PMZ 031 – And helped a woman on the verge of becoming a bed of matango

A few days later, I had a meeting with the Duke and a few other officials.

Of course, I have little experience or knowledge of marriage, so I’m going to proceed as they say unless something is bothering me.

They decided to set the date of the wedding to next year, that time Aklys will turn 18. The specific date and location will be determined later after we finished the bare minimum arrangements.

During that time, Lav will need to study etiquette as soon as possible, and when she shows some results, they’d like her to attend several evening parties and tea parties.

My sister and her husband’s (to-be) cheeks are twitching. It seems not only my sister, but Aklys also not good with that kind of party.

…will these people be alright?

“I know you’re anxious, but don’t worry. In the beginning, you can just follow my wife’s lead for the most part.”

“Yes! Thank you! But, um, will Alisha-sama join us at the party?”

My ears twitched; this damn body of mine is reacting without my permission.

“Oh… depending on the time and place, it’s possible, I guess?

 It also will keep my heart assured if she came along, but it’s still a bad idea to bring her to any parties.”

…Bad idea?

“Did something happen?”

I leaned forward and asked. The Duke said, “Ow?” and then tells us with a wry smile.

“Her former fiancé, …… has ruined himself by throwing himself at a commoner’s daughter. I’ve broken off the engagement, but I’m thinking of hiding her until things cool down.”

“a Former fiancée…”

I was more than a little shocked by that statement.

I know that nobles had a fiancé at a young age for different reasons than commoners, but still.

She was supposed to get married, but it was ruined due to an affair with another woman…

So you’re saying that the young lady is treated as damaged goods after being cheated on by her ex-fiancée?

Why? What was wrong with that young lady?

I don’t understand the circumstances, but if you don’t like something, is it okay to hurt someone else just because you feel like it?

This is absurd.

*cough* the Duke’s throat-clearing voice draws me back from my anger, and I regained my composure.

I’m sure I’ll be able to find out more if I asked. I looked into my sister’s eyes; she makes a serious look and nodded her head while making a gesture of affirmation.

I don’t know why she nodded, but I just nodded back and turned to the Duke.

“… can we continue? Now… about Miss Lav future plan—”

From that day on, it was decided that Lav would be a live-in member of the Duke’s family.

It is better to get used to the life of a nobleman as soon as possible. Or so they say.

Well, that’s true.

We discussed other things, such as money, the date, how we are going to make an official public announcement about the engagement, and how I will position myself towards the Duke family now.

I had at least some common knowledge that a bride-to-be family should prepare preparation money or a present, but I have no idea how much it is required among the nobility, so I asked the Duke, and he said, “How could I burden a child as yourself with this? I will provide all the things required for the wedding, and you can give Lav as many presents as you deem necessary.”

But it doesn’t mean that I will back down just like this. I will ask Mr. Jeffrey about this later.

And the matter regarding myself, as the bride’s relative, it’s a bit complicated, since there’s no precedent of commoner marrying to the first son of the Duke, and I’m willing to help in any way I can, except when it related to anything with nobility.

It’s a marriage with a colossal status difference, which will inevitably be the talk of the town and the aristocracy. It is the kind of wedding that will be a hot topic all over the country, and as the man side, they need to show that they are serious about this, or else it will cause unnecessary trouble they said.

It’s too late to say this, but I’ve made a relationship with an unbelievable family.

Why would they allow him to marry a commoner?

When I asked him about it, Duke just shrugged his shoulders.

“It’s a political marriage. I think I have arranged marriage of sufficient merit. Including the fact that I’ve brought you as my family.”

The Duke heading to the window, winking mischievously, and then look outside with exaggerated gesture.

“Oh? Alice is in the garden. It’s almost dusk. Could you go tell her to come inside?”

“………… me?”

“Of course. Who else is here?”

My sisters also looked at me and urged me to go.

“…then, I will…”

“I don’t mind if you take her as your wife.”

“Please don’t tease me.”

I left the mansion and went down to the garden, wondering what I would do if I accepted it.

The young lady notices me. When I glanced at the mansion window, my sister made an adventurer sign from the window and gave me a signal to “finish her off”. Beside her, both the Duke and Aklys are nodding.

What do you want me to do in this situation?

If you’re serious about saying that, I’d like you to stop looking at it right now. But it’s certainly a chance to get to know each other. If I miss it, I would probably never get a chance to talk properly with her alone ever again.

Determined, I call out to her.

That day we earned the right to call each other by just our name.

And as a result, that night, I decided to do some little hunting at city outskirt to calm my strangely excited heart.

TL Note:

And you met that fungus-bed-to-be woman.

Ok, first, I won’t lie…. I was in a slump this week. I lost motivation to do many things, including gaming. I was surprised myself.

Well, that phase was over, so it’s all good, I think.


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