s what I think after staring at him.   

“Hayato, wake up. Don’t you want to take a turn?”   

I grab his shoulders and shakes them.   

“Mmmm… ……” he groans a little, and his eyelids slowly open before his eyes eventually come into focus, and his gaze catches mine, and I realize something…   

— I’m the first person he sees when he wakes up.   

They say that baby birds will assume the first thing they see when they hatch from an egg as a parent, become attached to it, and follow it around for life.   

I don’t want to be a parent, but I wonder if I could use this—   

I know it’s quite a stupid idea even for me to apply a baby bird’s imprinting process for its parents. But I think it’s worth to try it.   

“… Good morning, Alice. mmmh, this carriage makes me sleepy… The vibrations were just right and felt good.”   

“Good morning, you slept well. The same suspension system was used in the Duke’s carriages. It must have been used in this one.   

Even if the roads are bad, the vibrations are significantly reduced. By the way, should I wake you up every morning from now on?”   

I think I was a bit forceful in the way I lead the conversation, but I’m sure my intentions were conveyed.   

Please! say yes! Let the imprinting succeed!    

“Hmmm, I will count on you then.”   


“But I’m usually the one who gets up earlier than you. Well, how about I get up earlier and go wake you up?”   


“How do you know that I’m slower than you?”   

“Sounds, and a presence.”   

“Really? ……. a presence?”   

It’s a little embarrassing, but, indeed, sounds upstairs are easily transmitted to the first floor. I honestly don’t know what he meant by the presence, but it must be something that only a skilled adventurer can tell.   

But I don’t want to be seen sleeping! What if I make a funny sleeping face!   

“No need to do that, I’m fine… I get into the habit of reading in the morning before I get out of bed.”   

“Is that so? I see… but why are you looking away?”   


Ugh, I feel like I didn’t even do anything, and I’m still getting hit back.   

Anyway, we should take a turn.   

“Hayato, let’s switch. I’m going to go over there, so come hop in here.”   

It’s small, but it’s a bench seat type, so it should be easy.   

As I propped my knees up on the seat and was about to step out across Hayato, I realized my blunder.   

I’ll have to straddle him.   

When I was driving in my past life, I used to take turns like this with my friends, so I did it unconsciously.   

But I’ll have to keep on moving. What should I do? I’m already halfway there.   

I can’t go further, and I can’t go back. I’m at a loss, and then Hayato seems to have thought the same thing.   

“… Shouldn’t I get off?”   

Yes, that is the correct way.   

“Yes, yes, you should.”   

When I tried to pull my foot back meekly, Hayato said, “Well…” and shifted his body toward the driver’s seat.   

“Hey, hey!”   

“This way is quicker.”   

” Really, now?!”   

I put my hands on the side of Hayato’s face and put one foot down on the other side as if I was kabedon-ing him.   

He thought it would be easier a while ago, but that wasn’t the case, and Hayato’s legs were so long that he couldn’t go to the other side because his other leg was caught.   

Oh no, what should I do?   

“Alice, put both of your knees down.”   


In a half panic, I get on my knees, as Hayato says. Now I completely straddling him. a perfect kabedon. I feel like I’ve lost something important as a maiden…..   

But Hayato keeps his calm and…   

“Now sit down,”   


On you?   

“No, no, no, impossible, impossible, impossible.”   

“But you can’t move, right? just sit, and I will take care of the rest.”   

I wonder why this happened. I obediently sat down and tried to empty my mind.   

But when his hands came around my head and waist in very close proximity, my brain suddenly started to sing a love song, “Endaaaaaaa iaaaa iaaaaaaaaaaa.” {Whitney Houston song?}   

I’m at the end of a lot of things.   

And I give up on a lot of things. I decided to cling to Hayato’s neck.   

When it comes to this, I have no choice but to go with the spirit that I won’t go down for nothing, even if I would be defeated.   

After all, a meal is the most delicious thing when you are hungry. Yes, it must be so.   

Hayato slides over to the driver’s seat and leans a bit to the passenger side with me in his arms. My back is on the seat, and I vaguely think, Oh, I can go to the other side now.   

“… Alice, your arms. Let go.”   

After being told, I hurriedly untied my arms that were still clinging to him.   

Raising his body, Hayato sighed with a huff.   

“That wasn’t very fast.”   

He chuckled.   

“Next time we’ll get off properly when we take turns.”   


It was a brilliant moment of agreement.   

The forest was about twenty minutes away from here if we were using a standard carriage.   

Hayato, who had infused his magic power through the magic carriage, drove down the road with a twinkle in his eye.   

It seems that he still has an expression that is appropriate for his age. He smiled, and it makes me smile too.   

On the outskirts of the city, golden fields of wheat stretched endlessly.   

TL note:    

I was speed reading it the first time, so I didn’t realize what song is that.   

Now that I slowly translated this… that song is stuck on my mind… dammit…   

And you all must suffer the same fate   


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