PMZ 027 – But I bought it.

Carlos Fashion & Accessories

For some reason, when I saw the name of the clothes shop, I somehow imagined a bearded big sis with a slim-fit white shirt and tight fringed black bottoms, with hair all back and pointed-toe shoes, but when I opened the door, and an exact big sis was actually there, I couldn’t help myself to close the door unintentionally.

“Why did you close the door?”

“Hii! Sorry! It wasn’t on purpose!”

“Shhh really… oh! Aren’t you Hayato? My my, you still as handsome as ever! Wha~aat is this? You finally got a girlfriend?”

“She is my partner, so I brought her here to buy her something easy to move around.”

“I see! Hmm? For you to join a party… I thought that you will never join one ever again.”

“Anyway, Alice, this is big sis Carlos, She was a B-ranked adventurer, but then she found a boyfriend and retired and started making clothes for female adventurers.”

“Big-sis…. boyfriend…”

“Hey~ that was the story before you were born, we’re already married, and he is now my husband! Not my boyfriend.”

Goddess Minerva doesn’t prohibit same-sex marriage, so the rules of this world allow for same-sex marriage to happen, but this is the first time I’ve met someone who did it.

As expected of the world of otome games, they are very tolerant.

“Then come here, Alice. let’s go~; we will pick one just for you, shall we? And Hayato, I had books and tea in the backyard. You can wait there.”


“Thank you, miss Carlos.”

“Oh my, you are quite a polite young lady, totally different from those wild girls.”


“So what is your fighting style? Caster?”

Her conversation pace is fast. If you don’t pay attention carefully, you’ll be swallowed up by her pace.

“Mainly, yes, but I’m hoping to be able to use the sword as well.”

“Oh, dear. Then you shouldn’t wear robes. They’re too unrefined and will get in the way, so let’s focus on the swordsman outfit.

But there aren’t many female swordsmen, to begin with. That’s why we don’t have much variety.”

And while we’re talking about that, she quickly grabs come clothes from the shelves and opens the curtains to the fitting room.

“First of all, we have to try them on. But because there are so many parts, it’s hard to know the order in which to wear them after you are naked. I’ll hand them to you in order from under the curtain, so get inside and take off your clothes.”

“Understood, thank you.”

Trusting the confident Miss Carlos Choice, I get into the fitting room.

“You don’t have to take your pants off.”

“I know!”

It doesn’t take much time to take off my dress, so I quickly do it, folded it up, and put it in a basket at my feet.

“Here is the one that you’re going to wear at the bottom. It looks small, but it stretches, so it’s should be okay.”

I see. This is some kind of leotard?

I’m convinced and try to put on the leotard-like clothes.

There’s almost no fabric at the back, and the décolletage is wide open so that it closes at the neck and looks like a choker.

But, well, sometimes a dress for an evening party has a more extensive open skin area, which is similar to what I would wear at the bottom.

“I wore it.”

Now, this. Please put it on your abdomen like a corset. Don’t tighten it too much; just pull it to your liking.

I was given a brown leather corset to wrap around your waist. There was a small belt in the center of the corset that lined up vertically, and this was used to adjust the tightening level and size of the belt.

It was okay to tighten it in the leftmost hole, so I set the belt there.


“Now, this. It’s a sword belt. It has a hollow compartment. There is a mechanism that can be hooked to the bottom of the corset so that it doesn’t slip to the left or right so that you can hook it up properly.”

I put the leather belt, which has the same color as the corset, on my hipbone to hook it on.

I suddenly had a bad premonition here.

“Um, if I put the belt of the sword now, I don’t think I’ll be able to wear any clothes on top of this.”

“of course not, dummy, you almost done.”


I couldn’t help but yelp in a low voice, unbecoming for a young lady.

Because I’m not wearing any shirt, you know?

“Does this mean I’m going out like this!?”

“No, I still have gauntlets and boots for you. I’ll even give a specially made cloak for you.”

There was no shirt from the start!

I was in a hurry to pick up my dress at my feet when I realized that the entire basket was gone.

Ugh… She took it…!

“My clothes! Please give it back!”

“My my, you’re surprisingly innocent… Just lend me your ear for a second.”

Miss Carlos put the back of her hand to the side of her mouth as if she were telling a secret story as she emerged from a gap in the curtain.

“You like Hayato, don’t you?”

“…so? anything wrong with that?”

“Just listen… don’t you know how difficult that guy is?

No matter how many times a woman courted him, he never wavered even a little. I even wonder if he belongs to my kind.”

I almost lost my balance.

“Well, as it turns out, that wasn’t the case at all. Anyway, there’s no way you’re going to be able to bring that man down with a half-hearted effort.

I’m going to help you with that, so be prepared to wear my masterpiece, understood?”

In the end, I nodded, and Miss Carlos withdrew her head into the curtains; now I’m completely engulfed by the pace of Miss Carlos, as she told me in a strangely convincing tone.

“Next is the boots. They’re up to your thighs, so they’ll protect your knees.”

The sound of Miss Carlos in a good mood scared me. How it comes to this?

I wonder if she ever sexually harassed Hayato with her gaze?

Half-crying, I stuck my feet into the leather boots.

When I finished put on a set of equipment as Miss Carlos navigated, I found that it was not only surprisingly bold, but I had recreated a sexy and cool female swordsman of the fantasy game that I often saw in my previous life.

The overall color was dyed in calm white and brown; it matched just right with my blonde hair.

My arms and legs didn’t expose any skin except in the dangerous area{zettai ryōiki}, and the cloak significantly diluted my embarrassment.

As expected of my body, my style doesn’t lose to her outfit.

I was in a much better mood now; let’s open the curtain to have big sis take a look at it first.

“Oh! You look great! That’s so cool! And there’s something so classy about it. Is it because you are the one who wears it?”

“ehehehe, is that so?”

“But your face is lacking some makeup. If you want a look that matches your outfit, you must properly use the right make up. Come here; I will do it for you. Sit.”

“… I’m not very good at makeup. For some reason, it gets too heavy, and I’d rather not wear it.”

“No, you should. But you need to use just the proper amount, and since you’re usually so clean and modest, you can use this to create a gap.”

“Create a gap?”

“Yeah. It’s easy to get used to that kind of revealing outfit.

If you put on a sexy and cool swordsman style by day and switch to a plain-faced innocent young lady by night and on weekends, Hayato will undoubtedly respond in one way or another.”

As big sis spoke, she quickly applied my makeup.

At this moment, I woke up, as if I had been completely brainwashed up to this point. I realized that I still didn’t deserve this appearance and the equipment I am in.

“…Miss Carlos, I’m still less than a swordsman. I’ll need to train more if I want to call myself one, and I think this equipment was a bit excessive for training.”

“Oh, is that so? Then I’ll give you a dress for a normal female swordsman. Just promise me you will wear this from time to time.”

A normal swordswoman’s outfit. There’s such a thing? Why didn’t you offer that, to begin with?

The average female swordsman’s clothes that Miss Carlos gave out to me were a normal white blouse, normal black leather corset, normal black skinny pants, and normal black knee-high boots.

“It’s done~! Hayato, come here!”

Finally, my hair was tied in a ponytail, and I was made to promise to show him Miss Carlos’ tour de force. {all out performance}

She said she wanted to see his reaction.

For some reason, I can’t help but chuckle at the problematic situation of getting dressed in an outfit that doesn’t hide any of my body lines and having the person I’m in love with to look at me and ask his opinion. This is even more stressful than dining in a room of gazes.

“You… let me tell you this, be confident. You should take more pride in how you look.”

“I understand, thank you.”

The backyard door opens.

“Big sis Carlos, the book you had here only had the story of the romance between…, man…”

Hayato’s gaze catches mine as he speaks out those words.

“What’s that?”

“um, uh… tell me what you think… say something?”

“No, sis, you can’t do this. This is fine if we’re at home, but it’s no good to wear this outside.”

“What kind of idiot would arm herself in a home? Just answer me if it’s good or not as far as you’re concerned.”

“It looks great, but it’s not allowed!”

It seems that Miss Carlos’s tour de force was NG(No Good) in Hayato’s eyes.

TL notes:

Zettai ryōiki: I forgot which manga explain this, but in short, it’s an area where you can ‘almost’ see what inside a women’s skirt, yet you won’t. {edit: I remember, the manga called ‘he is my master’}

After some browsing, I found someone who can explain it better.

This is basically the skin area showing between the sock (or boot in some cases) and skirt, as shown below.

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