PMZ 028 – Exchange

As soon as I got home, I went straight to the bathroom, took a shower to remove the dust from the forest. I feel a bit sorry for big sis because my make up also washed away with the dirt, but since I was given cosmetics to practice, I’m going to apply it again later.

The time is a little past 14:00, still a bit early if I want to prepare dinner.

Hayato told me earlier that there is a training ground run by the Adventurer’s guild nearby; I would like to check it out. It’s just a wide-open space surrounded by walls, but it’s still a handy facility to train your sword and magic.

Everyone with an adventurer license can use it; the cost to rent that place is 10 bronze coins per hour.

Wanting to learn how to use a sword in my free time until the evening, I hurriedly drank a cup of tea in my room and then changed into the (ordinary) female swordsman’s clothes I had just bought go to the training grounds.

This clothes, perhaps so as not to interfere with movement, there is no decoration other than a matching part of the white blouse decorated with lace. It’s simple and neat, giving a cool impression rather than cute.

In contrast, the mage robe has many colors, designs, and decorations, girlish and cute, but I like this one more because it has a freshness.

The breast part of the blouse won’t close, so I gave up on fastening it since there’s a possibility that It will reopen by itself if I force it. I put on a pair of tight black pants and fasten a black corset belt over the top. This will keep the blouse in check.

After that, all I need to do is put on a pair of over-the-knee boots with a slight heel. With this, I finish changing my clothes.

This is the first time I’ve worn pants except for riding clothes in this life, so I feel strangely excited. For a girl, changing clothes has a significant meaning.

And lastly, just like big sis suggested, I put on light makeup.

I don’t feel like I’ve changed much, but since I was told that this is fine, let’s believe her.

When I went downstairs, I heard the sound of water coming from the bathroom.

I see. It seems Hayato is also taking a shower.

At such a time like this, I felt a strong sense of sharing my life with him.

I decided to prepare a cup of cold tea, so I went into the counter kitchen and boiled water with a kettle magic tool.

This is designed to activate fire magic after water magic, a magical tool that can produce an infinite amount of hot water as long as you pour mana into it.

But if Hayato is the one who does it, I believe he will activate water and fire magic simultaneously, a bit different from this magic tool that needs to separate its process into two parts.

I wonder if I could do that too…

As I was thinking about  Hayato and the kettle while making tea, the bathroom door opened, and Hayato’s naked upper body came out from inside.

I felt faint.

I banged my head against the cupboard behind me and came to my sense.

Thank God the kitchen wasn’t that big. If it had been wider, I would have had collapsed.

“What’s the matter with you? Just now, you’re wobbling.”

“No, no, that’s just your imagination.”

I can’t look directly at ‘it’, Just a glimpse of it knocked me unconscious. If I looked at it properly, I would die.

Just a moment is enough. I know if he has a nice macho body, but his destructive power was completely different when I was forced to see him in person.

Why? Why do you come out without a shirt?

He stood directly in front of me over the counter, and now for some reason, is staring at me.

…… What is it?

“… Alice, button up all of your clothes.”

Is he my Mom?!

“it won’t close. I know it’s sloppy, but it is what it is.”


A long silence occurred.

Are you angry!??

You! Look at yourself, you’re are totally naked from the middle to the top!

I harden my heart and looked at him with a fearful gaze, he had his hands on the counter, and his head was hanging down.

“…I shouldn’t have listened to …”


 “No, nothing… It’s nothing.”

He walked into the kitchen counter, removed the adventurer ID from his neck, and grab it.

…This isn’t good! The exit is blocked! my only escape route!

When I stepped back, Hayato’s hand reached out and reach out to my arm tightly, as if he misunderstood that I was going to fall over.

“Are you okay?”

“I’m not going to fall, you know….”

“? well, it’s fine… Hey Alice. Here, this thing, Alice can keep it.”

Smoothly my hand was released, and Hayato’s ID was hung around my neck.

The tag with his body heat on it glows pale on my chest, and a question mark appeared inside my head.

“What does this mean ……?”

“Meaning… if I leave my ID there, people will restrain themself if they want to do something strange to you.”

“Restrain? But is it safe to give this to others? How about your records or…”

It has the same role as a magic tool, but if you lost it, the record would also be lost with it.

This seems like an act of entrusting your career as an adventurer to someone else.

“Yes, people have a habit of swapping these out now and then, but there wouldn’t be a problem if I stayed close to the person in question.”

“In other words… a sign of trust or a willingness not to leave your… huh?”

I noticed late on how serious the words he casually uttered.

He doesn’t say anything, but he doesn’t deny it either. So that’s what it’s all about. This is similar to an oath.

In our case, it’s probably more like the feeling of writing your name on the pudding in the fridge, so other people didn’t dare to take it, but it doesn’t change the fact that you can’t physically leave your partner as long as she keeps it.

“… It’s the first time I’ve ever given it to someone. I know it’s a bit heavy, but I hope you’ll accept …it.”

“it is heavy…”

With my back against the wall, I was trying to say no.

Apparently, I had stepped back without realizing it.

I can’t keep up with this development, but Hayato has his hands on the side of my face and has the tensest expression I’ve ever seen on his face.

“I don’t know how Alice feels about me, …but I’m sure I like her more than she thinks.”


“I’m serious.”

Still with his anxious face, he kissed my forehead and left.

TL notes:

Nothing to see here, just two people flirting (explode you normies) next next.


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