PMZ 039 – Apologies

We are the consciousness with divine power in the floating space of the stars.

We have no substance.

Besides me, there are other consciousnesses with divine power, and each of us has a star.

It might be easier to convey the idea that divine power is the power to interfere with inorganic objects. There are exceptions, but as long as it has no consciousness, it can be created at will.

We use this power to nurture the life created by the stars and live together with them, but when life grows to a certain extent, we usually just watch over it.

That’s much more interesting than intervening unnecessarily with our divine power.

From the star point of view, you can call us God, and depending on the nature of God, the world can be a difficult place to sustain life, but I have decided to give a gentle world for life to live in.

I gave some of my divine power to the stars (people came to call it as magical power. When it became the star’s, it was no longer a part of my divine power) so that the world could circulate its resources.

In the beginning, the additions and subtractions didn’t work well, with life increasing too much and exceeding the star’s capacity, and sometimes, the magic power became too dense and created a mountain of strong monsters, but in the end, it naturally settled on a balanced rate.

The world right now can be said to be working in balance.

There are some minor quarrels, but overall the life was spinning in harmony.

Not long ago, I received a prayer to impart magic to matter.

Granting power to matter.

I was a little confused.

Interference with inorganic matter is our very power.

I think it will be too tough for that small life to handle it, but he insisted that he wants to try.

I had received similar prayers in the past, but I had choose to ignored them.

I’m sure it was just my whim.

I gave strength to the letters and hand it over to him.

The world had been balanced for a while, so I felt that it was a time to make a little change.

However, I didn’t want to make it too sudden, so I put a restriction on it.

“Only your bloodline can use this.”

He took those words, he turned the letters into symbols and formulas that were difficult to understand at first glance and took the unconventional step of teaching the formula to his own son only.

The power he gave to his bloodline could not be used by anyone else, even if he didn’t do so.

It was interesting.

So I regularly responded to the “word of contract” that arrived.

I looked forward to communicating with them, which I had done for a long time, but just to watch.

I keep watching them, like I was watching a children who played a prank, wondering when they would realize that there was no need to hide anything.

Then one day, in the middle of peace, there came a disturbance.

Although it arose with divine power, it had no star of its own, only a floating consciousness.

It entered small stardust that could not even be called a star and wandered into my planet.

It is an unwritten rule that those with divine power do not interfere with each other, so while I was wondering what to do about it, it somehow ended up in a life form that I couldn’t lay my hands on.

We can interfere with inorganic substance, but there is one exception. That is if we could enter a life form.

I’ve never done it because if the vessel is not strong enough to receive us, it will break, but it has found a suitable vessel.

Once you enter a life form, you can’t get out of it until that body dies, but it has entered it.

So far, it seems to be quiet, but I’m wary of what it’s going to do.


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6 Responses

  1. F says:

    Was it talking about the meteor human?

    Since it seems to be the so called Goddess Minerva, being that they said they granted power for just this one line of family (Stuart?), so they should be somehow able to somehow interfere if it’s talking about the MC, since MC did able to hear their voice before.

  2. LostSagaX says:

    I don’t get it where the apologies part

  3. mya aila says:

    ‘Only your bloodline can use it.’
    This should be kept a secret, or else, the royal family may force her to marry into their family….
    Then, by confiscating the magic tools production(talk between MC and her brother previously about the consequences of magic weapons going public); doesn’t it mean that they would detain their family and maybe force them to make weapons? Gosh, that is far more serious than an injustice of getting their creation stolen away.
    Other than their love for MC, the Duke’s family can’t let her separate too far away from them (disown her or something) because that bloodline would be leaked. And if the news ever came out, they would not be able to protect her cause they don’t know where she is.

  4. mya aila says:

    Although it arose with divine power, it had no star of its own, only a floating consciousness.

    It entered small stardust that could not even be called a star and wandered into my planet.

    Well…is this the MC? Goddess Minerva may be referring to a soul from another world.

  5. mi_shiru says:

    Is it the MC’s soul or the meteor that Hayato encountered or the reason of Hayato’s litmus-paper-like ability?

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